Scientific Proof That VK VIBBES KADA Works Greatly


I would like to share one of my experiences with VK. I started meditation just before I got my VK 6 months back, but I could not progress. After receiving VK, I started giving a request with VK with guidance from an experienced VK user before I began the session and offer gratitude to VK after the session. To my surprise slowly I began to feel the energy on my forehead. 

Then, I began to feel the energy on my Crown Chakra too, it was like some kind of water dripping on my head and entering my body through Crown Chakra. Only later I realized my Crown Chakra has opened up and the energy is pouring. The feeling is indescribable. I reported to Sharat Sir and he asked me to carry on the meditation practice.

During my visit to Sharat Sir, he told me that I am receiving powerful energy and cosmic showers, so much so that even Sharat Sir could feel the energy coming out of my body in a normal state. He guided me further and then I began to see Light too.

I began to sit long for meditation without getting tired. And now even if I tune in to some Bhajan or Kirtan etc. the energy will start to flow instantly and continue for the whole day, without even meditation.

I must say it was only possible with VK, as I had never done meditation in my entire life. It is evident, VK can enhance any spiritual practice/activity to too many folds and one can get desired results in a much shorter time.

I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to God, Sharat Sir, and VK for these beautiful experiences and blessings that I am receiving daily. Thank you very much. 


Allow me to share a scientific experiment with VK. I use a diagnostic system periodically to do body check-up. One fine morning, I did my body check-up. The report revealed the energy in 3 meridians (kidney, gall bladder, and liver) were very low, though my overall health bar showed normal. (See below 1st check-up).

You will notice there are 6 yellow bars, 3 green bars, and 3 red bars. If the energy in the meridian is OK, the bar will be higher and show Green color, Red is the indication that energy is extremely low in that organ, which means it requires more energy there and the last bar in the right is for total energy in the body.

(For your info, the system also suggest therapy and useful tips to tackle the problem, but, I did not follow any of those therapies), instead, I used VK and charged water with all serums created by Sharat Sir (except FEM) and kept drinking the water the whole day.

Scientific Proof That VK - VIBBES KADA Works Miraculously

1st Check-up done on 30th April at 10:32 am


On the second day, I did my check-up and I was astonished at the result that my all organs gained energy, by just drinking serum charged water, without taking any treatment or therapy.

The energy of all organs was restored. I was stunned at the instant effect of the VK and kept thanking Sharat Sir for inventing a wonderful tool of VK. (See below 2nd check-up)

Scientific Proof That VK - VIBBES KADA Works Miraculously

2nd checkup done on 1st May at 12:40 pm


I also had a skin allergy problem for many years. On 3rd day I had skin irritation and I decided to do a body check-up. After the check-up, the report revealed the energy of my whole system was abnormal, particularly the Liver.

You can see the liver bar in Red. It affected my whole system and all the energy in the other meridians was also low. (See below for 3rd check-up)

Scientific Proof That VK - VIBBES KADA Works Miraculously

3rd check-up done on 3rd May at 5:52 pm


This time I placed VK on my head and sat down for meditation for about 45 minutes, and I felt very good after the session. I decide to do my check-up after again at 7.25 pm and to my surprise, all my meridians gained energy and become green.

Even the Liver meridian gained energy. It clearly shows that VK definitely enhances the meditation and I got relief almost instantly. This experiment proved how VK performs and gives the user desired results. (See below 4th check-up)

Scientific Proof That VK - VIBBES KADA Works Miraculously

4th check-up done on 3rd May at 7:25 pm


In my heart, I apologized for putting VK to the test. In my opinion, human beings have no authority to judge, test, or question, or doubt GOD. Same way, we should not judge, test, or question, or doubt the mysterious energies of VK.

This experiment gave me a lot of confidence to use VK more and more in all situations. I strongly believe this experiment definitely proves how VK works and it will clear the doubts of many users.

I hope we will wholeheartedly use VK and guide our loved ones. I believe the best gift if one can give to their loved ones and family members are to give them VK as a gift.

It is definitely a boon to mankind.

Thank you God, Thank you Cosmic energies, Thank you Sharat Sir. Thank you VK. Thanks to everyone for reading my experience.

Note: This diagnostic system was once probably the most advanced “Computerized Medical Diagnostic” system in the world, developed for the Russian Space Agency to do body health check-ups of their astronauts during their prolonged journey in space to remain fit. It is important to mention here that the system was used by Dr. Valery Polykov a space commander on the MIR mission. He spent more than 600 days in 2 space journeys and hold the Guinness Book of Records for the longest space journey.  

Written by: Ramandip Singh and Amardip Singh 

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