Positive Directional Energies of News & Experiments by Sharat Sir

Positive Directional Energies of NEWS Experiments by Sharat Sir

Positive Energies of North East West South: Experiments for New Invention by Sharat Sir.

Some people laugh at me when I talk about directional energies because they relate it to some Indian/ Chinese traditional beliefs and not scientific.

So I have a question for such people…

  • What is the source of energy every morning?
  • What changes our mind to hope and freshness daily?

The answer is “THE SUN”.

It’s the rising of the Sun that starts our day. The Sunrise gives us energy for life. It also gives us strength and hopes to start again.

So, where does the Sunrise from? It’s from the EAST direction. So, life force energy lies in the East. The rotation of the Sun and Earth in the galaxy is already programmed by the Divine.
There is no contribution by the most intelligent being on this planet, i.e. Human.

Can anyone think of a day WITHOUT THE RISING SUN FROM THE EAST?

So, here I say- the theory of directional energies did not come from any traditional beliefs, but they are already there in action in the Universe. Humans have studied them differently, based on their knowledge and experiences.

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If we see our homes as a miniature of the whole Universe, we would want to feel this life force energy from the East charging our homes every day. So, let’s know more about directional energies, how they play a role in our lives with some commonly known and accepted theories…

The directional energies correlate significantly to the movement of the Sun every 24 hours moving from East to West. Energies in different directions play a vital role to attract certain traits.

  • NORTH: Positive energy in NORTH attracts success and wealth. If the energy is negative in the North, it will lead to higher expenditure and financial losses.
  • EAST: This direction represents the SUN. The positive energy in this direction brings good health, peace, prosperity, and harmony. It is the most favorable direction to dwell. If energies in these directions score below Zero, they may affect the family members in decreasing the attributes as mentioned above.
  • SOUTH: This direction represents Yama, the Lord of death. So certain areas like kid’s room, living room, the water tank should be avoided.
  • WEST: This direction is governed by Water, which is an important source of life. Any negative energy in the west will lead to draining of energy and a lot of suffering physically and financially.

FENG SHUI Insights

  • Another system is of FENG SHUI, which is age-old but fascinates the modern world too.
  • Feng Shui is a Chinese metaphysical system that teaches that there are energies that bind the Universe and human beings on planet Earth.
  • Feng Shui explains that if the building structure or environment has good “Qi”, it’s a perfect location to stay.
  • Qi (chi as pronounced in English) is explained as life force, which can be positive or negative. Before the discovery of a magnetic compass, it relied on astronomy.
  • Feng Shui also relates Polarity to the Yin-Yang theory similar to a Magnetic Dipole. It believes to align a structure or object with Ying Yang force fields.

Directional energies in Feng Shui correlate also to the Chinese Zodiac Animals

  • NORTH energy represents the RAT. So, if the NORTH direction has high energies, it creates an environment for getting adapted to circumstances, it also harbors intelligence.
  • EAST energy represents a RABBIT. If the EAST direction has positive energies it would help in retaining or increasing the most required qualities of Trust, Love, and Compassion.
  • SOUTH represents a HORSE. If the energy in the South is high, it will help in manifesting Physical Strength and Loyalty.
  • WEST represents ROOSTER. The positive energy in the West helps in building Confidence, persistence, and business.

So it appears that directional energies at any place are very important, be it a home or a workplace.

Positive Directional Energies North East West SouthSome Experiments by Sharat Sir During His New Invention

When Sir started with his 2nd invention, he picked up some places randomly for experimentation and some with too many problems at home for decades. He also sampled some newly occupied homes or homes where people came to stay recently.

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I am sharing experiments from 2 homes here, say Home 1 and Home 2 among many other places from his experiments.

Home 1 of the Experiment

Sir asked one of the VK users to participate in the experiment, asking the VK user to send the layout of the home.

The VK user drew a sketch of her place. Then Sir guided her to mark the directions of the layout as EAST, WEST, NORTH, and SOUTH. This measurement was to be done by keeping the layout in the center of the house using a magnetic compass.

Looking at the layout, Sir guided her, which is the center point of that place. The layout was kept in the center, and a magnetic compass was placed over it. The needle in the compass started moving to and from very frequently. It created a lot of confusion in the mind about the direction. So she called up Sir.

Sir guided her in more detail on how to use a magnetic compass. The user had family members from the scientific field, so it was surprising for them, why the magnet is not stable. She took the magnet to the entry, sitting on the floor and trying to figure out what could be the directions. The magnet started moving as fast as a ceiling fan. She could not see the two pointers of the needle. Oops!!!

It was so much of confusion, she then came to her bedroom which was East, and the needle was again not stable. Almost all the places in the house showed some constant flickering of the compass needle.

She went back to the center of the house and requested VK to make her compass stable till the time she can mark the directions. She requested her VK to help her for marking the directions in the right way.

Wow, after a minute the magnet got stable. She quickly marked the directions and sent the layout to Sir. She shared every detail to Sir about the rotation of the needle-like a fan and then after requesting with VK, how it got stable.

To cross-check the directions in the layout, Sir asked her few questions, viz – on which part of the house, she would she the Sunlight first, where did the Sun rays appear in the afternoon? This was to confirm her markings of directions.

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Sir studied her layout and found that the directional energy at East was 0 and the overall energy of the bedroom was minus 15. All the rooms had low energy. The center of the house where the compass was placed also had negative energy with a negative vortex. The kitchen also had a negative vortex.

There were Hartman lines in the house, which was affecting the health of the members on the lower portion of the body as they intersected the bedroom and on the leg side position of the bed. Sir found very low negative energy at the entrance of the house too. This was also confirmed by other experts in this field.

Home 2 of the Experiment

Here the layout was checked easily with marking of directions. The magnetic needles were stable. This house had weak directional energies. The overall energy of the house was minus 30. There was a negative vortex in the kitchen and one in the living room.

There was Geopathic stress line at the entry of the house and in one of the bedrooms. The lady of the house was most affected health-wise. She has been very fond of cooking. They had renovated the entire kitchen based on some Vaastu understanding and some convenience. Yet her health and mental state wouldn’t improve.

Her son was who used to spend most of the time in one corner of the living room would remain depressed for no reason.

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One of the bedrooms with a Geopathic stress line was earlier occupied by the old man of the house. He had been very active throughout his life. From the past few years, he was sleeping in the new bedroom. He last suffered from paralysis and Parkinson’s disease. He is no more now. His wife wouldn’t sleep in this bedroom as she could always sense something which was beyond her expression but a very negative feeling.

Sir included both HOME 1 and HOME 2 in his experiments. Sir also included some experts in this experiment, who would study the energy change and Geopathic changes simultaneously while he experimented.

The layouts and measurements were done by Sir and other experts. They decided to start healing the house by Sharat Sir at a specific time. The measurements were done again on another day after a week and the time was noted as time 0. Sir started healing home 1, after he finished sending energies.

Time was noted. After 5 minutes, the energies of directions and of the home were checked by Sir and all experts. The overall energy of the house rose to Plus 30. The energy in the East was Plus 15. The Geopathic stress lines disappeared from the bedroom and the negative vortex in the kitchen was no more. The entry point showed high energy too.

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The rooms were monitored daily and then weekly for at least 30 different parameters, and Positive energies were sent accordingly by Sir based on the readings received.

Based on experiments at multiple places along with these 2 homes, using his vast knowledge, Sir came up with his new invention in Dec 2017.

These two homes described above, also have the new invention by Sir since Dec 2017.

  • Since then, the energy of both homes is very high.
  • There are no Geopathic earth radiations.
  • The magnetic needle is stable.
  • The lady of the house is happier than before.
  • Her son is getting better.
  • Members are getting better in health without any changes done in the bed position.
  • The new room has better energy levels where the old man passed away.
  • One of the members received a new financial opportunity which was least expected.
  • The daughter of the house, who always refused to enter the kitchen, now experiments with new recipes from Youtube in the same kitchen.
  • They have reported many personal factors that changed for good.

Blessed are the homes which received the new Divine Invention by Sharat Sir. GOLDEN SUNRISE to all your efforts Sir for blessing homes to happiness with simple solutions!!! VIBBES SEEDER A HEAVENLY SOLUTION FOR ALL BEINGS.