How Vaastu Impacts Our Finances and Prosperity at Different Levels?

Everything in this world that is made for us, is available to us when we have money. Money in the form of currency and a powerful medium to live life properly. From Fulfilling basic needs to wish fulfillment, we need money. We need to know that money is energy and not the just physical aspect which we see as currency notes. When the energy of money flows in proper alignment and frequency we get money accordingly.

It is very important to tap money energy in our aura and in our surroundings to live a fulfilled life and we can utilize the money for everything that is good for us, for our family and for society and nation.

Now Energy Vaastu has got a big role to play in our life when it comes to money. Vaastu impacts the flow of money in a big way. A perfect Vaastu can bring a lot of money and incorrect Vaastu can slow down the flow of money. It is very important to make the house and office Vaastu compliant so that we can enjoy a continuous flow of money.

When The North, East, North East And South East is negatively impacted due to extension or cuts or elevation or due to toilets in these zones it can create challenges in finances. When proper remedial measures are done to correct these directions and when cosmic energy flow is in full force in these zones, then wonderful results are seen in financial aspects of our life. These zones should always be free from any clutter and unwanted things.

Do you know that even planets have space in our house and without seeing the horoscope and just by studying Vaastu it can be found out, which planet is against you or giving less cosmic energy to you?

In my studies, it has been observed that by correcting Vaastu the flow of Cosmic Energy increases in our space and as well as in our body. Energy Vaastu can bring you health, wealth, peace, opportunities, and happiness and also spiritual growth.

Today’s Vaastu Tips

  • Keep your house and surroundings very clean.
  • Keep broomstick or jhaadu in sleeping position and in hidden place when not in use.
  • Clean dark corners with sea saltwater.
  • Avoid total house cleaning and repairing on Thursday.
  • Use Water with care and avoid wasting water.

Above mentioned tips will help you save and increase money flow.

21 Vaastu Tips to Increase Financial Stability


  1. Beautifully written and simple language to understand the importance of Vastu. Thank you keep sharing

    • Golden Sunrise
      Vijayji Thanks
      Vaastu is so important that it is used as a cosmic science to live a balanced , happy and peaceful life

  2. i respect u like my teacher this is very import think may lord Ganesha bless u please right more love u so mush thanks

    • Golden Sunrise
      Thanks Rumeshji For Your Blessings. I will share as much as i can with the help of Divine Grace
      Stay blessed always

  3. Golden Sunrise Sir,
    Im grateful to you for sharing these information which is a life saver for one and All. Thank you Sir

    • Golden Sunrise
      Thanks Olivia And I Am Happy That My Knowledge And Wisdom Of Vaastu Is Helpful To You And Many Others

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