What is the Importance of East direction in Vaastu

What is the Importance of East direction in Vaastu

East is the direction of the rising Sun. East represents growth and it has got significant importance in our physical and mental growth. East represents our name, fame, courage, confidence, the health of our hearts, etc. East and Sun have got very significant importance in our life. Not only now but from time immemorial.

Sun was a powerful tool in ancient times to know the perfect time of the day. Sun also represents power, heat, glory, vibrant energy, etc. East has got very big importance in Vaastu. It helps us grow our intellect if this direction is very well balanced.

What happens when East Direction is missing or cut off?

  • It will affect the heart of the male members of the family.
  • It takes away the name, fame, success, and courage thus a person feels very dull and lacks the energy to move ahead. 
  • It means we are missing the powerful energy of Sun God thus we feel the loss of energy and vitality in our body and mind.
  • Children face memory problem and feel disturbed in studies.
  • Females in the house also feel depressed.
East direction Vaastu

The East Direction can also get impacted because of imbalance in other directions like too much extension or slope in the west.

If there is a staircase in the east if the structure has developed the crack in this direction. All these have impacts on our life.

Many people are under the impression that Vaastu is a belief. But I tell them with all my years of experience, experiments, and the outcome of those experiments that Vaastu is purely a science which was given to us by our ancestors, for living a better and healthy life and in alignment with nature and the universe.

Everything has an impact on us until we have our bodies with five elements. People who are highly spiritual have less impacted.

Even the most ancient structures, temples, and ashrams that are still prospering and standing strong are fully designed with Vaastu principles and have become Energy Vortex to attract maximum cosmic energy. Every person going to such a place is touched at different levels and dimensions.

Importance of East direction in VaastuVaastu Tip For East Direction

  • Rectify the defects in East Direction with proper remedies and along with that place an image of Energized and attuned GOLDEN SUNRISE
  • The East should always be clean and very light.
  • There should not be any kind of leakage or cracks or too much of extension or cut off in the East direction.
  • Any fault should be rectified immediately.
  • And proper Vaastu remedies should be done with the guidance of an expert.

May you all be blessed with GOLDEN SUNRISE ENERGY. Must know that we have a powerful tool with the named VIBBES SEEDER which can eliminate all kinds of Vaastu doshas.