Top 15 Faults of Main Entry Door/ Main Entrance According to Vaastu

As per the ancient wisdom, the main entrance of the house is decided as per the head of the family or the owner of the house. Here a very important point to remember is that the door suitable for one person need not be suitable for another person in the family.

Remember that the doors decide the movement of energies, and energies show their effect accordingly.

The house is used for several generations so it is not possible to keep changing the door for everyone. In modern Vaastu, it is not possible at all considering the multi-story apartment. Also, studies show that house with door according to the name of a person creates more problems for other members. So this is not the correct way of making the main door.

Performing rituals to correct the main door is a not correct method to rectify it as it is only a fooling business of pundits and proper science of Vaastu and authentic remedies needs to be applied here.

Remember that one mistake in the main entrance can create a problem for everyone in the house or even commercial space. Never miss reading Importance of East direction in Vaastu.

In modern architecture, there are many manmade defects in the main entrance. Mainly the directions are not proper and also the designs are such that it creates permanent problems as per Vaastu. Let’s check them here

Faults of Entry Door According to Vaastu

  1. The curve shape of the main door on the top is not good.
  2. Not keeping a Chaukhat (Threshold) is a major fault and it invites negativity and insects in the house.
  3. Rusted doors not only bring bad luck but gives space to entities to live in the space.
  4. Doors that are smaller than 6 feet in height and less than 2 feet width will hamper the growth and always make one behave like a victim or slave.
  5. A door opening anticlockwise is not a good sign too.
  6. Iron doors are good for godowns and factories but not for the main entrance of a house.
  7. If there is a tree, well, lift, pillars, or gutters in front of the main door it is not good at all.

Faults Entry Door Main EntranceEffects of the Number of Doors in the House According to Vaastu

This means doors in individual house or bungalows. In a flat, the internal doors are not counted as main doors.

  1. A single main door in any direction is ok if it is as per the calculation of Vaastu science.
  2. Two doors should be avoided in the South and West directions.
  3. Three doors in the house are only good when one of the doors is kept in the East.
  4. A door in the South is not good.
  5. If multiple doors are in Southwest directions and West directions it is not a good feature in Vaastu.
  6. A door in the backyard also should be kept as per the guidance of the Vaastu expert.
  7. Never keep two doors in the South and one in the North.
  8. Same as two doors should be in the West with only one door in the East is not good.

Even in this modern world with beautiful architecture, we can apply the principles of Vaastu while construction of the house or building is going on. We need not compromise on Vaastu just for beauty as it will add to the suffering and in suffering, beautiful things are not visible rights in front of the eyes. Find here 21 Vaastu Tips to Increase Financial Stability.

Great monuments are still standing strong even after 100s of years

Even temples face problems if Vaastu is not considered in it e.g. Tirupati temple is richest in all ways because the entire place is as per Vaastu Shastra. Near to Tirupati is Kalahasti temple of Lord Shiva which has powerful energies but poor enough to maintain everything to great levels.

So when it comes to nature and the five elements even God is not left out as an exceptional case. As human beings, we must be in alignment with five elements and ten directions and live a fulfilled life. VIBBES SEEDER has the ability to rectify all the faults of Entry Door and other Vaastu Dosha.