Brahmasthan Mystery – Good & Bad Effects In Vaastu With Remedies

Brahmasthan Mystery Good Bad Effects In Vaastu With Remedies

Brahmasthan – Ever since the concept of Vastu Shastra came into the limelight, various research and innovations have been conducted to bring out the best of its utilities. Vastu Shastra is the science of architecture, buildings, structures, and directions. It helps in making the place the best and most friendly to live or work.

It also helps to take advantage of the benefits bestowed by natural elements, energies, etc. Vastu Shastra helps improve our living and enhance our happiness, health, wealth, and business.

With the drift of time, mankind has developed to become more and more civilized. Modern times have brought up new inventions and streams of knowledge but the knowledge directed by our ancestors remains true and unmatched. That’s why we often say “Old is Gold”. Vastu Shastra is of that eternal knowledge that is scientifically proven & practiced for the welfare of mankind.

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What is Brahmasthan: The Apex of Vastu

Although all aspects of Vastu Shastra are equally important, Brahmasthan is the principal zone of Vastu. As the name suggests, Brahmasthan is believed to be the domain of the creator of the Universe, Lord Brahma, and hence, is considered as the holiest and most powerful zone of architecture.

It is the central zone of a building or structure. It is also known as the Energy Point of the house or building as all the directions of the house meet at the center and spread positive energies in all directions of the house. And it is well known to all that positive energies are very important for all human beings.

From Brahmasthan only, positive energies/ vibes flow and reach across all the corners of the house or the building, which influence the earth energies present in the house and the Panchtattva – Five Elements in a correct Vastu directions and zones, which is very essential and necessary for the occupants of the house or building or workplace, for a happy, healthy and peaceful life.

A powerful Brahmasthan can eliminate many Vastu Dosh itself

Brahmasthan is an important space in any premises. It should be kept free and should never be loaded with any obstructions. Otherwise, it may produce negative energies which will be distributed in all directions.

These negative energies ultimately harm the inhabitants of that house, place, or building. It is believed that energies will be disturbed if we construct anything in that center point of any premises.

If we go back and observe the structure of a house or temple built in older times, we may find a space left over, around which living areas are made. There could be the idols of Gods or Goddesses or a prayer room or Tulsi plant placed in the center of that open or free space where they were worshipped. The more open area is in the center of the house, the more positive energies are created in and around any premises.

These positive energies are of utmost essential for the peaceful, wealthy, and blissful relationship among the members residing there. If we take care of the Brahmasthan, 90% of the Vastu of our home is corrected.

As it is the holiest spot of the house. Under no circumstances, Brahmasthan should be hurt. It has to be protected always. Let’s’ have a look at a few favorites as well as adverse conditions, situations, or things that influence the energies of Brahmasthan.

Brahmasthan Good Bad Effects Vastu Mystery RemediesGood Things for The Centre of a Place

  • It is considered the home of Lord Brahma, so it should always be kept neat and clean as much as possible.
  • It is always best to leave the area empty and obstacle-free, i.e. free from any obstructions to enjoy more happiness, prosperity, peace, and harmony at home.
  • Also, it is suggested to leave the area (center of the house) open from the top or remain under the open sky so that sunlight can reach the place and enhance the power of that spot.
  • Puja room or prayer place can be made and sacred rituals can be done at that place.
  • It can be made as a lawn or compound and if possible, in the middle of the place, a Tulsi (Basil) plant or small flower plant garden can be made.
  • Brahmasthan should be kept decorated, maybe with flower plants or beautiful small trees.
  • We can use it as a conference room or meeting room, but avoid using a heavy table or chairs in that room.
  • The dining hall can be built in that place leaving the center of the hall empty.
  • In small houses, where keeping open space is not possible, that place can be made a living room and in the middle of the room, there should not be any furniture like a table, sofa, etc.
  • We can differentiate the center of the house (Brahmasthan) with walls of different colors or if it’s an open place, then with a floor of different colors or boundaries.

Bad Things for Brahmasthan

  • As it’s a holy place, it must not be used for keeping well, pumps, garbage, or pillars.
  • No heavy objects like trunks, heavy boxes, furniture, etc. should be placed in the Brahmasthan.
  • Appliances like generators, air handling units, powerhouses, lifts, etc. should not be placed in the Brahmasthan, which may lead to huge financial losses.
  • Arches or storerooms should not be there in the Brahmasthan.
  • The beam should never be there at the center of the house, i.e. Brahmasthan.
  • We should not make a toilet or bathroom at this place.
  • Staircases constructed at this place can adversely affect the mental and financial growth of the people living in that house or building or be working in that workplace.
  • The kitchen (fireplace) situated in Brahmasthan badly affects the health of the residents.
  • We should not create a bedroom in this area as it creates confusion in the person’s life.

Brahmasthan Vastu Remedies in the Market

There are several tools available in the market given by the Vastu experts, which are used as the dosh removing remedies for incorrect and inappropriate Brahmasthan, viz, Vastu Brahma Nabhi, Feng-Shui remedies, Vastu remedies, Crystal remedies, etc. Generally, these tools and yantras used as dosh-removing remedies are made of Copper, Brass, wood, and crystal.

How to Use VK to Clear Brahmasthan Dosh

Gift of Divine – VIBBES KADA (VK) is a revolution in disguise and it has amazed even me, the inventor of VK, with its multiplicity of capabilities. So, Vaastu is no exception. VK energizes, cleans, and empowers the Brahmasthan and elevates its positive endorsements. It boosts up the power of Brahmasthan, which is the core of overall well-being.

If you have the most powerful core then you can have the most abundant and happiest life. The Aura of the premises gets a powerful strength once the core is boosted up sufficiently. VK serves as a perfect and easy remedy for the establishment and protection of Brahmasthan along with removing the adverse effects of incorrect Brahmasthan.

To understand the blessing of VK more clearly, please perceive a full-size Exhaust Fan. Observe its function. The moment it is switched on, it sucks the stale and polluted air, present inside the establishment and throws it out. And not only that, it channels the fresh air inside clearing the suffocation and humidity also.

Likewise, VK pulls out all the negativities of a closed area. And channels clear and positive energies through the Brahmasthan in all areas. Thus showering blessings of the divine for all who are inhabiting the place.

Those who are VK users can use “All Clear Serum” and “Balance Serum” for healing purposes with VK for home as much as possible as it will gradually remove all the adverse effects of incorrect Brahmasthan and other side-effects of Vastu in the home.

You can charge room fresheners, agarbatti, aroma candles, etc. with VK to reduce the side-effects of Vastu in the home or workplace.

So, if you are thinking of a permanent remedy for all the Vastu and Brahmasthan dosh at home or workplace. Check my new invention after VK, which gives you a permanent solution for entire Vastu-related problems. Moreover, this tool clear-out many other negative energies from any premises.  

This tool is very powerful and contains an immense supply of positive energies. The mere presence of this device is capable to wipe off all Negative energies. It also wipes off all Malicious energies. This tool enriches the whole area with Divine blessings and abundance.

It is surely going to re-revolutionize the arena of energy healing. If you want to enhance your Brahmasthan energy permanently and remove all its bad effects, please read about the powerful tool VIBBES SEEDER.

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