How To Use GOLDEN SUNRISE To Get A New Dream Job

This is an example of GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation for a new dream job. To know what is the GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation and how to do it read here.

You can add, edit sentences as per your own desire. Please read important points on how to write your wish and how to energize your wish in nine gem points for any Golden Sunrise manifestation. Must check GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION BY SHARAT SIR & DJ KIMOZAVE.




  1. I want a new perfect job for me NOW.
  2. I want Divine blessings NOW to get a perfect job as per my desire.
  3. I want help from all recruiters, recruiter agencies/firms, job portals, agents, my friends, my seniors, my colleagues, and my family to get a good job as per my desire. I want all these people to feel happy to help me to get my new perfect job now.
  4. I want all these people to feel happy to help me to get my new perfect job now. It can be written additionally with specific names like this:- I want help from All recruiters, Recruitment agency firms- Fact Personnel Agency, Oman agency, Job portals-, agents, my friends John and Sagar, my seniors – Pritam and Shivani, my colleagues- Mallushka and Preeti, and my family members to get a good job as per my desire.
  5. I want a job in the USA in a company which is highly reputed and also USA based.
  6. I feel so excited to receive interview calls now.
  7. I am easily selected for my new job as per my profile and experience now.
  8. I am reading my offer letter for my appointment for a well-deserved position in my new job. It offers me a good salary along with perks.
  9. My transit from the current job to a new perfect job is smooth.
  10. My new job location is near my home and I find it easy to travel to my office.
  11. I feel blessed to have all cooperative and supportive colleagues, teammates, and superiors in my new office.
  12. My new work profile gives me good benefits with flexible timings to balance my home and work duties.
  13. My new job gives me an option to work from home whenever I choose to do it from home.
  14. I enjoy working at my new job NOW.
  15. My new employer offers a great career opportunity and helps me to get a Green Card NOW.
  16. My family is happy to see me happy and satisfied with my new job.
  17. I thank you, Divine, GOLDEN SUNRISE, my VIBBES KADA VK, Sharat Sir, my family, friends, recruiters, and all the people who helped me to get my new desired job.
  18. I am happy and feel blessed with this new job.

Thank You Thank You Thank You

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