Cosmic Codes Naturally Easily Help in Major Problems

What Are Cosmic Codes? 

After 15 years of research and meditation, I found 64 Cosmic Codes in the Universe for all kinds of physical and mental problems and issues. These Cosmic Codes are very powerful and can help with many problems and issues.

These Codes create amazing results when you watch them in my videos regularly. These Codes directly interact with your mind, body, cells, tissues, and DNA for the optimum results.

Right now a total of 64 Cosmic Codes Videos are available free of cost to help you in various kinds of problems. Some Cosmic Codes Videos can help in common issues and other help in many chronic problems. 

Each Cosmic Codes Video of this series includes 20 different Codes out of 64 for the betterment of your body and mind. In these Cosmic Codes Videos, images of Codes shifted speedily to bypass your conscious mind and directly enter into your subconscious mind for amazing results.

Cosmic Codes Naturally Easily Help in Major ProblemsHow To Use Cosmic Codes Videos

In many chronic problems result may be shown after 3 to 4 days of watching but in acute problems result may come in a very short period of time, sometimes just after the first time of watching. and after prolonged use, you will see the amazing benefits.

  • You can loop them as many times as you wish as there is no maximum limit to watch them.
  • If you watch them many times a day, sometimes you feel dizzy because of extra energy, at that time please stop watching.
  • If you watch with more focus you will feel much better. Watch until you will get rid of your problem.
  • These codes have no any side-effect.
  • I have used 108 Hz binaural beat brainwaves with the cosmic codes.
  • 108 Hz binaural beat has its own wisdom to better understand your need. It directly connects and adjusts with your mind according to your need.
  • You just need to watch any Video minimum of twice a day (depends on your condition).
  • After watching, your mind, each cell of your body, and your DNA will totally fine-tune with codes and you will get instant relief and betterment.
  • You can also watch these Cosmic Codes Videos on behalf of others. For this, before starting the video, just mentally imagine and intend that you are watching on behalf of XYZ (name of the person.
  • My all cosmic code videos are also attuned with Cosmic Energy by me.
  • You can Click Here to watch all videos.

What are binaural beat brainwaves?

When two tones of slightly different frequencies are heard separately in the left and right ears, the listener perceives a single tone that varies at a frequency equal to the difference between the two tones- a perceptual phenomenon known as a binaural beat. There is a proven connection between brainwaves and mental states, therefore they are very effective and useful.


  1. Respected Sir,
    My friend’s only 31 yr son has left his parents , his eductaion for Masters in Software Engg at Canada and now living with 2 male friends and family working as an assitant for friend’s ticketing airline business at delhi hardly earning, very aggressive calls parents negative. He scored 320 in GRe and 7.5 in IELTS dropped the idea to study becoz friends told him not to do so. how can his parents get him back permanently from such friends and start his masters at Canada. Pls advise. They only chant Golden Sunrise. Pls help with switchwords/EC Sir. Warm regards.

  2. Hello, I have a scrotal right inguinal hernia, 5 years ago. Will it be effective? Can I close it by listening to that frequency? Thank you

  3. Hello Sir, Thank you for sharing your Cosmic Code Videos. I have been watching 3 of them, and it works. I’m also interested in VK. But I don’t know how to receive the Attunement. I’m Timorese. Thank you.

  4. Hello Sir
    have you something to
    1:get Rid of Prostate Problems
    2:nomalizing Red Blood Cell Production and
    3:white Blood Cell Production
    Thank you very much

  5. Since morning there is no audio in cosmic codes any video pls do the needful. I am using your cosimc codes and they are really good and effective

  6. Sharat Sir
    Ref to “COSMIC CODE Videos”
    1. You mentioned that these sounds can be used on others too by us. Is it that I have to just think of the other person and hear through earphone as many times as I can.
    2. Can I store/download the music/sound of the video for the particular ailment to a pendrive instead of watching the video and listening the sound through head phones as it is more convenient.
    3. Can this music be listened while sleeping putting on RE Sir.PEAT mode?
    4. I am asking withe reference to “TINNITUS” disease. Do you have any SWITCHWORD for TINNITUS cure please?
    5. I have also a VK from you. So can I also use remotely Perfect Health Serum?

    Thank you

    • Dear U G S Rao,

      1. Plz remember that Cosmic Code videos much powerful when you watch them… you can find 90% of the essence when you watch and only 10% when you listen and 100% when watch and listen together… if you want to watch it for other just intend and watch…
      2. Quality of video and sound get degrade When you download it…
      3. You can listen while sleeping…
      4. I have one cosmic code video for tinnitus, plz use that…
      5. Yes, you can use Perfect Health Serum remotely…

  7. Hi Sir,

    I feel great, calm and much safer every time I watch your protection switch words video. I also use your cosmic codes for skin itching,spondylosis,switch words for money and reach USA chanting.
    I feel better every day, my skin looks amazing and my Psoriasis is almost gone! Thank you Thank you Thank you .

    I have another request:
    Am listening to Subliminal affirmations audio for beauty purposes, I am very slow at getting the results. Is there any way to make my subconscious mind work faster? to absorb the affirmations and give me very fast results and immediate changes.

    Thank you

  8. Hi Sir,
    Thank you so much for your videos, am listening to the spondylosis one and feel great every time. Thanks.
    I have two questions/requests:

    1- I want to win the diversity visa lottery to the USA this year, already applied. Is there anything I can do to make my dream come true?
    2- Also I want to create powerful energy shield for self protection.. I got affected easily by bad vibes and thoughts of others, even I feel sick sometimes. Is there any way to have strong energy shield around me? permanent shield.

    Thank you so much and I appreciate your work.

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