12 Signs That Angels Are Near You

12 Signs That Angels Are Near You

12 Signs That Angels Are Near You: Many people think that angels and their lovely heavenly energy bless and surround us every day. However, are you able to recognize the subtle cues that an angel might use to communicate with you? Let’s examine a few of the universal symbols that experts claim angels employ to serve as a constant reminder of their presence.

The word “angel” means “messenger,” and as you start to develop a relationship with the angels in your life, you might find that they frequently speak with us and leave messages for us while you go about your daily lives.

The shiny penny on our path, the feather that appears out of nowhere, or the fact that we can’t seem to get a certain song out of our heads are all signs that an angel messenger may be gently nudging us to notice them. 

However, many of us are too busy rushing here and there, it is time to stop and take the time to look down and notice them. Angels are believed to be using indicators like these to draw our attention so they might guide us in a specific direction.

You may soon be embracing a completely new realm of love and light into your life by simply asking the angels for their assistance and guidance, just as you would ask a friend, and practicing tuning into their energetic qualities. 

All you need to do is ask, and an angel messenger will respond. If you keep an open heart and mind, are patient, and are willing to receive guidance from the angels, they may be willing to offer you protection, healing, and wisdom. 

A few examples of the signals that scientists think angels transmit to us are as follows:


One of the most common ways an angel messenger could try to reach out to us is with a flurry of feathers—or just one feather. It’s probably an angelic gift if you frequently discover feathers in seemingly unexpected locations. 

A white feather can be a reassuring sign to reassure you that your deceased loved ones are safe and watching over you. Different colors are said to have different meanings. Meanwhile, a brown feather may represent stability in your personal life.

Symbolic Music 

One method to really “tune in” with your angels is to pay attention when a piece of certain music gets stuck in your head, especially if you haven’t heard it in a while. Or perhaps when you hit shuffle on your playlist, the ideal song for your present mood and situation appears by accident. Pay close attention to what is being said in the lyrics. 

Do you personally associate them with anything? The proper music has the power to strike a nerve and speak to the issue at hand. If you experience this, pay close attention since an angel messenger might be trying to get your attention.

The Winged Messengers of Nature 

The proverb “Robins arrive when loved ones are around” may already be ingrained in your memory. A robin is frequently interpreted as an angel letting you know that a loved one who has passed away is okay, especially if you see one when you wouldn’t expect to. 

The proverb “Butterflies are the heaven-sent kisses of an angel” is another that you may have heard. A butterfly is said to be a sign that your loved one’s spirit is alive, especially if it attracts your attention by doing something unique, like landing on your palm or flying around you.

Cloud Formations That Are Fuzzy

If you see this breathtaking sign, a remarkable cloud formation in the form of an angel or a heart, you’ll undoubtedly be on cloud nine. This lovely heaven-sent emblem, which is even more striking when accompanied by brilliant beams of sunlight, is thought to be an angel sending love, light, and protection. You might also see stars, flowers, or animals. If you look closely, you could even spot a formation that holds a unique meaning for you.

A Divine Aroma

Take a moment to picture yourself going through a lovely garden full of roses and lavender that have enticing scents. The aroma that fills the air as you stroll down the road is reminiscent of the divine scent that angels are capable of bringing into your life out of the blue.

It is said that this is an angel messenger telling you that you are loved, even if it is only for a brief instant while drifting on the breeze. A familiar fragrance or cuisine that brings back memories are other evocative odors you could experience. Some people claim to have caught a whiff of a loved one’s perfume and thought it was a sign that they were still with them in spirit.

Across The Rainbow

Have you ever seen a rainbow when it is not raining? A rainbow might be a sign of an angel messenger delivering divine love and energy to color your environment, even though the angels might not be able to lead you to a pot of gold. The rainbow is uplifting, and energizing, and portends a bright future. It is a sign of optimism and peace.

The Influence of Words

Sometimes, when you ask the angels for a sign, you will get one! a bus advertisement, a street sign with an angel’s name, or a billboard with a message that may be relevant to your situation. Keep an eye out for any repeating motifs. Books and magazines may be open on a certain page, waiting to grab your interest and point you in the direction of something very helpful. All imply that the angels are aware of your situation and are eager to assist.

Sparkle And Glimmer

Since angels are said to be pure light beings, it is thought that they can manifest as sparkles or bursts of light of different colors, sending out their energy to individuals who have prayed for help or direction. Various archangels are said to stand for various hues of color. For instance, the powerful blue light of Archangel Michael may be felt if you need a big boost of courage to go through a difficult situation in your life.

Pick Up A Penny

Pick up a penny if you see one! and you’ll be lucky all day long! It is claimed that a coin on your path—a penny from heaven—is a token intended to serve as a reminder of how priceless you are. If coins are frequently appearing in unexpected places in your life, consider them a precious present from an angel messenger. Gather them as a token of heavenly assistance and treasure them as miniature reminders of the angels.

The Presence Is There

Some experts claim that when angels are nearby, you might experience a cool breeze, a drop in the room’s temperature, or a warm, loving presence. Some people have reported ringing in the ears or tingling on the top of their heads, which they interpret as attempts by the angels to make contact. The angels, however, they may appear to you, are believed to make you feel full at ease, and secure.

Recognize Your Numbers

Have you ever noticed that every day, for instance at 23:23, you appear to glance at the clock at the same time? Or how, as you go about your regular business, the same numbers keep popping up? Angels are rumored to use repetitive sequences like 111, 222, 333, etc. to draw your attention. 

Put your faith in the angels that this is not just a coincidence; they may be attempting to deliver a significant message. You might want to make a note and conduct some independent study into the meanings of the numbers if they don’t already have significance to you because each number has a unique meaning.

In your dreams, an angel appears

Last, but not least, it’s believed that angels can communicate with us through our dreams. This might be the case because we’re more receptive to messages when we’re completely at ease. 

Make a note of anything that stood out in your dream as soon as you woke up, whether it was a sign, a person, an animal, or a discussion. Check your dream interpretation skills. To understand it, you might require a dream dictionary. It’s helpful to record your dreams in a dream journal so you can look for any trends or warning signs.

Last but not least, never forget to give thanks to your angels for all of their lovely love, light, and blessings!