What is Asking And Why You Need To Ask To The Universe?

What is Asking And Why You Need To Ask To The Universe

People think that they don’t ask the Universe what they wish for. They think that they cannot ask God to deliver what they want as that would be selfish and God doesn’t give or fulfill selfish desires.

Are you one of them? Do you really know what is being asked? 

Asking is only Praying. Praying to God for what you need. It’s not a religious demand, it’s what you need as a human. It’s something basic.

It is not about the manifestation of material goals only. It is about asking for a solution to a problem or a new point of view of an existing situation.

It is not only ASKING about a new car but you can also ASK the HAPPINESS which you will get when you will drive the new car. You are asking about the joy of that ride in your own car rather than traveling in a local bus. And that is OK to ASK.

Are you hiding your wish because you think that God will deliver your wish on your own? God is, who gave you birth and who is responsible for your good lifestyle? If you ask for your wish from God then society or relatives will look at you like you did a sin because you asked just for your own self and not for all? Or you really don’t know what asking from the Universe is?

Are you aware of what is ASKING?
Is religion stopping you or it is just what you are taught as you grew up?

Some religions surely teach you to compromise a lot but are it possible to live without a wish or a desire?

As a person who is living in a family or in a society, is it possible to live without wishes?

Is it possible to live without being loved? Is it fine if your child is not studying well and you don’t ASK for the solution?

God knows everything but you need to ASK what you want. As a parent you also know that it’s time to feed your child, most of the time you make it on your own but there are times when your child comes up to you when she is hungry? even your child asks from you, so you can too ASK, you should ASK.

Is it possible if you are in a relationship you don’t ASK for more love?

Your partner told you that they love you, would that be enough if they say it just for once? Wouldn’t you want to hear that again and again that they love you? Is listening once that they love you is enough?

Is it possible that if you fall sick you don’t ASK for relief?

People think that they fall sick because God wants to punish them. If you think that GOD is like your parents who gave you birth, would they want to punish you? Do you also think about your loved ones in this way? NO, then why do you think that God wants to punish you by making you sick, giving you pain? Do people wait for this pain to vanish on their own or do they think that even if they don’t ask, this pain will go on its own? No, you need to ASK God to give you relief. The relief can be taking medicine, going for a test, or a treatment. Relief can come from an acupressure or yoga session. But do ASK, take steps to heal yourself, and pray to God to help you in getting relief. Don’t wait that pain will go on its own or god will see on its own.

God is an energy, not a man sitting up there like what you see in cartoons or some Santa clause who will come with a bag of relief and give it to you. God knows what you want but you need to ask. It will be given when you ASK.

These nonstop demands, nonstop praying for love and care are nothing else, but ASKING. So, if this is asking then

  • relief in pain is also ASKING
  • asking for a better living situation is also asking
  • asking a car is OK
  • if asking for good marks in exams is OK then you should also ASK for learning abilities, study moods
  • freedom from comparison from other kids, best institute, etc. everything falls under the category of asking
  • praying for your child’s health is also ASKING
  • praying for your child’s study is also ASKING
  • praying for good marks or regularity in the study is also ASKING
  • praying for children to be safe in school is also ASKING
  • praying for your loved ones to be with you all time or when needed most is also ASKING
  • wanting to live life’s each and every small happy moment is also ASKING
  • desire to help someone is also ASKING

You should ASK. Don’t wait, time will fly, you will get old, and when you will see your colleagues, mates, friends doing better than you will find fault in God that God gave them but not me.

Know that they ASKED, they didn’t wait for any good time or desires coming to them on their own. They prayed to God and took action as well. They acknowledged that what they wanted should be given to them, they felt deserving. That’s why it was given to them.

Will to be there as a help for someone is also ASKING?

Sometimes you can’t even stretch out a helping hand on your own. You wait for the person in need that they come up for help. They think that they are self-sufficient and don’t need any help. you have to ASK such people before you can help them. When you don’t ask God to deliver what you want, God also waits for you to ASK. He might give you on his own, but then you might say, “it’s ok god, you keep it with you only, I will take it when I need.” or you might say, “thank you God, I will take this relief when my time comes.” it’s not meant to be this way, you need to ASK and God will give you everything he sees you enthusiastic for.

Need to rectify any problem of the day to day life is also ASKING?

Don’t stay in trouble for long. LOA says that your inner vibration attracts your outside reality. The more you stay in pain or stress, the more situations you attract. Most females think that it’s their duty to work even if they are tired, they think that taking care of kids is only their duty. They don’t ask for help because they are trained to be so. They keep moving in life in a similar way and keep attracting tiredness and workload more and more. This is LOA which attracts more of what they live or accept to live. Stop taking burden, think for the best solution, work on it, spend life in the easiest way, stay happy, spread happiness, attract happiness. In simple ways ASK god. This is ASKING and you deserve to ASK. God created you to feel joy and not stress. Don’t blame God for your choice that you didn’t ask.

Not only a conscious want/pray but subconsciously when we are in trouble or not well then also we ASK.

But when it comes to ASK consciously, some people get scared. They think that religion or society will not accept their demand or choice. Most people don’t live a life of their own will when it comes to choosing their happiness. They feel that their choice is different from that of others or they are scared of being made fun of. What people will say is the biggest disease. This stops people to ASK. They think that ASKING a common choice is OK, but AKSING a unique choice is not allowed. They underestimate their own ability, kill their own creativity, destroy their own dreams, don’t care about their own happiness. 

Some people don’t allow others to ASK because they cannot see them successful.

They either hide the ways, rule them, or scare them with ASKING techniques. They find your faults to stop you somehow. If clear, then you will be given what you want, not what others made you think is right for you. ASK on your own, don’t believe others. Lead your own dreams and ASK.

Asking for food to cook well.

If you cook well, will your kids and family be happy? Yes? even then you won’t ASK? Cooking their favorite dish again and again will give them happiness, understanding of good food, they will know how to cook and learn about taste buds. They will grow with you as you cook. Simple? ASKING just to cook well can lead to so many more good things. I think it’s worth asking.

Asking for jam-free roads and work to finish on time.

People who work hard get paid. This is a myth to keep you working hard. You can ASK for easy ways out, good income, perks, better salary even in work from home, fewer work hours, simple job. All you need to do is ASK what can make your work easy with a good salary. Don’t let other people’s opinions stop you.

Asking for help at home to come and that too at the time.

I will be happy when it is time. God is looking after me, he will be there on his own. If an astrologer told you that it is not the correct time to take action and you will have to wait for a good time. PLEASE know that this is just to stop you to be in your better state, that’s all. Your action towards your better state is your birthright and NOW is the right time to do so. Don’t wait to ASK. Don’t waste time. You can ASK any time.

Asking for love, care, affection, and support of your loved ones and guidance in any matter from your elders.

What is Asking And Why You Need To Ask?

Asking for Kids to be Obedient

Asking for parents to be loving.

Many parents and even kids stop showing love to each other as they grow up. They feel shy to ASK to be loved. They seek love from other sources and fall into wrong relationships too. Parents feel shy to ASK kids to show respect as they feel that kids will show respect when they are much older. Why wait for old age or someone else to love us when we need them now? ASK them to love you, ASK them to love you right NOW. It’s OK to ASK.

These and many more things are asking.

Why don’t you consider yourself to be worthy of ASKING?

Why and what stops you to ASK?

Know that you are DESERVING.

Know that you are WORTHY enough to ask.

Know that you should ASK. Know that you shall be happy when you will ASK. Know that asking will only bring contentment to you. The more content you are the more you will be able to connect to your inner self and be in peace.

The more of your wishes get fulfilled, the more you shall feel bliss. The more of your desires get accomplished the more you will be compassionate, loving, caring, satisfied, happy, joyous, content and the list is long.

To ask is natural, and this should not change

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You will be more willing to give. You will be happier to give.

You will be able to spread more and more happiness. This happiness will flow to each and everyone around you.

And remember:- ASK for Happiness is also ASKING. ASK for Love and Health is also ASKING. ASK for Care is also ASKING. ASK for Guidance is also ASKING.