What is Asking And Why You Need To Ask To The Universe

People think that they don’t ask the Universe what they wish for. Are you one of them? Do you really know what is asking? Asking is only Praying.

It is not about the manifestation of material goals only. It is about asking for a solution to a problem or a new point of view of an existing situation.

It is not only ASKING about a new car but also the HAPPINESS which the drive-in new car will give. Which the JOY, which the long distances which were difficult in local buses now covered in the car of one’s own will give.

Are you hiding your wish or you really don’t know what asking from Universe is?

Are you aware of what is ASKING?

Is religion stopping them or it is just what you are taught?

Some religions surely teach you to compromise a lot but are actually living without a wish or a desire possible as a person you are?

As a person who is living in a family or in a society, is it possible to live without wishes?

Is it possible to live without being loved?

Is it fine if your child is not studying well and you don’t ASK for the solution?

Is it possible if you are in a relationship you don’t ASK for more love?

Is it possible that if you fall sick you don’t ASK for relief?

These nonstop demands, nonstop praying for love and care are nothing else, but ASKING.

Praying for your child’s health is also ASKING.

Praying for your child’s study is also ASKING.

Praying for good marks or regularity in the study is also ASKING.

Praying for children to be safe in school is also ASKING.

Praying for your loved ones to be with you all time or when needed most is also ASKING.

Wanting to live life’s each and every small happy moment is also ASKING.

Desire to help someone is also ASKING

Will to be there as a help for someone is also ASKING.

You have to ASK before you can help sometimes.

Need to rectify any problem of the day to day life is also ASKING.

Not only a conscious want/pray but subconsciously when we are in trouble or not well then also we ASK.

Unknowingly you keep ASKING. 

Asking for food to cook well.

Asking for jam-free roads and work to finish on time.

Asking for help at home to come and that too at the time.

Asking for love, care, affection, and support of your loved ones and guidance in any matter from your elders.

What is Asking And Why You Need To Ask?

Asking for Kids to be Obedient

Asking for parents to be loving.

These and many more things are only asking from the universe then why not material goals.

Why don’t you consider yourself to be worthy of ASKING?

Why and what stops you to ASK.

Know that you are DESERVING.

Know that you are WORTHY enough to ask.

Know that you should ASK. Know that you shall be happy when you will ASK. Know that asking will only bring contentment to you. The more you are content more you will be able to connect to your inner self and be in peace.

More of your wishes get fulfilled, more shall you feel the bliss. More of your desires get accomplished more you will be compassionate, loving, caring. 

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You will be more willing to give. You will be happier to give.

You will be able to spread more and more happiness. This happiness will flow to each and everyone around you.

And remember:- ASK for Happiness is also ASKING. ASK for Love and Health is also ASKING. ASK for Care is also ASKING. ASK for Guidance is also ASKING. 


  1. Wow, a good one. Ok, prayer is the asking for something. But the problem is how to pray really ?
    No one teaches exactly as to how to pray for what we want.
    Do we have to combine with gratitude for what we have already ? can we be stern about what we want or wish for ? Throw some light on that in a new topic….

    • yes, prayer is asking, knowing what one wants is asking, gratitude is asking, appreciating is asking, feeling good for what you like is asking.
      will soon update on HOW TO ASK
      we should be great full for each and every second of our life. when we show universe that we are happy and content in the present situation and tell divine(universe) that we want something else too then universe too is very happy and works for your next wish. hope that helps.

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