Balancing The Five Elements of Nature in Your Home, Office, Factory & Shop

Vaastu itself means five elements present in it by default but the Earth element always being dominant in Vaastu is a very normal phenomenon.

Anything made on the earth is made out of elements. The proportion of each element is different in different things, and accordingly the atomic configuration changes in it, thereby changing the nature of that thing. Like wood, gold, silver, water, bronze, liquid metal, and so on.

In Vaastu always there should be a balance of five elements. Any imbalance in any of the elements will create disturbing energies in the Vaastu and also our life.

We must remember that if we are facing any health issues, physical or mental, or psychological, it indicates that elements are not in balance.

What is the reason behind these imbalances in our body and how is it connected with Vaastu?

When we stay in any space which is made of five elements, we think about everything that should be there in that space.

Cooking, resting, cleaning, praying, celebrating, etc. When all these are happening then a house becomes a home.

Does this always happen?

No, but if it is happening most of the time then it means that five elements are in balance.

Every human faces problems as we are governed by the Law of the Universe.

Five elements of nature, earth energies, planets and that has the impact on our mind, which makes us behave in a certain way and we create certain impressions known as karmas.

Balancing Five elements Nature VaastuIs there any way to escape these?

The answer is No, but the Universe gives us a choice to reduce the intensity of the negative impacts of these things.

How to Live in a Balance?

Living in Vaastu compliant place and surrounding ourselves with the most positive and highest vibration. This makes our life very easy and also help us to sail through our life journey very easily.

Know these facts…

Vaastu is considered perfect when all the elements are in its allotted directions e.g.

  • Earth-  Southwest
  • Water- North and North East
  • Fire-    Southeast
  • Air-     Northwest
  • Sky-   Central Region

In the modern world, many people ignore these facts, or because of construction fault, these elements are in the wrong direction and that results in big trouble coming in the house and people find no way to come out of it.

Until they take the help of a Vaastu expert, it doesn’t get resolved.

Once it is rectified, it is easy to live a balanced life and move ahead in life to achieve many things.

Always remember that as long as we are on this earth we must stay in balance with nature. It has a corresponding effect on our body which is made of five elements.

We can stay away from many diseases when five elements are balanced in our house and place of work. Prosperity also comes easily in the space where the elements are pure and balanced.

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