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About the Switchword Course

The subconscious mind is something that you can always tap to manifest your desires. The subconscious mind has the power to drive a person’s life. One of the ways to activate the subconscious mind is through the power of words. Switchword (SW) are special words that bypass your conscious mind and reach your subconscious mind to manifest your heart desires through it.

The Switchwords practically address almost every area of life e.g. health, fitness, strength, money, business, funding, attracting clients, success, fortune, relationships, love, passion, education, learning, beauty, harmony, and much more.

Many Goals can be Achieved if You Know how to use SW.

Do you know what are your goals? They are just a rhythmic harmony between your mind and the Universe. SW works as a tool to accomplish that harmony. In other words, you can say that SW is a pure psyche trick to create perfect harmony.

In this course, you will learn not only one two or 10 ways but more than 51 amazing ways to use switchwords. Yes, you read it right, there are many ways to use Switchwords. After learning these ways, using switchword will become easy, simple, and practical for you.

Now Get Ready To Learn More Than 51 Interesting Ways of Using Switch Words.

Why Do You Need To Join This Course?

As you know switchwords are one of the most easygoing ways to attract what you want. Your subconscious always needs certain ways to shift your frequency from one state to another and switchwords work on this idea greatly.

This is an Online Course for Learning Beautiful Ways of Using Switchwords

  • Name of course: More than 51 amazing ways to use switchwords.
  • Course date and time:  20th Jun 2021, 4 to 6.30 pm (Indian standard time).
  • Duration of course: 150 min.
  • Mode of course: Distance learning through a Google Meet Online Session.
  • Fees: INR 2222/-
  • Coach: Rakhi from team Litairian. She is also a VK, LOA, and Mindfulness teacher.
  • Subject: Learn more than 51 interesting ways to use Switchwords. How to use switchwords/ What should be the intention while using switchwords?
  • Who can enroll: Anyone can enroll. Even children love this course.
  • In this course: You will Learn to use Switchwords and make them a Part of Your Daily Life to Reap its BENEFICIAL Effects. You will learn how you can explore switchwords for yourself and your dear ones.
  • Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this course. Your eagerness to learn and achieve Extra in life is enough to do this course.
  • Please Note: This is a MUST DO COURSE for Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and other Natural Healers.
  • Amazing Fact: If you’re constantly facing issues in life, and you wish to tap the power of words in your life, then you’ll be surprised how the simple use of words can attract a lot of things in your life.

This course has been designed to easily introduce newcomers to experts – regardless of how much or little time they have! Essentially, this course is created in a manner so that anybody can learn and benefit from it.

Benefits of Switchword Course

$ Learning the easy ways of using Switchwords

$ How to chant switchwords

$ How to practice writing switchwords

$ How to do proxy chanting and proxy writing of switchwords

$ More than 51 ways to use switchwords

$ Role of intention while using switchwords

How to Enroll

Fill out the registration form then click on SUBMIT.

After filling out the form, you will be guided to a payment link, click and make the payment.

Registration to the course is completed only after payment.

After payment, you will get a system-generated receipt on the email id you provided while doing the payment.

The link for joining the learning sessions will be emailed to you by the Coach one day before the session.

Here is the link for filling out the form and guided payment.

PLEASE NOTE: your enrolment to this course is with filling the form and payment of fees. If you do not complete the payment part, you will not get a chance to be coached.

There is no refund of fees once you enroll in the course.

!! NOW GET set go AND live life TO THE FULLEST !!


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