Common Man Spirituality is the Food for Soul and Heart

Common Man Spirituality is the Food for Soul and Heart

I have always been happy to be a commoner. A common man is everybody’s person. He mingles most easily with the masses. But still, despite I like to be a common person, my quest is not common – I have always aspired to become a staunch crusader in search of the Ultimate Light.

It is in this endeavor, that I have come across various astounding facts of life that I want to share. There might be many who may not agree with my views. But then we are not in a debating session, I am just endorsing my view only.

During my quest on Spirituality, I have come across many people – both learners as well as of knowledge, but, it is very astonishing that neither of them asked questions on Spirituality. As if it is an obvious knowledge. They talked a lot about Religion and around, but whenever I struck the topic on Spirituality, it rolled round and ended in Religion.

I followed discourses of many learned persons also and discovered a lot of enchanting facts about various paths of Godhead, but my quarry still remained undefined. So why not re-discover what is meant by Spirituality ourselves.

Spirituality is the Knowledge of the Soul

In fact, “it is the knowledge of the Soul and practices contributing to its afflux”. This was never a forbidden knowledge but amazingly misinterpreted by various sects. Analyzing, we should know why it is so. Why has it always been engraved in our mindset to follow the Religion, but channelization towards Spirituality is kept as a consequent happening.

Since this word has always been interpreted differently, we should never confuse it with Mysticism or Spiritualism (which is entirely a different practice). This, as a matter of fact, brings up the reasons for the prophecy of Religion.

I hope you will agree with me when I explain this in the subsequent paragraphs. So, before coming to our point, let’s revise –what is Religion? Speaking on practical grounds, a Religion is a set of boundaries created to usher a devotee towards God.

Common man Spirituality – Food for SoulIt has a set of rules & rituals aimed at the devotional upliftment of a follower. All religions of the world, differ in their procedures but aim towards inducting noble values in the masses, targeted to achieve God (of their version).

But all the same, it has to be noted that whatever might be the path and belief, for these achievements, all have a common agenda subsequent to that – Self-realization. After being gelled into the cult, all the religious Masters, suggest a common path for enlightenment – the path of Meditation & Self-illumination. If we go around and see, it’s the path of Spirituality.

Spirituality is the single-lane road destined to Salvation and Religion is the homework for it. Whatever religion we follow and wherever we loiter to seek elevation, at last, we have to focus on the Oneness of the Ultimate Energy to achieve the Enlightenment.

There is no other way. Re-quoting Swami Vivekananda “When we come above ‘You & Me’, ‘Yours & Mine’, ‘Your Religion & My Religion’, Your God & My God’ ‘Your way & My way’ and try to find yourself in You (Atma Sakshatkara), considering HIM as ONE and You in HIM; you have put your first step into Spirituality and be assured you will find the Light”.