4 Fast Easy Weight Loss Tips And Burn Extra 335 Calories Per Day

Fast Easy Weight Loss Tips: A vast numbers of articles regarding fast easy weight loss tips are a burden on the internet. Among them, very few are beneficial. I hope these will surely be very helpful for you in all areas of your fast easy weight loss trip. It will help you to reach your goal, whatever that may be. Whether you want to lose a few pounds, or if you want to completely transform your body.

Fast Easy Weight Loss Tips Are Here:-

The 1st step of fast easy weight loss is to program inside your mind a simple 10 words sentence that is more powerful to you than anything else in this article. This sentence should be written and kept with you at all times.

It should be your Mantra for the duration you spend on achieving your weight loss goals. Believe the sentence can, will, and should become something you say at every meal after you wake in the morning, or before you go to the bed to fall asleep. This is what will make your trip successful.

The times when you are about to fall off your “Weight Loss Wagon,” this is the time you repeat your Mantra… and you will soon find that it becomes easy to stay on the path. The Mantra is I think I finally found a program I can stick with.”

Fast Weight Loss Tips & Burn Extra 335 Calories/Day

It’s no wonder people all over the world that want to lose weight and get into shape are so misled and have a hard time keeping up with and maintaining a good diet and or fitness schedule.

Most of the weight loss industry wants to keep you puzzled and wanting more and new. They want you to believe that what was great last month has been found lesser than the new information that was discovered most recently. It’s the information that keeps you from achieving your goals, staying confused, and more important, shelling out your money to fill their pockets.

Burn Extra 335 Calories

On the reverse, I’m sure that you have a known that eats like a few days’ hungers and eat anything edible and still maintains a great body. In fact, they may have even peeled the lettuce and tomatoes off their meal and commented “Eww, I hate vegetables. You, sitting there with your salad and small diet soda are left there smiling at them while you salivate over the juicy hot hamburger they are shoving into their mouth.

You watch in silent envy while they eat. And you want the same but your current best diet for obesity program says you cannot. If this sounds at all common to you, rest assured you are not alone. If you have been that person at the table or another side of the room watching this person with your top lip curled and gripping a fork in your hand like it was a weapon… I have some good news for you regarding the next steps.

In this fast easy weight loss tips article, you are going to learn some very sneaky but successful ways and I only ask that you try them and keep using these secrets for several weeks and watch what will happen as you implement them.

One of the reasons you may have decided you wanted to read this fast easy weight loss tips article was because you disgust with the thought of working out fast. Can you say you took the long way to do it… no, but then again… how many times can you continue to work as hard as you can to get results that can happen ten times faster?

That is the point of this fast easy weight loss article to show you how you can stop working so hard to achieve your weight loss goals, and start using some better and more efficient tricks to really rev up your calorie burning.

Weight Loss Tips

So What is Calorie Burning?

Burning calorie means, how much energy it takes to heat up 1 gram or 1 milliliter of water by 1 degree Celsius. In its simplest form, when you consume too much amount of energy needed to be burned (calories) sit there and are continually added to… thus causing too many excess calories which lead to weight gain.

To lose weight consume fewer calories, or burn more than you consume. In a nutshell: If you are burning more calories than you are eating, you should lose weight. Metabolism also plays a part. Someone just has a better metabolism or a fast metabolism.

Don’t confuse and start the next step for fast easy weight loss

The 2nd step of fast easy weight loss is to Start Drinking Ice Water: Put 2 normal size Ice Cubes in a glass and drink it as cool as you can. The average weight of an adult man is around 84kg (185lbs). Researchers calculated that if an average man decided to start walking for exercise it would take him between 15-20 minutes to burn around 70 calories.

By using the ICE WATER TRICK and going by that common drink 8 cups of 2 Ice Cubes water a day…Guess What? You Can Burn The Same Amount of Calories (70) Per Day! No extra exercise, no real big change in diet… Just Drink ICE WATER TRICK!

See what happens when you drink Ice Water: A calorie is how much energy it takes to the heat of 1ml of water to 1 degree Celsius. So if you drink 70ml of ice water you burn 70 extra calories. Just doing this can cause you to burn approximately 25,550 extra calories per year, which equates to a loss of 3kg (6.6lbs). While this may not seem like a lot of weight but something is better than nothing. Pretty Cool !!!

The 3rd step of fast easy weight loss: Start Chewing Sugar-Free Gum After Meals: This one is great because it attacks burning extra calories in 2 ways. 1. It saves you from consuming extra calories in between meals or planned healthy snacks. 2. You actually physically burn calories as you chew!

Yes, I know it may not be a lot of calories burned by chewing, but anything is better than nothing. You will be pleasantly surprised at how many calories can be saved and burned if you chewed sugar-free gum after meals. Besides making your breath nice and minty fresh, or even better yet, for every hour you chew you burn around 10 extra calories. Add that simple little chewing exercise to the calories you can save by not picking on foods is around 35-40 calories per hour.

If you chew gum for 4 hours a day you will burn around 40 calories from the energy expended in the process of chewing it, and around another 130-140 by preventing yourself from eating “pick-on” foods or candy. Add those together and you have saved yourself an extra 170-180 calories. Just by burning around 40 calories/day, this can cause you to burn approximately 14,600 extra calories per year, which equates to a loss of 1.75kg (4lbs) and prevent around 47,450 calories to intake per year.

Do you see how easy it is to have the effects of the day-to-day challenge you to just go out and do some simple exercises? You could have just simply chewed some sugar-free gum from around 10 am-12 pm before lunchtime and then again from 3 pm-5 pm before tea time, all while sitting at his desk working.

weight loss tips
Burn Extra 335 Calories/Day

The 4th step of fast easy weight loss: Add Some Vitamin D to Your Daily Routine: Due to a hectic work schedule, it becomes very difficult for a person to get out and see an adequate amount of sun during the day. The fact that much of his summer is also spent inside due to hot weather; and winters due to cold weather. It is no shock that an average person may not get the required amount of Vitamin D in his body.

Did you ever notice the more sunlight you get, the more alive you feel…the more alert and awake you are? This is due partially to Vitamin D. Not only does this amazing little Vitamin help to prevent some cancers, but research has also shown that it actually helps in a variety of other ways. But in this article, we want to know how it affects our calorie burning.

First, you want to find a good Vitamin D supplement in pill form; this is the easiest and most efficient way to get the required amount of Vitamin D in your body. The great thing is you are only required to take 1,000 IU per day. IU means “International Units” and is a standardized scientific measurement.

So if you want to take between 1000 – 5000 IU per day of Vitamin D, you can easily do this by taking just a few small pills per day, which will take you about 3 seconds to do. So how many extra calories will take this super beneficial vitamin burn throughout the day? And don’t miss to watch our switchwords video for weight Loss.

OMG! A Massive 225!

Try doing anything in 3 seconds and burn an extra 225 calories. So let’s get out our calorie calculator for good old Regular Average Joe and do the math. (On the treadmill a normal walking pace of about 4kph needs to walk for over 52 minutes to burn 225 calories! Almost an entire hour of being on the treadmill to burn the same amount of calories it takes to put a small vitamin in your mouth, swallow some ice water and chew a pack of gum.)

Not more or less a person can burn 70+40+225=335 extra calories/day is equal to 122,275 calories per year which are around 14kg (31lbs) per year and also prevent around 47,450 calories to intake per year. If a person does this, he’ll be at about 335 extra calories burned during a day and has reduced 14kg weight per year by only adding these steps.

Easy Weight Loss Tips

If you think only 14kg/year is not good enough for you then please let me know how much weight you have reduced in the last 5 years?

Are you starting to see how adding these small steps to your daily routine can keep you from gaining weight as the year goes on? Now am I saying that if you do these 4 steps you can lose that much weight each year? Not exactly… but I can tell you that if you practice these 4 little steps you can prevent much of the weight gain you could if you did not introduce these steps to your daily routine.

I wanted to share this fast easy weight loss article with you so that you can make some small changes to your day-to-day activities that can help assist you in your fast easy weight loss trip. If you add some exercises to your daily routine will be a GOLD MINE with these steps? 

This is especially important if you are pregnant, nursing, elderly, or if you have any chronic or recurring conditions or health problems please consult your physician or health care professional before performing any step of fast easy weight loss tips. Don’t miss to have Best Diet for Obesity by watching Switch Words for Weight Loss and also take Flab Down Serum for Easy Weight Loss thru VK.