Few Success Stories of VK on 14th Birthday of Our Divine VK by Puneet Tyagi

Few Success Stories of VK on 14th Birthday of Our Divine VK by Puneet Tyagi

Golden Sunrise, everyone!

Congratulations to the entire Litairian family as we celebrated the 14th birthday of our Divine VIBBES KADA – VK in May 2023.

I was blessed by Sharat Sir with VK on the auspicious occasion of Guru Purnima in 2016. Since then, I have had hundreds of experiences and success stories with VK.

I would like to share a few of my experiences with all of you. 

First, when I received VK, I had magical thoughts like I could do anything. I thought I could bend a spoon, double a currency note, switch on a fused bulb, and a lot more. Thoughts kept flowing daily, and I tried many of my fantasies. 

Later, I started reading the VK possibilities PDF (now converted to the Litairian website and forum) again and again, and then I realized the true meaning of Magic. I gained an understanding of VK and began to explore and experience its capabilities.

Initially, my focus was on increasing my finance and wealth. I had thoughts of using VK for easy money from the share market and the Dream11 cricket game. However, I couldn’t earn as expected. I also utilized VK for my real estate business, enabling me to sell deals to interested parties. VK made that possible, as I was physically involved and putting in the hard work. 

VK has always helped me make the right moves. It enabled me to sell my car at the best price and facilitated an easy purchase of a new one. VK assisted in resolving my 6-7-year-old income tax case. I understand that VK will continue to aid and guide me in my work and earnings, but I had to take action. VK consistently helps me manage my finances while also guiding me toward wise spending. The value of spending wisely surpasses that of earning alone.

I have also had numerous health experiences with VK. One instance involved the healing of my niece, who was saved from surgery. VK not only facilitate healing but also suggested seeking a second opinion. Since I started using VK, it has helped me and all my family members significantly reduce our medical bills to one-fourth or less. I had multiple digestive issues, and with the help of the Digee Serum, I made changes to my diet, unhealthy junk food habits, and sleep patterns. VK played a vital role in my healing process.

My wife wanted to maintain her weight. With the necessary serums and VK’s guidance, she changed her diet routine and started going to the gym, enabling her to easily maintain her weight.

During my brother’s wife’s pregnancy, VK played a crucial role. Everywhere in Delhi, she was being suggested to undergo a C-section. Seeking VK’s guidance, we decided to move her to Haryana. As a result, she delivered a healthy baby naturally, without any surgery or complications. Her baby has been using VK since birth and effortlessly utilizes it for healing. I had been using VK even before her birth, throughout her mother’s pregnancy.

There have been many more experiences, mostly where VK facilitated healing on its own. Occasionally, it provided guidance to seek medical treatment when necessary. In emergencies such as sudden chest pain, toothaches, or stomach aches experienced by my niece, VK helped alleviate the symptoms until we could obtain medical assistance.

Relationships are fundamental human needs, and it is essential to respect and understand the personal space of others, manage our expectations, practice unconditional love, and let go of past grievances.

Even I had experiences with VK related to relationship issues. For instance, one of my friend’s sisters had been separated for 5 years. Through VK healing, within 6 months, the issues were resolved, and she is now enjoying a happily married life. As a result of this healing, the sister decided to manage the relationship with her husband’s family and could keep them at the right distance from her married life. It was an incredible VK learning experience for me, highlighting the cause-and-effect dynamics.

VK has done remarkable work in my married life as well. Our relationship with our children, the overall family environment, and our interactions with my brother and his family are all perfect. 

My sons are also VK users, and they have experienced significant improvements in their studies through VK. VK has helped them with their diligence, focus, comprehension, and various other skills. Interestingly, they have grasped the concept of using VK even better than I have. The ability to help others through VK is one of its most valuable features.

There are numerous other VK experiences, such as my laptop starting to work fine, reduced electricity bills, increased gas cylinder efficiency, improved mileage for my car and bike with VK, regeneration of plants, clear traffic, reaching destinations on time and safely, discount deals, easy exchanges at shops, refunds, VK aiding with car mechanical issues, and helping the AC and washing machine function optimally. 

However, I have learned that when a physical change or replacement of a part is necessary, VK can assist in finding good mechanics or cheaper deals.

I vividly remember my first meeting with Sharat Sir, during which I used to wear over 10 crystal bracelets. Sir asked me whether I should dig deep once to uncover everything or keep digging small pits with nothing to be found. Now, I am digging only with VK, and VK has become an essential part of me.

Through my journey, I have learned that VK is an incredible tool that can assist me, show me the path, and deliver results. However, it works in conjunction with my efforts. I cannot simply sit in front of an idol and expect everything to come to me.

Some of you may have had similar experiences to mine or others, and I encourage you to share them with us. We are all traveling on the same train, occupying different seats, and berths, and looking out of different windows. Our views may differ, but together we can create a complete picture. Let us embark on this Mindful Awakening journey together.

My heartfelt wish is for VK to reach every person across the globe. In a world that needs more healers than successful individuals and entrepreneurs, VK can make a significant impact.

I express my deepest gratitude to Sharat Sir for providing us with the divine healing tool, VK.


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