Golden Sunrise Affirmation Video

What is GOLDEN SUNRISE Switchword & How its Help to Create Magic
GOLDEN SUNRISE is the only Mantra that gives a happy, prosperous, and healthy life.

Repeating words make an impact on the mind. Positive repeating words make a positive impact on minds.

Affirmations are words in a sentence that reminds a person about his/her own power. Repeated affirmations can take a person from any level to a higher positive level.

To do anything the power is within you. So now with the combination of GOLDEN SUNRISE and affirmations, raise your power and move to achieve what you wish.

GOLDEN SUNRISE Affirmation video is a unique way to build your confidence, raise your frequency, and motivate yourself in everyday life situations. This video is created by Sharat Sir and launched now in June 2019, and the music is composed by DJ Kimozawe from the Philippines.

It has these affirmations:

  • LET’S START SPREADING GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line will remind you to have the power to spread the light to the world.
  • GOLDEN SUNRISE IS THE REAL JOY: This line will connect you to the thought of being joyful with every sunrise.
  • MY SMILE IS GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line will remind your smile radiates joy from your inside to outside.
  • I SURRENDER TO GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line helps you to surrender and feel lighter.
  • HAPPINESS COMES WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line reminds you that your happiness is within your reach.
  • I GIVE BLESSING WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line leads you to be compassionate.
  • MY PATH IS CLEAR WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line reminds you that all obstacles can be overcome with a positive attitude.
  • I STAY CALM WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line relaxes you to be free of worries and tensions.
  • THE KEY TO UNIVERSAL ABUNDANCE IS GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line reminds you that Universe is showering you with abundance each day.
  • I AM TOP OF THE WORLD WITH GOLDEN SUNRISE: This line reminds you that you have all the talents and abilities to be the best.

This GOLDEN SUNRISE AFFIRMATION video is attuned with Cosmic Energies by Sharat Sir. So watch it online to have full effects without downloading. If you download and use, it may not give full effects.

You can watch this video anytime. You can start your day or end your day with this video.

You can watch this video anytime anywhere. But just remember to watch this video online.

golden sunrise mantraIt is programmed to receive all benefits of GOLDEN SUNRISE and Affirmations.

The music will help to soothe and calm your mind.

The images in this GOLDEN SUNRISE Affirmation video will connect you to your own abilities, power, and talents.

This Golden Sunrise Affirmation video when watched daily will release your negativity, release helplessness, release over attachments, and lead you to your purposeful life.

You can watch this video even before any other video of Sharat Sir. You can even watch it after any other video of Sharat Sir, back to back or with a gap as you feel convenient. You can watch it with any other video for wish manifestation or healing videos.

You can watch it on behalf of your dear ones, thinking about that person just before you start the video. If you are watching for others, watch on behalf of one person at a time.

VK users can also watch this video, just before you start to watch this video, Hold VK and say VK please enhance the effect of this video for me. Say this 3 times and watch this video while wearing VK.

VK users can mimic the effect of this video with any healing. Must check VK Tip 34.

Enjoy this GOLDEN SUNRISE Affirmation video and empower yourself.

Do share your experiences on Golden Sunrise and this Golden Sunrise Affirmation video in the comment box below this article.