Learn 33 Days of Excellence in Mindfulness Telephonic Online Course

About the Mindfulness Course 

The mind plays a game with our bodies and life. Most of the situations in our life are due to these mind games. The mind is always hungry. Nourish your mind with positivity. Improve your life with MINDFULNESS PRACTICES.

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Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

33 Days of Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Name of Course: 33 Days of Excellence in Mindfulness Journey.

Fees: INR 4411/-

Coach: Rakhi from team Litairian. She is also a VK teacher.

Subject: Learning with Practice of 12 skills on being mindful.

Duration: 33 days.

Mode: Distance learning through Whatsapp call.

Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

33 Days of Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Who can enroll: Anyone above 9yrs of age. Even children love this course.

Criteria to enroll: Eagerness to learn and achieve Extra in life.

Schedule: 12 calls from Coach spread during the 33 days. There will be a gap in around 2 or 3 days between each call.

When is the course starting: The course has already started. The next batch will start with new enrollments on 11th Aug 2020.

How much time you need to devote to this journey: 30-60 min spread throughout the day every day.

Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Takeaways from this Course

$ Embrace Creativity

$ Manifest a Better Life

$ Train Your Mind to Alertness

$ Master Your Mind With Rakhi

$ Be Aware of Your Physical Self

$ Mindfulness is a Way of life. In this Course, You will Learn to Make it Part of Your Daily Life and Reap its BENEFICIAL Effects

If you’re constantly stressed, anxious, short-tempered & even confused about life, then you’ll be amazed at how the simple act of mindfulness can bring relief to all those areas!

This course has been designed to easily introduce newcomers to mindfulness – regardless of how much (or little!) time they have! It’s an advanced learning tool for those with some (or even a lot!) of experience in mindfulness. Essentially, this course is created in a manner so that anybody can learn and benefit from it.

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Benefits of 33 Days of Excellence in Mindfulness Course?

Learning and practicing these skills has uncountable benefits. To name a few:

Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Takeaways from this Course

$ Decision-making power.

$ Balanced body and mind.

$ Enjoy the Present moment.

$ Easily deal with day to day challenges.

$ Improved relation with self and others.

$ Makes a person more receptive to ideas and solutions.

$ Planning, execution, communication reaches a new level.

$ Reduced impulsiveness through improved regulation of emotions.

$ Enhance your intuitive skills of clairvoyance and Extrasensory Perception (ESP).

Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Some More Benefits

$ Manifestation becomes easy.

$ Self-motivation and creativity.

$ Builds confidence to reach the targets.

$ Better Focus and determination towards goals.

$ Improved expression towards innovation and arts.

$ Health improvements, de-addictions, physical awareness.

$ Unlocks the mental potentials which were ignored by you earlier.

$ You connect your inner self with the divinity of Almighty and experience ONENESS.

$ Relief from stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration are some side effects of this course.

Learn Mindfulness Course With Rakhi

Must Join For This Course If You Are The One Who Is Looking To

$ Excel in career.

$ Reduce stress & anxiety.

$ Balance mind and actions.

$ Improve business practices.

$ Excel in education and studies.

$ Achieve greater peace of mind.

$ Easy dealing with clients in business.

$ Improve self but is trapped by the mind.

$ If you are practicing any energy modalities must join this course.

$ Women who want to improve their uniqueness, personality, and identity.

This Course is Good for Energy Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Massage Therapists, Yoga Instructors, and Other Natural Healers.

Remember MINDFULNESS IS A JOURNEY You can Walk Your Whole Life and Enjoy it to the FULLEST!

How to Enroll

  • Fill the registration form then click on SUBMIT.
  • After filling the form, you will be guided to a payment link, click and make the payment.
  • Registration to the course is completed with payment.
  • After registration, your Coach with contact you within 48 hrs and brief you on how to start the course.
  • Here is the link for filling the form and guided payment Enroll Now.

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PLEASE NOTE: your enrolment to this course is with filling the form and payment of fees. If you do not complete the payment part, you will not get a chance to be coached.


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