Power of God is the Power of You – Get Ready To Be Powerful

Power of God is the Power of You Get Ready To Be Powerful

There is certainly just one power, The Power of God. Everything Is God. All abilities are God. All skills are God. All authorities are God. All momentums and capabilities are God. Everything is possible to God.

God has power and we can say God is Power. Nothing is impossible to God. There is nothing God cannot Be, Do or Have. You can also Be, Do and Have anything you want as long as you have a firm belief in God. God creates the whole World.

Your beliefs, intentions, and sentiments attract God’s power in different ways. God’s Miracles are causing transformation when you follow his path and his will. Wherever your soul focuses on God, his miracles happen.

Everything is God. God is everything. The Universe is God. God controls everything. God is Reality. God is Mind. God is the soul. The true follower of God is the master of everything.

Power of God

God offers all individuals all their power as well as he’s offered an individual use it as much as possible. He doesn’t supply in some measure along with stores others. Whenever God allows he provides the way, a God would certainly supply, entirely along with totally.

God will give you all and everything. Your own sole issue is usually simply how much to believe of this unlimited supply. All power in the whole world lies in God itself. You may ask to use it sensibly.

Power of God

God has given you all the power or he has given you none at all. He doesn’t give partially and reserves the rest. When God gives he gives the way a God would give, completely and totally. God gives you all there is. Your only question is how much to take off that unlimited supply. All power in the universe is placed in your hands when you have full faith in God.

All other powers usually are the outward demonstration of the exact same unlimited power. All lack of ability is usually a lack of power. Once you know the secrets connected with God, all powers in the whole world are your hands. You can apply anything along with accomplishing everything.

Perhaps you have wondered when you know and understand the secret connection of God with you. This basic secret is very easy to learn and feel.

Power of God
Power of God

God’s state of mind is the key to commanding perceptual ability and intellectual thinking. When you have God’s state of mind, you can have the whole perception and be sympathetic to everything you experience.

Gain God’s state of mind and it will eternally transform the way you think and perceive about anything and everything! This is the most powerful mindset to have, it will persuade every key decision you make and every big idea you work on. Take a Look: DNA Activation By Switchwords

Meditation is very helpful to attain God’s state of mind. Do meditate every day. Do meditate whenever you have time. Meditation is the only way to hold thoughts about God for a long period of time.