Why People Use Their Powers On The Weaker People?

Why People Use Their Powers On The Weaker People

People tend to rule each other. They rule due to their ego. Some dominate others as they think they are better than them. Some make other people feel degraded as they have a better financial status. They make other people feel fools as they think they are more knowledgeable. Some choose to be rude and take advantage of poor people as they know that they have the support of a government official. Some act dominating, as they think they are superior. Such people use their powers on the weaker people.

Why People use their Powers on the Weaker People?

They are cocky about their position and power. People who are at a senior status and have their fixed or permanent seat, rule others to maintain their position, they rule just because they are senior in position. People rule their own family members, and other relationships, where they are either a male member or they rule because they are the eldest or at a powerful status in the family.

Some selfish people or so-called friends rule on other people as they have a good financial status, they rule on those people who have low income just because they have money. Such people also make financially low people agree to many unwanted acts. Many juniors take advantage of their seniors because of their support from some senior, people also rule because of their support from a government official too or being at a senior post in an office. 

Why People use their Powers on the Weaker People?

Some people claim themselves as gurus who have immense power and can perform miracles. They scare people to their karmas and make them follow a particular religion.

Some people take advantage of being a preferred sibling by parents themselves, they rule as an elder sibling or younger ones take advantage of being a favorite, young, and pampered child.  

  • WHAT do you think is it genuine on the part of a senior to rule?
  • What do you think is it love and care even if you are a dominating parent?
  • Or is it good to be a rich and ruling friend? 

Why People use their Powers on the Weaker People?

  • Is it okay to be an un-supportive to one member of a family because now you don’t need them?
  • Is it okay to break the trust of a junior, just because you are at a senior post? 
  • Is it justified to be at a high seat in society and push the other people down?
  • What do you think is a child comfortable to live in such a family where his/her own parents make him realize that he is not needed?
  • Place where the child deserves to be loved the most, children whose trust is based on these parents, a child whose faith on parents to love him pamper him care for him?
  • Does it reflect your respect to a colleague who is elder in age but just he is not up to date he is fired or placed at a junior level just because a company needs a better and efficient intelligent person to raise their company and its funds?
  • Is it being spiritual to influence the unaware people about religion?

When a religious guru to pull the disciples to him and make them follow his way and don’t allow them to see the true life and its beautiful version just out of his position as a senior most guru and fear of not following the religion? 

Is it a true friendship when a dominating friend who is rich but helps a friend in need just to humiliate or show him his worth, a friend who is in major need of money is made to follow them, or make them agree to their nonsense stuff they say?

Isn’t it a matter of dignity that a female is upset about the birth of another girl in this world? Isn’t it a shameful decision of a female herself terminating another girl child just in the desire of a boy for their generations to keep coming?

Why can’t senior respect, care, and love enough a junior, show him support when most needed, show him his concern when all the doors seem to be shut when he is most alone? 

Why People use their Powers on the Weaker People?

Why can’t we be supportive to a senior colleague and let him show his best out of his knowledge till now or shift him with full to the best place he deserves.

Why can’t we support a parent-less or a single parent-child with the utmost care and love he/she should be seeking?

Why can’t we take a few efforts to make him know that he is wanted?

Why not show our love and care for a son who lives his whole life seeking respect and care from his parents, who lives his life dreaming to be his parent’s support of life till they live?

Why can’t families respect the daughters who are one of the most beautiful members of a family, or daughters who left not only her home, routines, habits, passions, dreams, comforts, and much more just for you but live their whole life according to you?

Why People use their Powers on the Weaker People?

Why can’t we help a friend with money when he is in need just out of it? 

Support, if not big at least a small money but with respect.

Why can’t we be supportive to people who don’t have families, either a widow or a parentless child, a divorced man or a poor hungry child, and spread the love all around the world?

Let’s get up and hug a sad person and give him the cheer for his day or life?

Let’s get a burger to a poor child who is truly hungry and never had food which every child loves, instead of simple food of rice and dal.

Let’s support the neediest.

Let’s say thank you to a senior for his services till now.

Let’s be a true friend.

Let’s be a responsible citizen.

Let’s all wake up to BE HUMAN, BE HUMBLE, BE LOVING.