Switchword Course : Learn To Use Switchwords In Money Making

About the Switchword Course

The subconscious mind is a space in you that you can explore to lead you on a path of prosperity in your life. Words play a crucial role in the mind both conscious and subconscious. Switchwords (SW) are special words that bypass your conscious mind and reach your subconscious mind to manifest your deep desires through it.

Switchwords help in many aspects for manifest a prosperous life including MONEY, progress in the job, expanding business, increasing bank balance, recovering money, improving your relationship with money, and a lot more.

Many financial goals can be reached if YOU Know how to explore SW. Do you know how the mind works to attract abundance? The influence of words on the mind is enormous. Mindset keeps changing with the situation. Switchwords help to support the mindset in various situations and drive it to a progressive path.

In this course, you will LEARN how you can use switchwords for a progressive abundant life. You will learn how to mold a stuck mind and release it from obstacles created by the mind itself.

Now Get Ready To Learn how to use switchwords in money-making.

Why Do You Need To Join This Course?

Practically a human mind feels the energy of a situation and many times feels stuck. This is an Online Course for Learning how to tackle multiple money situations with the use of Switchwords.

Name of course: Learn How To Use Switchwords In Money Making.

Course date and time: Stay connected with us to know the next date.

Duration of course: 180 min.

Mode of course: Distance learning through a Google Meet Online Session.

Fees: INR 3333/ for participants in India using UPI id like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim App, Paytm, etc. 50 USD for participants outside India through PayPal.

Coach: Rakhi from team Litairian. She is also a VK, LOA, and Mindfulness and Switchword teacher.

Subject: Learn how to use Switchwords in money-making. What should be the approach to money while using switchwords for a prosperous life.

Who can enroll: Anyone who is willing to lead an abundant life.

In this course: You will Learn to use Switchwords in your life to attract abundance, money, opportunities, and prosperity.

Prerequisite: There is no prerequisite for this course. Your enthusiasm to learn the use of switchwords for a progressive abundant life is good enough.

Please Note: This is a MUST DO COURSE for people working to earn more money, business professionals, service providers, employers, employees, working and homemaker ladies, job searchers, shopkeepers, business leaders, freelancers, students who are ready to move into the money world, etc.

Amazing Fact: If you’re constantly facing money obstacles in life, and you wish to explore the power of words in your life, then will be surprised how mindset and switchwords play an important role to manifest your financial dreams

This course has been designed to create awareness of the role of the mind and possibilities from the use of switchwords to lead an abundant life.

Benefits of Switchword Course

$ With this course, you will be able to apply switchwords while you work to earn money.
$ Learn about the mental and emotional obstacles of the mind for receiving money and also learn how to overcome them with the use of switchwords.
$ How to practice switchwords for a progressive life.
$ Role of intention while using switchwords for money life.

How to Enroll: Enroll only if the course timing is convenient to you. Please note there will be No Refund or no adjustment if you are not able to attend the course or you leave the course in between the session.

Fill the registration form and then click on SUBMIT button. While filling the form, enter your Gmail id as you can attend the course only through Gmail id on Google Meet.
After filling the form, you will be guided to a payment link, click and make the payment.
Registration to the course is completed only after payment.
After payment, within 24 hrs you will get an acknowledgment email about receipt of payment on the email id you provided while doing the payment.
The link for joining the learning sessions will be emailed to you on your Gmail id by the Coach one day before the session.
Here is the link for filling the form and guided payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Your enrolment to this course is with filling the form and payment of fees. If you do not complete the payment part, you will not get a chance to be coached.

There is No Refund of fees once you enroll in the course or miss attending the course.