Why Do You Have Vivid Dreams on Your Ascension Journey and (How To Use Them To Ascend Faster!)

Why Do You Have Vivid Dreams on Your Ascension Journey And How To Use Them To Ascend Faster

If your REM sleep dreams feel more real to you and if you seem to remember or recall most of them clearly, chances are you might be getting vivid dreams or lucid dreams. Such dreams can have both positive and negative meanings or connotations. According to researchers, vivid dreams could be very intense as they help you clearly visualize your innermost thoughts, fears, and emotions. 

So, the intensity of such dreams largely depends on the kind of emotions running through your awake mind all day. The dreams will seem and feel negative if you are battling extreme stress and anxiety. And you also might end up having over-the-top nightmares putting you unease and disturbing your peaceful night’s sleep. 

What is an Ascension Journey?

This is a special and intense journey of spiritual awakening when you are rising higher and moving closer to the supreme, divine power above you. It is an important journey that helps you enhance your conscious mind and become a more mindful as well as spiritually active person. 

Think of this process as correcting your past self, rebooting your inner self, willingly loosening your hold on your ego, old beliefs, and mindset, and eventually growing to be a more spiritually focused individual. 

The journey of ascension differs from person to person. But do not be surprised if it is a tumultuous one in your case. Most ascension journeys are hard because they reflect an amalgamation of your emotional, mental, and physical well-being. 

Since you are on your way to a revolutionary transformation and to seeking total inner peace, the ascension journey is not easy and has its pros and cons. You might feel massively disoriented and paranoid. It may also seem like a temporary period of pseudo-depression wherein you won’t feel like eating anything or doing anything. 

It is also common to feel stressed or fatigued, and your hallucinations might make you feel that you are turning into a lunatic. So, spiritual ascension is never going to be a bed of roses. But the hurt in the ascension journey is worth it if you eventually are successful in rediscovering yourself.

What are Vivid Dreams, and Why do you Experience Them on Your Ascension Journey?

Vivid dreams are dreams that feel more realistic and take your subconscious mind closer to reality. This reality might be all your bottled-up emotions that your conscious mind is afraid to deal with. It is therefore said by dream experts that experiencing vivid dreams might signify that eventually, you will be able to sleep better and dream deeper in your non-REM sleep stage. 

It is not only your mental state of mind that gets reflected in your vivid dreams. But sometimes, you might witness them on a frequent basis due to a wide range of physical and hormonal changes happening in your body. 

Any additional and out-of-the-ordinary physical strain on your body in your waking, fully-conscious life can lead you to have vivid dreams.

Your ascension journey, as mentioned before, is a journey that helps you become a more spiritually aware person and helps you reach your full potential. It is a meandering journey to attain the best version of yourself, devoid of negativity. Your ascension journey can also symbolize the fact that you are undergoing a process of healing. So, it is a given that you may release a lot of repressed negative energy along the way before reaching ultimate spirituality. 

Think of this as making efforts to overcome bad phases and depressive situations in your life. What would you generally do to take care of your mental health? You would consult a therapist, take the necessary treatment, and engage in aromatherapy or other popular wellness therapies to de-stress, calm your nerves, and attract more positive energy. 

Similarly, you need to put effort into training your subconscious mind and connecting to your metaphysical self in order to navigate negativity as well as emotional ups and downs.

Another reason why you may be experiencing a lot of vivid dreams is that you are on your way to attaining spiritual enlightenment by ascending higher to let go of your ego and find inner peace.

How to Use Vivid Dreams to Ascend Faster?

Vivid dreams are bound to get you worked up. But interpreting them the right way is crucial for ascending faster and reaching spiritual awakening sooner.

First things first, document everything you can, from your vivid dreams. They are called vivid dreams because you are able to recall most of them. So, start reading between the lines, figure out the context and manifestations, and write it down in the form of a questionnaire. It is hard to entirely understand the meaning of your vivid dreams. Therefore, it is advisable to question all your vivid dream dreamscapes and dream scenarios as to why you experienced them in the first place. There has to be some spiritual symbolism or underlying message that these dreams are trying to convey. 

The next step is attempting to control these dreams as you desire and take the final outcome closer to your goals. You can change the course of your dreams if the dreams are a result of your physical constraints. So, the key is to work on your body and then go on to experience better dreams that align with your desires and expectations. 

The next step is to get to the minute details of your vivid dreams. Attaining complete spiritual enlightenment begins with extreme focus and attention to detail. So, try to run your dream scenarios through a magnifying glass to capture every little symbol, creature, color, person, etc., representing different emotions from your waking life. 

Healing and ascension take place faster when you take charge of your own dreams and direct dream scenarios according to your liking and ideal thought process. Sometimes you can attain healing and spirituality right within your vivid dreams. 

However, in some cases, you might have to jot down your learnings in your dream journal. You have to make it a point to follow them consciously in everyday life until your subconscious mind gets completely used to it, and it is no longer forced. This is when you could say that you are achieving peace and nirvana from within. 

Vivid dreams can be painful to experience because they are intense and have a powerful message to convey to you. These could be your fears, insecurities, and inner demons that you have been struggling with for quite some time. If you ignore your vivid dreams, the dormant negativity will keep repeating itself and resurfacing in your subconscious through your vigorous, vivid dreams. So, the bad news is you will likely keep experiencing them until you resolutely fix your negative thoughts or emotions that come in the way of your ascension journey. 


Well, now you know that getting vivid dreams is not a bad thing at all. In fact, anything that helps you deal with your subconscious is essentially a gift. And this gift will eventually fix your emotional, mental as well as physical problems from your waking life, fixing problems once and for all, for your conscious mind too. This is the right way to go about your ascension journey and achieve total nirvana. 

Meta: As we sleep and dream vividly, our subconscious or spirit body becomes more awake by reaching higher states of consciousness. Here’s why you have vivid dreams in your ascension journey and how to use them to ascend faster.