VK Contest 2024 – Know The Result

VK Contest 2024

From the desk of the judge……

On the eve of VK entering the 16th year of its invention, the inventor of VK, our dear Sharat Sir, thought of giving VKs. It was a thought who would get this Gift of VK from Sharat Sir, so Team Litairian came up with the idea to hold a contest for VK users to share their experiences. So Sharat Sir conducted a contest on our Facebook Group from 15th May to 30th May 2024.
It makes me so happy to take this wonderful opportunity to Congratulate the Winners of “VK Contest 2024”. May God bless these fantastic Healers who had a Tie for the 1st position in this contest:-
  • Janhavi Dimble (Winner): With her undaunted faith in VK and consistent patience, Janhavi was able to achieve the most valuable treasure of her life thus creating a remarkable landmark in VK healing. A few lines say it all. This is an outstanding experience of Creation.
Janhavi Dimble Award Winner
Janhavi Dimble From Pune Joined Online
  • Kashika Makkar (Winner): Like a real fighter, Kashika has accepted a huge challenge, and in-spite of being a novice, she has been able to tame a severe medical situation to her favour, giving us another unusual success story of VK healing.
Kashika Makkar Award Winner
Kashika Makkar From Delhi (Left Side Parents of Kashika) – Award Presented By Sanjay Sir

It was really amazing to go through more than 150 posts of experiences from all who have
participated in the contest and believe me – all of them are so inspiring. But at my end, I had the tough job of selecting the Best out of the best. Click here and read all the experiences on facebook.

The thread consisted of posts where there were incidents that were interesting, stunning, and heart-touching. All were best at their good end, because, at that spot in time, something peculiar had happened somewhere, which generally doesn’t do, and I am sure all must have had a taste of the Magic, which they have considered worth mentioning.

While evaluating 160 happenings shared, I have considered the following:-

  1. The gravity of the situation – the Challenge.
  2. The Obsession of the healer to deal with the Challenge.
  3. The Creativity of the healer to channelize the energies of VK.
  4. The Overall prodigy of the experience.

May I also accept that I was a bit biased to sideline the seniors of Team VK from the contest, considering their number of feats to their Credit, the rising healers should be given a step up to shine.

Let me also tell you that, not always do the “life-saving” efforts prevail, the experience of a
girl who makes dolls was a very strong contender. She has utilized the Cosmic energies in
such a peculiar way, that I was personally much impressed.

All the same, the experiences of 2 brave mothers, one with a differently abled child and another with a son suffering from a cardiovascular situation are really touching and inspiring.

Also, it would be unfair, not to mention the experience of the Lady who nursed her mother-in-law up to her optimum capacity, throughout her painful illness and VK helped her mother-in-law to ease her exit. Totally out-of-the-box dimension of an experience with VK.

Also add that there are many people who must have experienced many such miracles but have kept it to themselves. I appeal that they should come out and share those for learning or inspiration for others.

This is how the VK contest has helped others… inspirations, learnings, motivations, feeling great, and rekindling hopes were some of the side effects of experiences of this contest sharing.

I request all the Healers to continue the good work. Our cause is noble because we
endeavor to annihilate pain & agony from this world. Stay connected with us for more surprises.