VK Course: Learn To Choose Cosmic Serums For Your Need

VK Course Learn How to Choose Cosmic Serums For Your Need

About the VK Course

VK is a divine healing tool by Sharat Sir. VK is attuned with Cosmic energies by Sharat Sir. With VK you can access any positive energy and send it to any energy receiver.

As you know, VK was launched in May 2009. After VK, Sharat Sir launched Cosmic Serums. Cosmic Serums are energy packs released in Universe by Sharat Sir for VK users and only VK users can access Cosmic Serums with a simple request to their VK.

Cosmic Serums are easy to use with VK. Different Cosmic Serums have different uses. They can be used in combinations too. VK users can learn about Cosmic Serums in this link: https://litairian.com/cosmic-serums/

This course is designed especially for VK users who want to quickly know about Cosmic Serum uses and how to choose Cosmic Serums for healing themselves and their dear ones.

This course will be an Online course only for VK users. This course will be conducted in the Hindi language.

Why Do You Need To Join This Course?

You can anytime read about Cosmic Serums on the litairian website. But if you wish to learn about Cosmic Serums and their combination in a classroom you can enroll in this course.

Name of course: Learn How To Choose Cosmic Serums For Your Need.

Course date and time: 21 Nov 2021, 3:30 pm to 6 pm IST.

Duration of course: 150 min.

Mode of course: Distance learning through a Zoom Online Session.

Language of the course: Hindi

Fees: You can pay as much as you feel from your heart using UPI id like Google Pay, Phone Pay, Bhim App, Paytm, etc. Any amount will be welcome as an energy exchange.

Coach: Rakhi from team Litairian. She is a VK, LOA, Mindfulness, and Switchword teacher.

Subject: Learn how to choose Cosmic Serums in VK healing 

Who can enroll: VK users

In this course: You will Learn what Cosmic Serums are? What are the different types of Cosmic Serums? How to choose Cosmic Serums in combination?

Prerequisite: You must have at least one VK and enthusiasm to learn. As the course will be conducted in the Hindi language, you must enroll in this course only if you can understand the Hindi language.

This course has been designed especially for VK users who wish to learn about Cosmic Serums and their use.

Benefits of this Course:

You will learn 

  • How to remember Cosmic Serum names?
  • Use of each Cosmic Serum
  • How to choose Cosmic Serums?
  • How to combine different Cosmic Serums?

How to Enroll: Enroll only if the course timing is convenient to you. Please note there will be No Refund or no adjustment if you are not able to attend the course or you leave the course in between the session.

 Fill the registration form

Scan the QR code or use the UPI id to make the payment.

Take a screenshot of your payment.

Click on upload screenshot, choose the payment screenshot from your phone gallery and upload it

Click on SUBMIT.

Registration to the course is completed only after payment and submitting the form.

After successful submission of the form, within 48 hrs you will get an acknowledgement email about receipt of payment on the email id that you have provided in the form.

 The link for joining the learning sessions will be emailed to you on your email id by the Coach one day before the session.

Below is the link for filling the form and guided payment.

PLEASE NOTE: Your enrolment to this course is with submission of the form. If you do not complete the payment part, you will not get a chance to be coached.

You can enrol in this course only if you have at least one VK. If you are not a VK user, you will be disqualified from this course and there will be no refund.

There is No Refund of fees once you enroll in the course or miss attending the course.

Entry to this course is closed now.