Who Invented Switch Words – Who Was James T Mangan

Who Invented Switch Words Who Was James T Mangan

James T Mangan (1896–1970) invented the switch word concept. He came up with more than 100 English words and named them to switch words. These words are suggested to get desired things and that occurs when the mind is frequently involving itself in a word. James created this psychological technique that slightly resembled transcendental meditation, in which people get to engage their minds to reach a specific mental state just by focusing and chanting on a one-word mantra called switch words; for example, chanting the word COUNT helps to attract money.

James was the first person who did a lot of research on switch words and shared the concept of switch words and their working. He also discovered how a person can use his/her subconscious mind to fight their fears and live their wishes.

James T Mangan, after his long years of research, discovered that few words can switch your energy system. With the change in the energy system; aura, situations, and surroundings are also changed. These particular changes will further change the whole life.

There are so many switch words that have been discovered by James. For example,

  • If you desire to get mastery in some sports/skills/art, then TOGETHER is the switch word for that.
  • Switch word CHANGE can work as a painkiller.
  • Switch word BE helps to stay healthy.
  • REACH switch word helps to get the goal quickly and also helps to find lost things.

In his book, The Secret of Perfect Living, James T Mangan taught the affirmation-like single-word concept named switch words that bypass the conscious mind and reach the subconscious mind straightaway, to manifest your desires like success, money, healing, etc.

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