31 Wonderful Reasons To Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE To Change Your Life Completely

31 Wonderful Reasons To Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE To Change Your Life Completely

As you know, in June 2014, the GOLDEN SUNRISE switchword was gifted by Divine himself to me in deep meditation. You can also take the benefits of chanting this amazing switchword. GOLDEN SUNRISE is a magical switchword that brings an unexpected change in the life of one who has lost all hope. There are many uses for GOLDEN SUNRISE, here is a small list of benefits of GOLDEN SUNRISE:  

  1. Many of you have fear in your lives. Some fears are unknown, but some are known and create dread in a person’s life. Don’t worry. GOLDEN SUNRISE is here now. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as you wake up, chant before you go to sleep, and chant throughout the day whenever you feel scared or at peace. This chanting will change your fears into hope.
  2. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE will change a dreadful situation into a serene and happy one.
  3. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE will change terror into humanity.
  4. If a situation in which life seems irrational and meaningless arises, the thought of the case troubles a lot. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE and get clarity of life. Chanting will also show you a path to move ahead. 
  5. If a situation is absurd and monstrous and doesn’t let you sleep, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE. Chanting will change an absurd mind into cleverness. Chanting will also change monstrous into beauty. 
  6. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for a happy outcome if you are troubled by a shocking, brutal, or cruel circumstance. 
  7. Suppose an act is below standards of ethics or decency expectations; chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for more awareness. 
  8. Sometimes you feel incapable of being explained or are accounted for anything unworthy, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to make things worthy.
  9. If you want to increase knowledge, dissipate ignorance, or illuminate something in any situation, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to illuminate your life and illuminate your path. 
  10. If someone or something is causing distress, worry, or anxiety, and there is a disturbance in your life. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to be happy, soothing, and calm. 
  11. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to bring more awareness when behavior violates moral or ethical standards.
  12. If something is exceptionally bad or displeasing and you want to handle the situation bravely, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE.
  13. If a situation is intense or horrible, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE and make the situation joyful. 
  14. You can use GOLDEN SUNRISE to protect innocence or an innocent person.
  15. If a condition is unpleasant in degree or quality, affecting your life, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE and make the situation pleasing and pleasant. 31 Wonderful Reasons To Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE To Change Your Life Completely
  16. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE makes you more aware of the surroundings and stops being fooled.
  17. If something is frightening around you, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE. 
  18. If something is remarkably different and has caused a sudden momentary shock, you can chant GOLDEN SUNRISE. 
  19. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE makes a person more fortunate for the betterment of anyone unfortunate by grief, death, or destruction.
  20. If there is a question about character, seek the help of GOLDEN SUNRISE only if you are genuine. This chanting will help you to show your true value and genuineness.  
  21. Suppose something brings disgrace or shame, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to eliminate it. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE will remove anything that causes dishonor or disgrace.
  22. To stop something offensive or disagreeable from causing discomfort and unhappiness chant GOLDEN SUNRISE.
  23. If something is offending your moral sensibilities and is harmful to your reputation, let GOLDEN SUNRISE chanting help you. 
  24. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE for something to come out quickly if something is regrettable or has dire consequences. 
  25. Suppose some situation brings ruin—chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to mend the broken. 
  26. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to repair the broken if some circumstance causes destruction.
  27. If something is catastrophic, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to make it good.
  28. If a situation is about to be highly offensive, arousing aversion or disgust, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to be polite, cheerful, and please.
  29. When something is frightful, and you know the danger, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to help the threat pass soon.
  30. If something is frightening because of an awareness of danger, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to let the threat pass away quickly. 
  31. If something is alarming, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE to show the right path.

There can be many more situations not mentioned here in which you can use GOLDEN SUNRISE and make your life as better as possible. Chant GOLDEN SUNRISE as much as possible and make your life happy, successful, and abundant.


  1. Sir, I the best way to incorporate Golden Sunrise in daily life is through mimicking it’s energy in water and drink it in the morning or before bed with Gratitude.


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