Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone’s Benefits

Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone's Benefits

Diamond is the Royal Leader of Gemstones and the purest mineral. Unlike most other minerals and gemstones, which are composite carbon silicates with metal dirt, a diamond is simply a carbon gem. It is exciting that a similar factor that creates coal and graphite also creates diamonds (with just a reshuffle of the atoms). Diamond is the rigid known mineral, and one of the biggest non-conductor of heat and electricity of any known material.

Its industrial applications range from industrial cutters to knives which can grind other softer minerals, but of course, its greatest and most traditional use has been as jewelry (in rings, pendants, bracelets, and studded with other precious metals like gold or silver). Industrial grade diamond is valued differently from a gem-grade diamond.   Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone's Benefits

Diamonds have been used throughout Indian history, and they were first unearthed in the Indian subcontinent. Their enigma slowly spread to Persia and Europe, until they reached their zenith a few centuries ago.

Nowadays all over the world, people use religious ornaments, in business, and for beautification. Recently an Indian Diamond merchant distributed millions of Rupees as a bonus to their employees. Diamonds are available in multiple colors like White, Yellow, Pink, Blue, Red & Black. It is one of the Master Gem among the 9 Gems (Nav Rattans). 

24 Benefits of Diamond Vibes

  1. Diamond is the gem to improve the qualities of the planet Venus.
  2. It is hot in nature. It indicates love, marriage, colleague, prettiness, humility, honesty, harmony, dance, drama, actor, acting, enjoyment, magnetism, and relation with the opposite sex.
  3. Diamond’s vibes can increase humility, genuineness, and attractiveness.
  4. Its vibes can magnify charming personality and ease disturbed married life. Many times diamonds vibes release cause of divorce and separation.
  5. This stone’s vibes can also release a bad status and aggressive nature.
  6. Its vibes reduce the involvement in illegal relations and may reduce financial loss too.
  7. Its vibes can reduce the involvement in illegal relations of the wearer’s spouse.
  8. Diamonds vibes may cure ovaries, breasts, reproductive systems, water, kidney, diabetes, urinary tract, throat, chin, cheeks, and skin-related elements.
  9. Diamonds vibes can guide the right path and selection to a wearer in the business.
  10. Diamond is valued by practitioners of music, arts, and culture and the good alignment of Venus planet is supposed to relieve the wearer of his/her personal and mental demons.
  11. Artists, doctors, traders, and businessmen have been found to benefit the most from wearing this gemstone.
  12. These brilliant gems vibes improve physical and mental health, prevent sexual diseases, increases endurance, and helps in improving the wearer’s marital life.
  13. After wearing, diamond vibes will help to remove evil and fearful thoughts making the wearer’s personality attractive and charming.
  14. Diamonds vibes improve facial gleam and give more confidence which in turn opens many ways to success.
  15. Its vibes give peace of mind and goodness in thoughts.
  16. Its vibes amplify longevity and boost the figure of the wearer in community and family circles.
  17. Diamonds vibes impart wearers with the motivation to implement their planned goals and shield their goals from evil eyes.
  18. Diamond’s vibes also facilitate doing excellent actions, meriting praise, and applause.
  19. Its vibes enhance the power to meet challenges bravely in life.
  20. Its vibes can help those facing litigations, court cases, etc.
  21. Diamond’s vibes are connected with the decency of nature, optimism of thought, intuition, tranquility, and riches.
  22. The crush (Bhasm) of diamonds has remedial and healing powers and is used for curing heart ailments and sexual weaknesses and malfunctioning.
  23. Diamond can make its wearer an Alpha person.
  24. Diamond can increase sexual attraction too.

Benefits of Diamond Vibes

The diamond’s cost and preciousness are judged from four qualities – color, clarity, cut, and carat weight. The best diamonds are colorless and are often referred to as icy white diamonds. Remember, your diamond might regularly carry negative energies, and the gem or ring can be detoxified by dipping it in water overnight once a month. Don’t miss to read 33 healing Properties of Amethyst.

Diamond Most Amazing and Magical Stone's BenefitsLow-priced and awful diamonds can cause sickness and tension and should be avoided. You should always wear good quality and unblemished diamonds for their excellent effects. If you want diamond’s all benefits without purchasing a diamond you can use VIBBES KADA which can MIMIC its vibes without any ritual or hassle for you.