Golden Sunrise Project “My Beautiful Life” Shared by a Wonderful Lady and Compiled by PJ

My Beautiful Life is a Golden Sunrise Project Shared by a Wonderful Lady and Complied by Payal Jain (PJ). Check below and get some idea of how to make a Golden Sunrise Project.

Name of the Golden Sunrise Project: My Beautiful Life

  1. My beautiful life is a dream of my beautiful family having love unity and respect for each other at home.
  2. I wish for a home where I, my husband, my son, and my in-laws all are so happy with each other giving each other full support and freedom in life in every area, and also be strongly connected to each other. The environment of our home is very cool, calm, and positive, so my son is always happy at home and all members also have a positive attitude and share healthy talks with each other, so my son is inculcating fabulous qualities in him. We all laugh and enjoy a safe and prosperous life
  3. My father-in-law has got a wonderful business opportunity in Jammu and his ancestral property which is there has been sold at a big price and so he got a huge sum of money. My in-laws are enjoying life as well as taking care of my son when I and hubby are busy. They are so happy seeing me and my husband and my son happy with each other. We all have enough savings of money individually and so we all live a very comfortable life.
  4. My in-laws love me like their daughter and I too respect them from my heart as my parents. I always bless my in-laws and my parents that they live a healthy and wealthy life and all of us get all the financial comforts and live a lavish life. We all give full rights to each other in the family to take a decision on our own.
  5. I am having freedom in my life like the freedom to wear all types of dresses, freedom to eat and drink anything at home, sleep anytime freedom to go or not to go anywhere, freedom to meet parents on my own wish, freedom to take all big and small decisions pertaining to me my hubby and my son. I have full freedom to wear any type of dress of my choice which also impresses my husband and my in-laws are perfectly happy with my choice. And we all respect each other’s dressing sense.
  6. My in-laws declare to me that I can do whatever I wish and want without asking us and enjoy life fully. So I am very happy in my life with my family and take care of all the responsibilities of the home as well as office perfectly. My husband and my in-laws are always happy with my ways of doing all house jobs. We all praise each other. My family loves the food and dishes I cook.
  7. I and my husband get complete privacy at home in all respects whatever we talk or decide. We both respect each other and accept each other the way we are. I share a wonderful and loving relationship with my husband and we both truly love each other and always stay honest with each other. I am getting beautiful day by day & my hubby can’t stop looking at me. I have developed so much self-love and gratitude in my life that I get everything that I want. beautiful life
  8. I, my hubby, and my son are enjoying perfect health. My husband has left alcohol & smoking forever. Also, he has started physical activities & maintaining his perfect health.
  9. All financial power of home is in my hands only and all household shopping is done by me and my husband only.
  10. My husband is having wonderful relations with my parents and brother and sister and jiju. My husband very happily often visits my parents and my relatives and all my relatives also visit us and all of us have regular communication with each other.
  11. No matter how much costly shopping I do for myself or my family or my parents, my in-laws accept with a smile without interfering or questioning
  12. I enjoy trips often even out of the country with my family. My In-laws help me and my husband spend quality time with me. My husband is calm, cool, having gratitude in life, respects me, and always spending quality time with me and kid rather than friends. He is very understanding and caring.
  13. My husband is getting numerous sources of income and we are living a lavish life and also we both do good saving too. He is getting a fabulous salary hike and promotions and raises in the career.
  14. I am also getting a good rise in my career and I have got such a wonderful job that I have the facility either to work in the office or at home. I am doing my job smoothly as my mother-in-law and maid always ready to ease my work pressure.
  15. I am so happy in my life as all my wishes are being fulfilled instantly. I am so happy with all my relationships. I easily get time for all my hobbies and requirements.
  16. My son is getting smarter and intelligent day by day and he is more focused on his studies and is sharp-minded. His interest in TV and mobile has decreased considerably and he is now more interested in outdoor & knowledgeable games. He eats all healthy food. He has become very polite and obedient in nature though somewhat naughty too.
  17. My son respects everyone. He is friendly. He is always happy with whomsoever to be.
  18. My son is sharing a wonderful bond with his father.
  19. My husband and my son are very much attached to each other.
  20. While I am in the office my in-laws and maid take very good care of my son. My maid is very happy with us and always stays with us and does all household jobs smoothly and happily and my mother-in-law is also very happy with her always. I have become bold and so much active in all areas of my life.
  21. I have developed a deep interest in all household activities. I have decorated my home so beautifully; all rooms are filled with so much positive energy.
  22. I am so blessed and happy that the wish of my dream home is fulfilled and all of us live a happy and safe life.

Friends, if you want to share your own project please share it with us, we will surely share it for the benefit of others. Please check GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION BY SHARAT SIR & DJ KIMOZAVE.