Belief System Attracts What You Have In Your Life

Over a period of many years, we have lived till date we adopt or create a Belief System which becomes the crux for the many events in our daily life. Belief System attracts all that you have in your lives, be it good or bad.

Be it Positive or Negative. A Belief System works wonders to attract what all you want. You might become rich despite your family being an average income earner just by YOU having a Belief System of such desire or a wish.

YOU might be healthy despite your family has a tendency of a particular illness. It is not at all important that you have that same height that your parents had; you can grow tall if you can only BELIEVE.

There are many personal beliefs that lead us to a rise in life or encounter failure, like…

  • I am not worthy of a special person in my life or life is a struggle for me.
  • I have to work hard to be rich or to be slim.
  • I am not worthy to have good things around me.

The biggest belief is FEAR, say you have a fear for being financially sound because other people consider that rich people are arrogant and I don’t want to be so, so we restrict our own self to be rich just to accommodate or adjust to a belief system enforced on us by other people.

Know that you can be good as well as rich, you can be loving as well as loved, you can grow taller despite your family being short. In the face of any adversity, you can be a success.

Belief System Attracts What You Have In Your LifeYou just have to remove these blocks, that Belief System out of your mind.

Feel fresh, make new ideas, follow the right instructions, recondition your mind, be aware of the true facts, disassociate with the past unwanted beliefs and create a new life, life of your wish, your will, make a new world for yourself, inculcate new dreams, you can achieve ALL.

A human mind can achieve anything by believing in it. YOU can get a luxurious trip or a perfect place to work, a calm senior to work with or a little more time with a loved one if you just purely – truly BELIEVE in IT.

A friend of mine always had a well-balanced diet, regular exercise, proper eating times… All the ingredients for one to have a healthy life but kept on putting on more and more fat, just because he believed that he has a family history of being so…

One should have focused on their routine of eating good healthy food, exercising well, and being regular in eating times which is the only fact to stay healthy, fit, and fine.

With this thought check yourself what all BELIEF SYSTEM are you holding within You!!!



  1. i am person who believes the belief system.and our family members are not. their negative thoughts makes me powerless and i could not able to achieve the things i want. generally iam a person who wants to bring harmony with everybody and wants to keepe everybody happy and at peace. i could not able to make money or buy a house and now i am 59 years old still i want to buy a house . what to do please guide me or tell me the ways to achieve, because i believe if i have my own house and more money i can help the desereving people in many ways.

    • belief system of others too matters, if in a home one is thinking about a car and others not then it creates controversy. one feels the need of support of humans to live his wish. what if we can hold our wish ONLY to divine and don’t let others to shake our belief and faith on our own wish? its like when we order a pizza we give full faith to the delivery man to reach us on time, we don’t think about the traffic jam or any other such condition and pizza man reaches us on time. same way we can ASK for our wish and wait for the DIVINE to send us our wish and not think about others. rather include all of them in the happiness of your wish.

  2. Thank you Sharat sir for this article on Belief system. My brother is so negative about life keeps on telling people avoid me beacuse we r not financially well to do. I cannot make money, how much ever i try i cannot do something achievable. Can u pl suggest some switch word or EC for his business growth and change his thought process.

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