31 Must Know Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Meditation

31 Must Know Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Meditation

Daily Meditation has amazing brain transformation power but it is sad most of us still don’t like to do meditation. People are well aware and have been known for the benefits of Meditation for thousands of years. When we look for an expert meditator, we wish to become like them and we often say “O God! I want to be like that.”

Thousand of scientific studies now confirmed several benefits of meditation and also acknowledged the divisions of the brain that could be altered by meditation.

“Now Don’t Say SO WHAT”

 Daily Meditation has amazing brain transformation

For Your Motivation, Here I Present 31 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Meditation: 

  1. Actually, Meditation triggers your parasympathetic nerves, the source of the relaxation response and helps you to feel much better during a stressful time. With Meditation your sympathetic nerves also calm down which is one of the causes of stress-inducing responses. Must Read Kundalini Yoga Benefits.
  2. Meditation also reduces the stress hormone cortisol. Stress also acts as an immune system depressant. Meditation also reduces illnesses and physical problems that are created by stress. After the above stress releasing acts your brain always feels good and stays in a good mood.
  3. Meditation can boost many happy hormones like serotonin. Serotonin is a great hormone to combat depression.
  4. High awareness always changes your perception of life, feelings, and the world. It allows you to create your desired world by seeing even more deeply. High awareness is a result of whole-brain functioning but your prefrontal cortex is more active during the meditative state. The prefrontal cortex is a brain part that is responsible for will power, self-control planning, complex behaviors, personality expression, judgments, and flexible social behavior. When the prefrontal cortex enhanced in the meditative state it gives you the ability to make a distinction between contradictory thoughts, forecast results, put hopes, hold back urges that could not serve you.
  5. You can automatically transform your life after altering your brain frequencies in a meditative state.
  6. Meditation helps you to prefer to drop bad habits. This fact is based on a new study into the neurological mechanisms. The study shows that a wrongly wired brain is behind bad habit formation and meditation is the best and quick way to rewire your brain functions.
  7. Meditation helps you to have less disgusting feelings due to the balance of hormones in the brain.
  8. Regular meditators are better at goal achievement.
  9. Meditation helps you to be a lesser amount of hasty emotional setbacks.
  10. Meditation helps you to take action when you know you should.
  11. It helps you to perform good deeds to avoid later on regret.
  12. Meditation helps you to feel more contented and have more harmony.
  13. Meditation increases one’s expressive cleverness.
  14. Regular meditators are better to judge people’s emotions and feelings.
  15. Regular meditators are better people to solve problems. 31 Reasons Why Your Brain Loves Meditation
  16. Meditation can rewire one’s brain to live in harmony.
  17. Regular meditators are less reactive to unpleasant situations. They often go in a calm state when this happens.
  18. Regular meditators easily navigate sensitively difficult conditions.
  19. Regular meditators are emotionally calm and positive people.
  20. In meditation, people stay in a flow state of monitoring and evaluation that gives them natural self-control.
  21. Regular meditators have effortless focus and concentration which is the main role of the healthy prefrontal cortex.
  22. In meditation people captivated by the flash and drop trail of time in a healthy way that lets them stay in present.
  23. For regular meditators, their jobs become inherently pleasing. Whatever they do give impressions and meanings.
  24. Meditation induces a state of mind that gives the ability to see meaning everywhere in life.
  25. Meditation boosts gray substances or gray neurons in the brain that are responsible for awareness and sensory perceptions. At there meditators collect and process information more perfectly.
  26. Regular Meditators can easily differentiate between what they see, observe, and what is the interpretation.
  27. Meditation gives good control over impulses and emotions.
  28. Meditation also amplifies the skill to make useful theta and alpha brain wave patterns. These patterns can help to overcome high brain waves diseases like stress, anxiety, disharmony, and poor fight or flight response.
  29. Regular Meditators never disappointed about setbacks. Instead of disappointment, they move ahead for impossible successes.
  30. Meditation gives you super-learning. Super learning is a state where you get the ability to learn, process, store, and recall so quickly.
  31. Meditation often enhances visionary experiences that occur during dreams and during meditation.

Now Don’t Say SO WHAT

Above 31 points are sheer of the infinite possibility of Meditation. You can achieve more when you meditate.