When there are no hopes!!! When life becomes sad!!!

When there is no true friend left and there is no support around!!!

When time is neither good nor favorable and all doors are shut!!!

When all the possible scope of rising-up pulls you down and all the feelings are just sad!!!

When happiness is left just in thoughts and smile is just a compulsory expression!!!


When all hands shake just for fake and hugs are meaningless!!!

When respect is only a word and care is only forced!!!

When resentment is increasing and uncertainty is all around!!!

When one feels lost and hurt and is tensed about the coming future and events when feelings are crushed to reality and restlessness shows up with body illness!!!

When the heart is broken deep down and it aches to tears!!!

When you feel deprived of the warmth of the DIVINE!!!



Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE will help you the best, it will fill you with joy. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE increase hopes of new rays and happiness will rain. Time will be pleasant and the feelings would be strong during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting. All the doors will open to solutions and new life will begin during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting.

Rejections will become affections and hatred would change into love during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting. Feeling of left out will be replaced with divine love during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting. Pains will release on its own during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting.

CHANT GOLDEN SUNRISE AS MUCH AS POSSIBLENew wishes would be defined and the broken hearts will be filled with love with GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting. New possibilities will open and new opportunities will come on the way during GOLDEN SUNRISE Chanting.

Life would be thrilling like relief from heat after the rain pours. Success will be for sure and our existence will be marked for sure. Fear will be lost somewhere and faith will appear. Love of GOLDEN SUNRISE is like that of a mother to her child. Worries will vanish and the future will be creative and clear.


Everything which was falling apart will join back in a new and unknown way. The feeling after chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE is like the kiss of a child and the hug of a mother. Chanting GOLDEN SUNRISE will be like sleeping on a soft cushion after long working hours. GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION BY SHARAT SIR & DJ KIMOZAVE.

The smile after chanting will frighten the tough times away. Bottled emotions will be released to over joy. Ignorance will be taken over by appreciation and you will be able to actually feel the happiness. Tears might be left just as a memory.  And you will get a new BEST friend. GOLDEN SUNRISE will be a long-lasting friend, support, and guide. For more articles on GOLDEN SUNRISE Click Here.



  1. Namaste Sir,

    Iam looking for a GOLDEN SUNRISE pic with the original dimensions, how is it possible.
    Please let me know or appreciate if you can provide me the link for the same. Or what is the best possible way to
    use your GOLDEN SUNRISE image for chanting and manifesting … I tried many GS pics, but my mind still looks for your GS image sir.

    Please help


  2. Sharat Sir,
    Can i use GOLDEN SUNRISE REACH ___ NOW to reconcile with my lost love by filling lover’s name in _____.
    Please do reply
    Thank you.

  3. Hello sir,
    I have a job but it is on contract basis.the contract will get over this nov2017. Trying to find a job in specific company which I have thought of,work in same profile & want a good package which I have thought of. I want my job to be relaxing & pressure free.there should benefits & facilities for woman. I should get a chance to go for abroad countries.
    Practices which I do daily.
    1) practice gratitude daily( 10 points in journal)
    2) chanting ganpati mantra ( visualing along with the mantra)
    3) I çhant golden sunrise & watch the video as well.
    ( I m doing this in the morning n evening after coming home)
    Can I get the job in 1 month. Please help.
    Thank you.

  4. Dear Sir,

    Can I chant Golden Sunrise for my mother as well. She is really worried and has lost all hopes about my marriage.

  5. Dear Sir,
    I recently saw your golden sunrise video.It is amazing. Can we watch all the videos during the monthly cycle or is it better to avoid watching them during those days? Especially the chakra balancing videos.
    Thank you.

    • Golden Sunrise Nikita

      Yes, you can watch any video by Sharat sir anytime you want.There are no restrictions on any day.

  6. Sir,
    After long waiting my spouse is travelled to abroad.he gets visa but never travels this time he’s travelled we want to settle in abroad what can i Chant please tell.i want to stay in London and make my child to study their we want to settle in London.

  7. Hi Sir,
    My brother suffered from a spine injury. As a result of which he feels very negative and is very doubtful about his recovery. Though he is showing recovery signs but he lacks patience and tolerance. Please let me if i cant chant on his behalf. Will golden sunrise help him? Let me know the method to chant on his behalf.

  8. Hello sir
    I went through ur website. It’s really helpful. At present m feeling worried , stressed. want to settle in USA . Can u plz help me out .

  9. Hello Sir, I would like to know golden sunrise mean morning time when sun arise and we need to chant with our daily mantra like kleem or shreem brzee to get more effect if I’m wrong please suggest me thanks

  10. Gratitude’s to your positivity , that filling you and your surrounding. You must have felt the change each day where you see more calmness at home , office and inside you.

    When the inside you reaches that state of calmness, you are content and you are clear about the thoughts , words and your own decisions.

    GOLDENSUNRISE fills you with so much positivity and vigour, you feel that you can achieve more. When you achieve more you are happy, your happiness changes your home, that happiness is carried thru by all members of family to their group and it just spreads. If one GOLDENSUNRISE happy person can influence so many people , then just think how a group influence a group of family members and society as a whole.

    Feel the power you hold, Be grateful to all that you have and to the situations that got you to have VK so now you are happy and spreading joy.

    Be grateful to all the aspects, if you feel that you can make it , than you will make it. You will get new ideas, inspiration and topics and those are your lights to take the step and move , move to fulfill what you ask for, Believe that you are given it and Receive each bit of knowledge, guidance and inspiration with Gratitude’s .

    You can and will change all your negativity thoughts into positive ones, may not be in a day or two but you try each day to strick out those lines which brings you no good and replace them with such good beautifully loving words for you , you feel happy. Your happiness lights the world.

    So make it your vision to enlighten self and to spread GOLDENSUNRISE HAPPY SMILE wherever you are, the world needs more happy people to create a beautiful day and Beautiful Smile .

    Thank you

  11. Gratitudes for 2nd June, 2016

    1. Thanks to time for penning down grats.

    2. Thanks to Sir for making me part of new group and thinking me worthy of this big task.

    3. Thanks to treat by colleague yesterday.

    4. Thanks to me for keeping quiet and mum when the requirement is to keep quiet.

    5. Thanks to charged water for healing me and my family.

    6. Thanks to Sir for helping me always whenever me or family falls.

    7. Thanks to my sister for giving her time and helping me in being strong always.

    8. Thanks to videos which helped me too much.

    9. Thanks to Baba for been with me and my family and showering His blessings to us.

    10. Thanks to CS and VO and thanks to me for getting time for it.

    11. Thanks to great potluck in office and thanks to facilities, kitchen team, mails, internet and each colleague for their support and appreciation.

    12. Thanks to my car and fuel for safe and smooth travel.

    13. Thanks to message service and internet for making me keep in touch with many people.

    14. Thanks to support from others for doing tasks in office.

    15. Thanks to my eyes for perfect vision.

    16. Thanks to my promising career and growth.

    17. Thanks to my salary account, bank accounts and lockers.

    18. Thanks to great day I had today.

    19. Thanks to all the money I have and will receive now

    20. Thanks to great vacations I had and will have now

    21. Thanks to great shopping and collection.

    22. Thanks to all the healings, manifestations and grats.

    23. Thanks to my sister for healing me whenever required.

    24. Thanks to me for taking notes of all healings and doing healings systematically.

    25. Thanks to bhaiya for telling me about HRA.

    26. Thanks to hubby for love, care and support.

    27. Thanks to perfect health of me and my family.

    28. Thanks to fruits, vegges and juices I drink and eat.

    29. Thanks to excellent feedback/comments from onshore for me always

    30. Thanks to hubby for support and standing for me always

    31. Thanks to my womb for carrying our baby well

    32. Thanks to our(me and spouse) reproductive system.

    33. Thanks to Baba for protecting me and shielding me always

    34. Thanks to Baba for His blessing on me and my near and dear ones always.

    35. Thanks to Baba for making me sleep and giving me strength and courage now and always.

    36. Thanks to Baba for connecting me to Sir and making me smile always

  12. Gratitude’s to this beautiful life wherein you are filled with love and gratitude. Life creates miracles the second you are grateful to all that you have with you as divines grace.

    Just look at self in the mirror a person so perfect is looking back at you. Say Thank you to you, then keep on chanting thank you to what you see with your eyes.

    All aspects of life can be healed with Gratefulness. Life is to be lived to fulfill your dreams and your dreams hold value to you.

    Live you dream build your dreams and manifest it for your higher good and stay positive. Never let yourself so down and don’t let be so gloomy and stay like that for days you have a healing tool in your hand VK and the magic mantra GS, you feel like you are going back to your old pattern fill self with GOLDENSUNRISE and start chanting and clear the energy and be in the same vibrations to attract your life.

    Don’t slip so much that you waste your time climbing slipping and again climbing up. You have to be practical and heal self , most of you must have felt the need of emotional healing. Emotions are the first factor which needs healing the most and needs to be calm and poised . make the difference in your life with your VIBBES KADA and create the life you wish for .

    Meditation of your choice through VIBBES KADA gives you immense result. When your mind and thoughts are not listening to you GOLDENSUNRISE meditation is the best remedy to fill self with GOLDEN GOLDEN GOLDENSUNRISE and feel the inner peace.

    Inner alignment brings the outer vibrations to a deep beauty and you see hear attract your dreams to your self.

    Live your life happily

    Thank you

  13. Gratitude’s to the attitude of self-trust which keeps you shining each day. Come what each day you keep going there is no looking back.

    You need to have the trust in you, only when you trust self can you trust your healing the loss of faith in healing is only the lack of trust and love you have to you.

    If you hold self and your divine in the higher values you won’t feel like distrusting any of his decision. Cause you are here since he wants you to be here and not run hither and thither. Find self and accept the situation you are in. Denying the situation will do you no good.

    The moment you want to deny your situation and you want your life to move like the other person to whom you compare it won’t be since you have travelled a lot and you have your script , you can heal the moment your mind is calm and you accept the situation and heal it and along with healing with VIBBES KADA you can start manifesting the life you want and rearrange your own self.

    Keep your trust in you intact and never let it waiver due to anyone talk , since it is not worth it.

    GOLDENSUNRISE to your emotions the moment it jumps out of your hand helps you to come back to your self . Mood up Serum helps you to change the energy from gloomy to happy one . some are really stuck in an emotional negativity and can’t get over it. Those of you can visualize the same as a film in your eyes or mind and request VIBBES KADA to send all the painful memories to the GOLDENSUNRISE so those images and pains are evaporated.

    GOLDENSUNRISE has the benefits since it resembles the divine aura around your Bhagwan it nullifies it with ease and it never comes back , you need to do for some days when you feel the same image coming out.

    Be brave you are safe with VIBBES KADA and GOLDENSUNRISE

    Respect self
    Respect others
    Respect knowledge

    Thank you

  14. Gratitude’s to the joy filling you each day, the Golden rays of the Sun reminds you of the GOLDENSUNRISE the word which has created so much miracles in you. The energy to move on to achieve more of each moment each day.

    The feeling of this special joy in you gives you the push to achieve more, aim more and first and foremost to think only of positive outcomes in your way.

    GOLDENSUNRISE fills in each of our cells which has gone into a sleeping mode since there is not much to do since you were in the same frequency for so long that only one set had job while a whole set of cells were just layoff for no reason.

    GOLDENSUNRISE fills each cell which was there and when the cells are activate your breathing improves, your lungs expand due to correct breathing you must felt a pull like near your heart when you are stressed it’s not the heart but the shrunken lungs find it hard to expand.

    When breathing is normal, your liver starts the proper detoxification of all that needs to stay and all that needs to move out of our body.

    Fill self and the situations that you hold with GOLDENSUNRISE and all negativity will fly off and then you will find a way to move on and how to go about it. Its your life and your day so you need to decide how you are going to react to each event and how you are going to raise your positive vibrations more than the circumstances you are in. Once you are able to raise the bar of your own energy vibrations through GOLDENSUNRISE healing, drinking charged water of GS the people around you has to change since they won’t receive the previous vibbes from you.

    So keep evolving not for others but for you.

    Thank you

  15. 1. Thanks to time for penning down my grats.
    2. Thanks to my willingness to write them down.
    3. Thanks to everyone for accepting chocolates for my promotion.
    4. Thanks to visa authorities for giving us visa quickly now.
    5. Thanks to great day I had today.
    6. Thanks to hubby for respect, love, standing and supporting me always.
    7. Thanks to great vacation ahead
    8. Thanks to my womb for carrying our baby
    9. Thanks to my promising career.
    10. Thanks to all the money I have and will receive now.
    11. Thanks to my cooking skills.
    12. Thanks to healthy food, vegges and fruits I eat and feed others.
    13. Thanks to Baba for healings, being with me always, helping me and blessing me each moment.
    14. Thanks to Sir for vk, healings, talks, discussions, grooming, videos and groups.
    15. Thanks to celebrations all around.
    16. Thanks to my nephews and niece for their love and presence in our lives.
    17. Thanks to siblings for their love and warmth and time whenever I need them.
    18. Thanks to this beautiful life.

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