Ether Element is Most Responsible Element for the Powerful Manifestation

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Ether Element (Aakash Tattva): As you all know that we all have five Element present in our bodies. These Elements shape our body and are responsible for what we are and how we behave. Ether Element itself covers 98% of the Universe. Ether Element is the most responsible element for the manifestation as it vibrates so highly and sends back manifold whatever we give it. Increasing of Ether Element always helps into the one’s manifestation ability.

The primary function of this Element is to assist in hearing and also imparting wisdom to us. Wisdom gives us the strong analytical skill and with those skills, our thoughts get rational which further helps us in taking correct decisions in our lives. Ether Element immensely affects our thought process.

Ether Element immensely affects our thought process.

Ether Element is also considered to be the source of cosmic wisdom furthermore that gives us intuition while performing the tasks. Ether Element also responsible for hearing aid, it takes to care of our ears along with mouth and vocal cords.

Ether Element operates at our throat area where glands like thyroid, parathyroid, salivary, tonsils, etc are situated. The secretions of these glands help us to stay us healthy and furthermore affect our thought process. Ether Element is also responsible for our ego and pride. 

ether element benefits, ether element for money, ether element uses, ether element for love, ether element for friendship, ether element,

Akash or space or ether plays an important part in our lives. As the sky is endless, it encompasses all the materials including the solar system, and all galaxies, basically, constituting all the elements of the Universe. In the same way, it is present in our body in the hollow areas such as nerves, veins, tubes all kinds of channels, in blood vessels between bones and joints openings, pores and intestinal tract.

Following this analogy, in ancient times the houses used to have open spaces in between the houses facing the sky called as ‘brahmasthan’ . In the same way, Brahmasthan in our body is considered to be the area for cosmic radiation and cosmic energy. The sky element is related to the Cosmic Energy.

The requirement of space is inevitable in every sphere of life. We demand space even in our relationship. Some people believe that it is the element that binds us with others.

Also when it comes to connecting with divinity, the health of the body is an important criterion is not the ultimate one to connect you with the divine. There is a strong need to develop consciousness to connect with the divine. However, Fire Element and Earth Element fall short in this case and are of little help.

So there is a strong need to focus and develop on Ether Element along with Air Element that can help us to unite with the infinite, as stated by the believers. Anyone can increase Ether Element so easily with the help of VIBBES KADA. Click and read more about other elements. Let’s make a perfect world with the help of Energy Vaatu. VIBBES SEEDER is a one-stop complete solution to help you achieve harmony at your home and workplaces.


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