Faith And Good Friends Can Lead You To Good Mental Health

Faith And Good Friends Can Lead You To Good Mental Health

Mental health: So what do you mean by this word, like have you ever wondered
how important this word is? Most of us take our mental health for granted. Some people actually don’t know about what mental health is, like nowadays people are ignoring it a lot, parents are too ignoring their children’s mental health.

Nowadays many of us are facing mental traumas and stuff like this, and many of us are focusing on the problem which has put them into mental health issues but a very few focus on the solution, that what we can do to cure our mental health. Some people are going to doctors and think they can heal their mental health and can make themselves fit mentally or some medicines will cure them. But it’s not 100% true, doctors, healers, and medicines can’t heal you if you don’t have faith in yourselves.

Our generation is very difficult to understand even though we ourselves don’t know what is wrong with us and why we are facing these mental health issues. Nowadays we don’t have faith in ourselves. We are all tensed about our future, for which we are doing absolutely nothing. We create problems in our lives and give them the name of mental trauma. We all always focus on our problem but never focus on that how to get rid of it.

We actually need to fix our mental health which is very important. We all want to fix our mental health but don’t know how to do that. So the first thing we need to do for fixing our mental health is FAITH. Trust the timings. We need to have some patience and faith in God if we want to get out of our problems. Most people give up in these situations. But this is not what we should do! We should never give up and always trust the timings. We should always keep ourselves motivated that things will go alright even when things are going worst.

Faith is the only thing that can help us to get out of it. Second thing is that we should
always hang out with positive people. I have seen a lot of my friends who are engaged with negative people and spend their time talking shit about other people and having a lot of hate in their hearts. So I have decided to cut them off which was really very important for me as well as for my mental health. If we surround ourselves with negative people so there are chances of us becoming negative so we should always hang out with positive one. I also found an Easy Way to Handle Negativity and Bad News Which is Based on a Study

It will help us to grow and learn more. We should never ignore our mental health as it will cause physical health problems in the future. Our physical health mostly depends upon our mental health because when we are mentally fit so we will feel fit physically too. But if we are mentally unfit so we will feel physically unfit too. So the conclusion is, we
should prioritize our mental health first if we want to see ourselves physically fit.

Written by 

Shayana Patel (Age: 14)


  1. Beautifully expressed. Being a teenager understanding subject of mental health and writing it down is commendable. .
    It gives lot of clarity to understand the importance of mental health
    Thank you Shayana GOLDEN SUNRISE blessings to you. Thanks to proud mumma Kavita Patel for encouraging your daughter to write and express on such interesting eye opening topics
    Thank you Sir for sharing


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