What are the four Pillars of Success? How is the Success of People Certain?

four Pillars of Success

यस्य त्वेतानी चत्वारि वानरेंद्र यथा तव।
धृति दृष्टिरमतिर्दाक्ष्यं सां कर्मसु न सीदति।।

Yasya tvetani chatvari vanarendra yath tava.
Dhriti drishtiramtirdakshyam sa karmasu na sidati.

Sage Valmiki says that O Hanumanji, whoever has these four qualities like you, Dhriti, Drishti, Mati, and Dakshyam will never leave him till his work is successful. Of course, he will be successful.

Now let us see the validity of this verse even today.

  1. Dhriti means a strong foundation. Your goal cannot be different from what you are today. Just like sitting here today, I cannot aim to become the best cricketer in the world. What we are doing today for our goal is called ‘Mission‘.
  2. Drishti is mentioned here not for the eyes but for the eyes of the mind, which can achieve a suitable goal. The vision which sets the goal and specifies the direction is called ‘Vision‘.
  3. Mati means mind. We use our minds to make decisions. Wisdom should always be illuminated with a vision. We call it ‘Strategy‘, what decision has to be taken in which situation.
  4. Dakshyam means skill. Success also depends on how skilled you are in the field in which you want success. The quality we bring to our work by skill is called Values.

You must agree here that these Vision, Mission, Strategy, and Values ​​are the four cornerstones of the success of any company or team today. These are the four infallible weapons of success at our level as well as at your level. And don’t forget to read How to Become a MONEY MAGNET in 40 Days.