What is Free Will? Why Do We Need Permission To Heal Anyone?

What is Free Will Why Do We Need Permission To Heal Anyone

Every soul on this earth wants to live happily, healthy, joyous, and abundant. None wants to fall ill or cry out of a painful relationship, lose a loved one, or fall short of good friends. It is their DUTY to stay healthy and happy. It is paying gratitude to the Universe when we live happy, healthy, and abundant.

A universe in return sends more health, happiness, and abundance, and that too increased in many folds. It is our RIGHT to feel good and happy. We are sources of happiness for each other. Mankind is blessed with a mind to think and a heart to feel love and compassion, to be helpful and caring for each other. We are given families and friends to feel the BLISS of their presence in our lives.

The love and care we do for each other make us feel like the DIVINITY itself is our family member or a friend. When we are sad or upset or happy and joyous we seek our family members or friends or well-wishers to be there for us. Not only family or friends we help or take care of people around us, either society or neighbors or any common man around us.


When we see somebody known and or unknown fallen on the road or on a street, we don’t wait for their FREE WILL to comfort them. Do we? Do we leave that person on the road or make an effort to pick that person up, take care that if he is hurt we try to provide them with medication or water, or do anything best we can do?

We also try to give them possible comfort and ease possible at that time or place. We don’t wait for their permission to do so. Then why as a healer do we wait for the FREE WILL or permission of a person in need of help?

We also see many children and beggars on the road, begging for food, we try to feed them with some food because we know that they are not begging with their own wishes, some or the other situation has made them do so. Do we wait for somebody’s permission to help them?

No, any good person or a peaceful soul would make an effort to provide the food or shelter they can. They wouldn’t wait for the FREE WILL of these beggars as they are not begging out of their wish. So why do we healers wait to channelize any possible energy to help a needy one?

We all know that if a person is addicted to alcohol or drugs or any other bad habit, the family is sure to suffer. Money is wasted on unwanted things, relationships come at stake and parents become least capable of taking good care of their children. Their basic needs and daily desires are left unfulfilled. Fights are more often in the house and children are traumatized to watch the scenes.

But if that person can be given addiction-free healing then don’t you think his family would be happiest. Children would have a great relationship with their father and the couple would feel the LOVE and presence of each other if a healer knows the way out, why should he/she wait for the FREE WILL of that person to heal him/herself? Why cannot we help these people to live happy and healthy?

We all know when a person is in critical illness, the chances of his survival are less than we instantly start praying. For example:- a person is in a coma, this is an illness which has hardly any chance of survival or we don’t know when this person would come into his senses, we start up with prayers, healings, chanting, and many more things, we don’t wait for that person’s FREE WILL to send him prayers or healings or medication. DO WE?

Do we ask that person, dear please open your eyes and give me permission to heal you? We know that prayers can help him; we do it by our OWN WISH. We don’t wait for that person to get up and allow us to pray. Then why a healer stops healing such a critical case? Or wait for permission?

When a baby cries any person who is standing by his side shall pick him up and pacify him back to sleep or provide him with the best comfort he can. Does he say O dear Baby! Please give me permission to hug you and take the best possible care of you. He would not wait for the baby to say so.

He simply picks the baby and do the best possible effort for his comfort. If the baby is still crying then they would hunt for more reasons for the cry and make sure that the baby is relieved anyhow. They shall not wait for the baby to ask for help. Neither the baby can do so. He cannot tell you to make him comfortable so that he is happy and back to sleep. Then why does a healer wait to do so? Why he waits for a FREE WILL of a person to heal?

Why We Need Permission To Heal Anyone And Free Will

Then What is the Reason?

One reason is money; earning money out of healing is a big reason a healer has to wait for the free will or permission of the needy to heal him. He has to wait for the money to send healing.

The second reason is the healer has to use his/ her mind’s energy what you also call human energy to heal a person. Which can exhaust that healer itself while healing? 

So they don’t prefer to heal any critical cases or cases without earning money. Then any critical case is left out behind the false statement of FREE WILL

But Sharat Sir has shared his invention with mankind. His invention VIBBES KADA (VK) is a blessing for mankind. It is attuned by only Sharat sir. He manually attunes one VK which takes him 10 to 11 hours to attune one VK alone.

It can heal not only at the physical level but also at the cell level and with full protection of the person who is healing the needy. VK has no side effects or negative energies. It can heal anybody. It is free from caste, religion, age, gender, place, time, religious rituals, etc.

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And where the money is a concern then I must tell you that it’s just once a purchase of VK but healing is infinite, there is no re-attunement needed nor there is any lack or leakage of its energy. Once attuned it is forever and infinite. Grandchildren of grandchildren and many more generations of the family can use it. It is a true blessing to mankind.