How To Detect Geopathic Stress Zone in your Home & Cure It

How To Detect Geopathic Stress Zone in your Home & Cure It

If your residence/ office is suffering from Geopathic Stress Zone (GSZ), you will have to search for solutions to Cure Geopathic Stress. In Case You are not aware of it, You can Read What is Geopathic Stress & How it Ruins Your Life?

Most of the time, the geopathic stress Zone can be resolved and the strong earth energies can be either reversed or neutralized in order to create healthy energy in the residence.

The reason these energies are challenging for human health is that their strong vibrations can weaken a person’s immune system if one is exposed to them for a long period of time. So, it is wise to avoid spending too much time or (avoid having your bed) in these spots.

So The Major Aspect is, How you will Check For GSZ in your Home or Office? By This Article, I Tried to share some Commonly Found Symptoms or Signs to Test for Geopathic Stress Lines in your Premises.

Geopathic Stress Zone Symptoms & Detection 

Your feeling, there is something not quite right in my house and you can’t seem to put finger on exactly what it is Geopathic Stress Zone? But here are some symptoms or signs to Detect GSZ in Your Home or Office

  1. Cracks appearing on walls and floor inside and outside of your house.
  2. Feeling uncomfortable on the bed, or at your workplace without any reason.
  3. Unpleasant sensations, mood disorders, unnecessary worrying, and sadness, etc. Experiencing instant mechanical and electrical breakdowns in your home.
  4. Disturbed sleep and waking up tired as you did not rest well enough is a clear sign of people sleeping in a room having serious effects of GSZ.
  5. Plants indoor and outdoor trees grow weirdly and often twist with odd shape trunks etc.
  6. Foodstuff like biscuits, sugar, etc. getting spoiled easily due to excess moisture.

Geopathic Stress Test

5 Common Signs of Geopathic Stress Lines Detection

  1. Pets & Insects: Some pet animals like the cat likes to rest on Geopathic Stress Zone. If you find your cat is sleeping on your bed or sofa or any particular area in the house, you know what it means. Ants, bees, wasps, and insects appearing on a large scale is a strong indication of GSZ Zone.
  2. Babies: Babies wake up around 2 am to 4 am crying frantically and affect a baby’s sleep. The baby will move to the other side of the bed and avoid sleeping on Geopathic Stress Zone.
  3. Chronic Ill Health: If the health of any member continues to deteriorate despite all remedies that are the clear sign of the serious impact of Geopathic Stress Zone. Fail to respond to any treatment is a clear sign of the negative effects of GSZ and its ability to negate the treatment.
  4. Adults having chronic back pain, sciatica, arthritis & rheumatism, bone and muscle issues, cancer, the sleeping in Geopathic Stress Zone could be the main factor that strengthens the illness multi-folds.
  5. Women: Infertility and miscarriage is a clear sign of Geopathic Stress Zone in the bedroom.

If any of the above symptoms prevail, one should take it seriously and Look to Cure Geopathic Stress Lines or Zones.

The Solution to Geopathic Stress

There are many solutions you can explore. The first, and most practical, the solution or Remedy for Geopathic Stress is:

The most viable solution is to reposition your house furniture. If your bed, your working table, your living room furniture, or kitchen (where you tend to spend a lot of time) happens to have GSZ, you need to reposition it.

If this is not possible, or if the GSZ is too big as sometimes it covers most of your residence, explores further solutions for GSZ. They are generally divided into two categories. Tools to neutralize the energy of your home and various tools to strengthen your own personal energy.

Geopathic Stress Zone Solutions For Your Home

There are many tools on the market that are designed to clear a home or an office from harmful vibrations. Geopathic tools such as Pyramids, Energy Plates, Crystals, and even devices such as harmonizers, neutralizers, and devices that employ laser beams are used to protect the energy of a home. To buy different tools for different problems is tedious and of course, it can cost a lot.

The points where they need to be placed can be identified first. To make this method work efficiently, you need to know the direction of the flow of earth lines that you need to block/neutralize as well as the distance between them. Ultimately, when you place specific tools in specific areas of your home, you are in fact creating a grid of safe energy.

Geopathic Stress Test & RemovalPersonal Energy Geopathic Stress Zone Protection Tools

There is a wide variety of personal energy tools to help strengthen your energy and protect from Geopathic Stress Zone (as well as EMF radiation). Various technologies, selected materials, and designs are used to make these tools.

You can find them under various names, from Bio-resonance energy pendant, EMF protection chips/stickers, Tesla pendants Personal Protection Pendants, and many others.

Most of them come as pendants made with crystals, silver, or gold and look very attractive and can be worn as jewelry and some can be worn unnoticed. Of course, buying so many tools for different problems does not help to solve the real problem that exists in the house. Imagine, even if all the members of the family wear them, the problem still remains and it cost a lot.

As it is a relatively new field, be sure to research it well and compare not only the prices but also the effectiveness of each tool before you make a purchase.

In nutshell, besides geopathic stress, there are many other earth energies that can create great difficulties. You will need to either find yourself or look for a professional for help.  Our house or workplace needs to be well balanced and in accordance with the “Vastu” also.

I Hope, You will now be able to Detect Geopathic Stress Lines To Protect Your Premises from These Harmful Energies. Sharat Sir’s 2nd Invention VIBBES SEEDER is now ready and available to everyone as a Remedy and Protection Tool from Geopathic Stress Lines and Much More.