Side Effects of Half Part of Hooponopono (How Gratitude Meditation Help Us)

Side Effects of Half Part of Hooponopono How Gratitude Meditation Help Us

Magic of Gratitude – Magic of Love – Magic of Thank You Side Effects of I am Sorry Chanting – Side Effects of Please Forgive Me Chanting – Side Effects of Half Part of Ho’oponopono

Gratitude Meditation Creates Magic: It is a well-known truth that Love can heal any wound and Gratitude softens hard rocks. Love has the highest force of the Almighty and Gratitude has the highest human frequency.

In the modern age, many (almost all) problems arise due to a lack of Love and Gratitude. To resolve your issues and problems related to health, wealth, relationships, etc. Love Meditation alone is very powerful, here I present a simple and easy Magic of Love & Gratitude Meditation.

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How Gratitude Meditation and Love Meditation Help US

Steps of Gratitude Meditation

  1. Find a comfortable place where you quietly perform Gratitude Meditation (later when you practice enough and Love & Gratitude will become your habit, you will not need any quiet place). You can also play some soft music in the background.
  2. Take a deep breath slowly and exhale completely (do this 10 more times).
  3. With each breath you inhale, feel a gentle Blue Pink mist-filled your lungs. With each breath, you exhale imagine blackish-brown energy going out of your body.
  4. Now find in your intention what you want to heal and cure. Take one issue at a time. It may be physical illness, mental wounds, emotional pain, or financial worry. It may be a fractured relationship, any exam, blocked chakra, or anything.
  5. Once you become the master of this technique you can heal many issues simultaneously).
  6. Now intentionally say these words to address your problem. Say I Love You and Thank You. Repeat these words for around 10 minutes.
  7. You can also use VIBBES KADA with this Meditation to enhance its effects.

How Gratitude Meditation Help Us Side Effects of HooponoponoYou must know when and why you say I Love You to someone.

The answer is that whenever you feel affection and closeness for someone, you actually feel love emotions inside you. If you are not a shy kind of person, many times you verbally express your emotions in words by saying I Love You.

You must know when and why you say Thank You to someone.

The answer is: when someone did anything good for you, you immediately express your emotional regard verbally by saying Thank You.)

How Meditation Help US

Whatever problem you have in your life has 2 dimensions:

  1. A Problem arises on a basis of a healthy entity example- your hand is wounded before the wound arises your hand was healthy. Now when you say I Love You to your wounded hand, actually your emotion shows that you love your hand as much as it was before. At that time a message reaches your hand that you love him and want him to get back healthy soon (now). This time your love energy heals your hand.
  2. A Wound is a problem that comes into your life to teach you some lessons. When you say to the wound Thank You that means you send a message to your wound that you accept the lessons and teachings that the wound wants to teach you. At that moment, the wound has no need to stay there.

Side Effects of Ho’oponopono Chanting I Am Sorry and Please Forgive Me All the Time

Here I want to mention that some people use I Am Sorry and Please Forgive Me with I Love You and Thank You. Now think about why you feel sorry for someone and need forgiveness from someone.

When you do some bad act to someone then you feel guilty and express your feeling with sorry and say I Am Sorry. With the guilty emotions, you want to say sorry but I will not prefer you to say I am Sorry all the time and chant it daily because I don’t want you to fill yourself with emotional guilt at the time of meditation. The same rule is applied to the sentence Please Forgive Me.

It is good to say I am Sorry and Please Forgive Me when you do something bad to someone. But according to the Law of Attraction, it will attract more bad events in your life if you chant these two sentences daily like a mantra or affirmation. 

Hooponopono Meditation has four affirmations to chant and they are:

  1. I Love You
  2. Thank You
  3. I am Sorry 
  4. Please Forgive Me

So, I suggest not doing daily chanting of the 3rd and 4th affirmations of the Hooponopono. With this part of Hooponopono, the guilt keeps increasing and we see only the bad within us and healing does not happen.How Love Meditation Help US

Some Points to Remember

  1. While chanting I Love You and Thank You, you must fill your heart and mind with the emotions of Love and Gratitude.
  2. Some issues will cure soon and some take time, so no need to worry about how many days it will take.
  3. With God’s Grace maybe you don’t have any problem but you still can address any good thing to enhance its ability, performance, and quality.
  4. After doing this Magic of Love and Gratitude Meditation you must sit quietly for a few minutes to enjoy the best ever God’s Grace.
  5. After that, you must give your special thanks to the Almighty.

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