Oh My God! How People Change Their Deity Frequently

Oh My God How People Change Their Deity Frequently

Oh My God! What is happening there? Why people change their Deity so frequently?

I was accompanying my friend to a Temple yesterday. As such, I am always delighted to be at places of worship irrespective of sects provided it is not crowded, as for me worship is not only the offerings that we present to the Deity, but a moment of peace shared with the Almighty.

After gesturing the offerings, we sat for a while on the stairs of the temple. My friend, like many others, is a modern educated person who believes in logical reasoning.

While conversing regarding devotion & salvation, he commented: “Yaar, had these worships could get us heaven, the Priest must have got it before anyone else… No?” I was aghast to hear his remark. I knew he targeted the Priest, but it also portrayed his own belief in the religion that he followed. It is a common scenario, but our egos tend to deny the fact.

Oh My God! Don’t you believe A considerable percentage of the masses are, as such, not confident about their belief in God? Still, they visit temples and offer worships, take part in the discourses and talk high about their devotion.

They would take unique Devoted Names and Diksha from their Guru but still would be more than interested in peeking into other groups and their Devotional activities. This is unethical and corrupt if may I comment. Because of this opinion, I started differing from my friend’s comment and politely asked where does he get his car serviced.

He named the garage and his mechanic – Jagjeet Singh. I simply asked “Jagjeet Singh mends your car and ensures that it rolls in order, but still he does not own a car… why?  After all, he knows how to mend a Car.” My friend started scratching his head. I asked “you remember Prof. Shailendra Sharma who used to lecture for the BTech classes.

Many of his students are Engineers today and some are Industrialists, but why is Mr. Sharma still a teacher? Why didn’t he become an Engineer or Industrialist?”. “Likewise is this case”, I continued, “The Priest chants the mantras every day as a process of the worship for the worshipper’s welfare… not for himself.

He might be well versed with the mantras, but not focused. In fact, you were supposed to be focused in your worship, I told my friend, but you were concentrating on your logic to negate the Priest rather than seeking your wisdom”. I could see my friend embarrassed, but still, he argued aimlessly. So I dropped the topic and strolled back home with him.

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This is not just with my friend, many neo-educated, so-called intellectuals will comment and point out faults with the society and religion. They will pose endless questions, but given a chance, they will never give you an Answer or Resolution to the problem. Being Logical is a good habit but Logics are of 2 kind – Positive and Negative.

People generally use logic to prove somebody wrong, but lesser people use logic to prove something is Right. No doubt, both kinds of logic are required but some subjects are beyond logic sometimes. Everything that Science approves is not the complete truth and everything that Holy Books says is also not exactly God’s voice as both information is man-made.

Truth is much more beyond human perceptions and interpretations.  He who finds, do not tell… believe me. Do you know why? Because masses are not competent to understand…that is why all Great Souls, who were worshipped afterward, were stoned.

Coming back to our topic, Selfishness is a human tendency and no one is untouched. In their prayers even, people just ask… and ask – Health, Wealth, Prosperity, Abundance. He who does not have – want to have; He who has- wants to have more, and He who has in abundance wants to restore.

Oh My God! How People Change Their Deity Frequently
Oh My God! How People Change Their Deity Frequently

The thirst is never quenched. All pray for and like to have whatever is beneficial for them. They might forget to thank God after receiving Goodies, but they do not spare even Him for once if something goes undesirable.

All want to be the beloved of God but no one believes in him… again believe me. Some weeks ago I met one of my acquaintance who used to visit Maa Vaishno Devi, twice a year.  He was arranging for a Sai Sandhya. During my conversation, he kept on greeting people saying “Sai Ram ji”.

Oh My God! I was amazed by this transformation. But there are many people which you can find around yourself who have changed their deity or have added another one… Why is this???

If you believe in your God then why do you change your devotion? Doesn’t it look like we are visiting a shop and could not find our choice, so now we should go to another one? Or in other words, is it like what Lord Shiva has not granted you will be awarded by Lord Krishna or Sai Baba?

The answer is simple – As I said above, we are as such confused people and not clear about the Godhead. Instead of struggling here and there and dividing our concentration everywhere, if we just focus our energies on “the ONE” with whom we are aligned to… I bet we will get results. The magic is in our positive and unperturbed belief in which our God resides.

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