Oxytocin Love Hormone’s 22 Well Known Amazing Facts

Oxytocin Love Hormone’s 22 Well Known Amazing Facts

Here I tell you about a great emotional booster, Oxytocin. It is really a GOOD chemical for human existence. Oxytocin is called LOVE Hormone. Learn here how Oxytocin affects human nature and how we can boost our Oxytocin level quite easily.

Love Hormone is a hormone that is produced and stored in the brain.

It is so easily and quickly released when you cuddle and hug someone.

This Love Hormone also releases while making love with your partner.

How to increase Oxytocin level

It is released by both males and females while reaching orgasm and it is helpful to reinforce affection, love, fondness, emotional bond, and loyalty between couples.

Love Hormone induces hope, loyalty, and sympathy into us to help us to form a loving bond with others.

If everyone on this Earth produces an abundant level of Oxytocin then our world would be a loving and happier place in the Universe.

What is Oxytocin

This Hug Hormone works as a feel-good hormone that also reinforces optimistic personality personas such as kindness, hope, faith, humanity, liberality, and sincerity.

Oxytocin also works and activates as a neurotransmitter which is helpful and useful to keep in touch with each other.

The meaning of Oxytocin is “swift origin” which takes from the Greek words “oxys” (swift) and “tokos” (origin).

What is love hormone

Oxytocin naturally arises during childbirth to arouse uterine contractions as a unique function in mammals.

This Cuddle Chemical also smooths the progress of breastfeeding and increases the relationship between the mother and her baby.

First six exciting months of a fresh love connection Oxytocin levels are mostly high and equally released in both sexes.

How to Increase Oxytocin Level

Few studies show this Emotional Amplifier hormone has the ability to cure melancholy, autism, anxiety, and schizophrenia. Therefore it is suggested to cuddle your loved ones in such situations.

Oxytocin is not an OxyContin. (OxyContin is a highly addictive and harmful Opioid painkiller).

Oxytocin also enhances the bliss of social interactions.

Hug Hormone, The Cuddle Chemical, Emotional Amplifier, The Moral Molecule, The Love Hormone, The Monogamy Molecule, The Molecule Of Connection,

Oxytocin has some other names like “Hug Hormone,” “The Cuddle Chemical,” “Emotional Amplifier,” “The Moral Molecule,” “The Love Hormone,” The Monogamy Molecule,” and “The Molecule Of Connection.”

A high level of Oxytocin also helps to cure fear as it increases courage and confidence. 

People who stay more satisfied always release more Oxytocin.

Loving touches also activate Oxytocin immediately.

Hug Hormone, The Cuddle Chemical, Emotional Amplifier, The Moral Molecule, The Love Hormone, The Monogamy Molecule, The Molecule Of Connection,

This Molecule Of Connection is a Team Hormone as it builds up the bond between tribes, families, co-workers, and teams.

The Love Hormone can vanish rudeness from human nature.

This Moral Molecule makes you extra caring for your family and sometimes it amazingly makes you more prone to twist moral customs and rules if you believe it will helpful for your family.

How to Increase Oxytocin Level?

In the market, you can find some supplements or nasal sprays to increase Oxytocin levels with certain side effects. To increase Oxytocin you don’t need to be in love, have sex, and give birth; simple and gentle physical touches can also boost your Oxytocin level naturally. Also, non-sexual hugging, kind eye contact, firm hands shake and compassionate acts can increase Oxytocin level quickly. Cuddling your pet too works the same. Helping the needy can also boost your Oxytocin level.

Playing and Dancing are also reasons for a natural increment of oxytocin. VIBBES KADA a metallic bangle attuned with cosmic energies has a special feature to mimic any energy on EARTH.  It can also mimic Oxytocin energy in water, foods, chocolates, chewing gums, etc. 

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