Powerful Way to Achieve Specific Goals – Set Goal Smartly (5 in 1 Combo)

Powerful Way to Achieve Specific Goals Set Goal Smartly 5 in 1 Combo

Switchword Power Booster Video to Achieve Smart Goals, Short Term Goals, Long Term Goals, Financial Goals, Money Goals, Health Goals, Student Goals.

There are many desires in every person’s life. His life is full of long and short-term goals. But how do you travel to the goal? Are there any hurdles? Or is it easy to move ahead?

Here, in this 5 in 1 Combo Multi-Screen Power Booster Video, I present an innovative way to REACH your goal fast. As you know, I already have many videos on different subjects. In the same way, even this combo video leaves very powerful effects on your energy system to achieve your goals.

This video is the first of its kind and you may have never seen this concept of colorful, multiple, and inspiring images for moving towards the direction and reaching your goals.


  1. This video can be watched by a person who wants to manifest a specific desire and wants to remain motivated to achieve it.
  2. This video can help a person to overcome blocks in the journey to achieve a goal or manifest a desire.
  3. This video is for people who have specific desires like an educational career, completion of the project, getting a promotion or new job, desire for a new car or new house, devising a product launch, desire to marry, desire to settle abroad or a particular city, etc.
  4. Must be watched by those who are passionate to achieve specific desires.
  5. While watching this video a VK user can also use Balance Serum and Alpha Male Serum (for males)/ Alpha Woman Serum (for females) to speed up the effect of the Video.


  1. Every person who wants to see the final results of his/ her specific desire.
  2. Those students who want to get admission for a specific educational course, either in a particular institute or a reputed institute.
  3. Those who want to get promoted to a specific level in a job or the best deserving level.
  4. Those who want to clear a professional exam or interview and receive a Certified Professional status like IAS, IPS, CA, Pharmacist, FDA inspector, Pilot, Pilot Trainer, Doctor, Surgeon, etc.
  5. Those who want to get employed or get a new job in a particular organization or the best deserving organization.
  6. Those who want to get married either to a specific person or are searching to marry the best deserving partner to marry.
  7. Those who want to complete a particular business goal or be a leading entrepreneur.
  8. Those who want to join a specific group like an Army, Diplomats, Ambassador, NASA, International organizations, etc.
  9. Those who want to buy a particular dream car or a new car as per their desire.
  10. Those who want to buy a particular house as their home or a new home with some particular features.
  11. Those who want to buy any particular office space or new office space as per desire.
  12. Those who want to buy particular jewelry or any other particular thing.
  13. Those who want to sell property, land, car, and other things at the best price.
  14. Those who want to pay out debts, avail loans, and repay money owed to someone.
  15. Those who want to conceive or adopt a child.
  16. Those who want to get a particular amount of money or reach a certain financial status.
  17. Those who want to move from one residence to another particular city/ place/ country for the job or any other reason.
  18. Those who are in sports or in competition and want to win a particular position or rank.
  19. Those who are learning a new subject or skill like driving, dancing, painting, designing, and wish to achieve a certificate or completion of course with success.
  20. Those who are performing an event and want to be a winner and reach the finals.
  21. Those who are organizing an event and aiming for a successful event.
  22. Those who are collecting funds for a social cause and want to have a particular amount as charity from others.
  23. Those who are looking for sponsorships or investments and want to have specific sponsorships or amounts of investments.
  24. Those who want to win elections at the Campus or Political level.
  25. Those who are contesting at the state or national or international level to win a particular title like a Beauty contest, Sports player, Title in a specific field, etc.
  26. Those who want to win a particular business tender.
  27. Those who want to work and aim at achieving financial freedom.
  28. Every person who wants to manifest a particular wish or achieve a goal can watch this.

Warning: This video is not intended to manifest to achieve goals through immoral acts or unethical means or illegal ways. This video is not intended for success in gambling or winning jackpots in unethical ways or attracting an illicit relationship.


Yes, you can watch this video on behalf of others also. Just before watching this video, place an intention in your mind that you are watching this video for a specific person to get the effect for his particular goal of that person.


  1. This video is a 5 in 1 combo and has some powerful switch words and blessings of Lord Ganesh, Lord Krishan, and hundreds of Angels and they all will leave a positive impact on your complete energy system.
  2. This video is very short yet powerful therefore you will quickly get the desired results.
  3. This video is attuned with cosmic energies which will channelize your mind towards achieving your goals.
  4. This video is a novel way of shifting your vibrational frequency from losing to winning attitude, based on various principles from the law of attraction, all in one.
  5. It has the blessing of Lord Ganesha to remove the obstacles, Lord Krishna who motivates you to keep performing on actions, Angelic Power to help you at every step and switch words to achieve your goals or desires fast.
  6. When watched repeatedly, this video will act on your subconscious mind.
  7. It will also help you to receive new ideas for achieving your goal.
  8. It will motivate you to remain positive throughout the journey.
  9. The video will inspire you to take the necessary actions.
  10. It will help you to become insistent in taking action to manifest your dream.
  11. It will remind you of your aim and dreams and work with patience to achieve them.
  12. The images will strike and remind your mind to stay TARGET ORIENTED and an ACHIEVER.
  13. The video will get you back on track if you lose focus.
  14. You will see yourself at ease in the journey to reach your wish.
  15. This video when watched daily can also keep you focussed on your desired topmost wish.
  16. This video is attuned with COSMIC ENERGY by me to speed up your desires.
  17. It is a short video with multiple concepts of LOA, Divine Blessings, and Switch Words in one, so it is very easy to watch.
  18. Generally, I say that I do not use too many concepts at the same time, but this video is specially designed by me to give an enhanced effect and a great boost to your focus and efforts to manifest your specific wish.


  1. Fix a goal in your mind. Imagine yourself achieving it. And start watching this video. Example:- if you want to have a car, imagine that car with you or if you want to get admission in an institute for a specific career, imagine yourself in an institute related to that career, or if you want to get married, imagine yourself as a bride/ groom at your wedding or if you want to set a business, imagine that you started the business or if you want a particular amount of money, imagine the amount with you and so on…
  2. You can watch this video at any time of the day.
  3. You can watch this video while traveling, sitting on a sofa, or lying on the bed. There are no restrictions.
  4. This video creates permanent changes by watching it on a daily basis.
  5. It does not work when downloaded.
  6. You can watch it with and without headphones.
  7. You can watch this video at least twice a day. You may watch this video frequently if you feel more connected to it.
  8. Do watch this video just before sleeping also, even if you are watching it during the daytime for better results.
  9. You can watch this video until you get the desired results.
  10. When you watch this video, preferably keep your focus in the center of the video. If you tend to move your eyes on the sides or corners of the screen, it’s ok, don’t stop to watch. Try to hold your focus on the center.
  11. You can watch this video back to back repeatedly or with a gap as you feel to do.
  12. You are free to watch as many videos as you wish. If you feel dizzy or heavy while watching my videos, you can take a break. This may happen due to the high energy in the video. You may get adjusted to this energy with time. You can take a break and either watch it on the same day or the next day if you feel dizzy.
  13. It is good to prioritize your wish and watch my videos accordingly.
  14. The best is to watch the video related to one topmost desire to create more energy and speed up that wish.

Along with this video, you can also follow and do GOLDEN SUNRISE MANIFESTATION. Before sleeping, you can watch this video first and then do your GOLDEN SUNRISE manifestation.

6TIP for VK Users

  1. If you are a VK user, you can still watch this video, while wearing VK. Before watching, VK users can request VK to enhance the effect of this video in multifold for the energy receiver with a simple request in your own words to VK.
  2. You can mimic the energy of this video using VK just with the title of the video with a direct request to VK. Check this VK TIP 34.
  3. You can charge drinking water with the energy of this video. You can club the energy of this video with other healing energies/ Cosmic Serums as per the need of the receivers.



Note: This video is a powerful solution for achieving a specific goal. It acts like a powerful mantra to boost your motivation and act towards reaching your specific dream. It also acts like daily mantras for success, a mantra for success in a career, a mantra for success in exams, a mantra for success in business, a mantra for miracles, etc. Don’t miss this video if you want to be successful in achieving what you wish. This video is the combo of one of the best LOA and switchword. From now on no need to use multiple switch words, Grigori Grabovoi codes to achieve what you wish, Mantra for winning attitude, Tantra for success, Yantra for dream manifestation, etc.