SOUL – The Ultimate Reality Governs all Other Levels

Ultimate Reality The SOUL: There is a chain of command to everything. The command changes from one perspective to another. Something is present on one point is replicated on all other levels. As you alter something on one level, you transform it on all other levels. All laws of the superior level are higher than the laws of the lower level.

The utmost level of reality is the soul level. The mental and spiritual levels are not the same. The mind controls every thought, emotion, body, bodily function, and all worldly affairs. When looking from the normal level we think the mind governs all other levels. But the Ultimate Reality is the soul.

What is Ultimate Reality

Try to understand both sides of a dispute and how each communicates and joins together with the other. Look at things from numerous dimensions and unite them into a whole. Ignore one function and the whole does not work as well as it should.

Everything bonds with everything else, nothing is set totally alone. All things are related to one another in an indivisible and combined way.

Now understand that everything has a core; the core is the Soul. The Soul is the Ultimate Reality. This Soul leads to everything else. The soul has the purest form within all forms. It is the essence of all forms. The soul has its corresponding expression on every level.

SOUL The Ultimate Reality Governs all Other LevelsThe more firm and steady core creates a more powerful and speedy outer dimension. The Mind, Thoughts, Emotions, Body and Bodily Function, and All Worldly Affairs are the outer dimensions.

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The soul exists in different forms from one level to the next via its consciousness. Everything is responsible for the core. The soul has its most simplified and concise state. The soul is unified and simplified. It is the most ordered and clearest organization of things.

The soul is simple but every other thing is complex because it is the most organized. The outer complex can be alert through an organization of the soul. All organizations of mind are complex. So when something is better organized, there is more success and efficiency.

SOUL The Ultimate Reality Governs all Other Levels

Never be trapped in a false mindset that keeps away you from betterment. Be formless, be firm, and be one with your soul. Inner silence during meditation gives you the real connection; the connection of the soul and later the connection of the almighty.

Remember you visit the Earth to learn a truth that is non-worldly, higher, and Ultimate Reality. All worldly truths are half-truths. In every worldly rule, there are exceptions. But where the soul resides all truths are the same. The higher constitution of God is always followed by the soul. 

You are never too far away from the truth. It is only realized by inner silence. Inner silence gives inspiration. Inspiration has a holistic nature. Inspiration and creativity are one and gifted by the soul. Creativity is the ability to build connections, narrate truths, unite ideas, and combine concepts into a single whole. So go into a deeper inner silence to connect with the core, the SOUL – the Ultimate Reality.