What are the Symptoms of Being an Above-Average Intelligent Person?

10 Main Symptoms of being an above-average intelligent person

1. The social circle of intelligent people is not large. Their friends are very old and few. In fact, the smarter you are, the more selective you become and you get to see and mingle with someone.

2. Wise people like to stay away from any kind of debate or fight. This is why often they deliberately ignore many things.

3. They often talk to themselves. They discuss with themself on many things from mind to mind. This is a very satisfying activity for them.

4. Wise people seek positivity and opportunity in everything, in every event, in everything, while others continue to discover the faults and shortcomings of others.

5. Wise people usually underestimate their abilities. They do not budge and they don’t brag. They do not tell anyone anything without asking.

6. Wise people like to be alone and enjoy it too. Their loneliness does not hurt them. They are the most creative and productive only when they are allowed to do the work of their choice.

7. Wise people are not rude or rough. They also have a heart, but they work with the mind rather than the heart. They reach a conclusion by thinking from different angles on different aspects of everything.

8. The biggest disadvantage of being intelligent is that stupid people think of them as their own. Some wisdom is also needed to take advantage of living with intelligent people.

9. Wise people do not like moving entertainment. They stay away from movies that hang around. They do not prefer to go to the mall but they like to see the bookstore often.

10. The handwriting of intelligent people is generally not good because they think very fast. They can not match their thinking with their writing speed, hence their handwriting deteriorates.