Looking for Me? I Am in Your True Self (Part–1)


I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF: I have fortunately had the opportunity to work on the alpha levels during practicing Bio Etheric techniques of healing. Alpha levels may be considered as the Judgement levels which never lie.

These are unbiased mental decisions pertaining to a patient. This ignited a bigger thought in my mind. I became inquisitive about the unbiased Natural judgments of the Nature experienced by us. Perfectly blended in the theory of Cause and Effect, Nature is so unconditional and unadulterated that I was amazed by its Universality.

Nature is probably the first manifestation of God which is known to the human race. It’s the feel of the almighty – without any prejudice and favor. It is rather very rightly quoted by Kabeerdasji when he says:

“Ek Nadia, EkNaarKahaawat, MailoNeerBharo  !

Jab Mil Tab EkBaran Bhai, SursariNaamPado !!

EkLoha Pooja Mei Raakhat, EkGharBadhikPado  !

So Duwidha, PaarasNahiJaanat, Kanchan Karat Kharo !!”

(Meaning: Water it is, which flows in a Fresh stream and again it is Water which flows in a sewer which is full of a foul. But incidentally, if both the flows merge in the Holy Ganges, both will lose their identity and shall be considered as Pious.

Likewise, Magical stone (Paaras) which has a Midas kind of touch, and converts anything into Gold, does not differentiate between an Iron situated at an altar or at a slaughterer’s house, turns both the pieces of Iron into pure gold without any discrimination.)

This amazing fact brings forth the Universality of God which needs to be understood by all.

Understanding God Is Complex Yet Simple:

From time immemorial, mankind – irrespective of their religion and belief, has known about a Supreme Power which has created, regulating, and shall be responsible for the destruction of the world. But still, what is observed, our world is very much confused about this Power. The Universality of this Ultimate Power has been a major illusion for the world.

The reason for this is probably the human mindset which believes in a self-constructed Virtual Reality in various figurative shapes of God if to be believed so. Diverged in a different race, religion, and realm, each community has created its own God as perceived by their Godmen or leader (learned person) who pioneered their path to salvation.


Not to blame, the most interesting fact is that all the learned souls who have seen the True light, passed the message as per their knowledge. They were correct in their perception. But their followers have misinterpreted what has been told to them about God.

This happening has been probably proved to be most unfortunate to mankind as it has given rise to one of the longest ongoing battles called Communal Supremacy in which the world is still struggling without a let out.

Let’s have a logical sneak peek into this issue and rediscover how, in representation to the Almighty, various personalities have described the Ultimate Force which has been later on interpreted differently.

I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF: In adherence to Hindu belief, the Eternal recitation of Shrimad Bhagwat Gita was recited by Lord Shri Krishna himself amidst the battleground of Kurukshetra. This holy recitation could be labeled as one of the most sought-after and celebrated creations which has a huge intellectual fanfare world over.

Emphasizing our point of discussion, in the 18th Canto of Gita, Arjuna requests Lord Krishna to reveal himself in his actual form. Lord Krishna obliges him by endowing him with Celestial sight to observe it.

If we study now, Arjuna exclaims “O Lord, I see bright light everywhere. The brightness is so intense & blinding that I cannot keep my eye open.” Lord Krishna then manifests in his Magnanimous ViraatSwaroopa.

Arjuna’s excited exclamations could be read again saying “I cannot measure the vastness of your being. I can see you spread all over the Universe and still not complete. Your magnanimity is limitless. I can see everything in yourself.  I see the Angels, as well as the Demons, merged in you.

I see the planets and nakshatras, Saints & Sages, Yakshas & Kinnars, Men & Women, Animals & all other Yonis (life &forms) merged in you. The Vasus, Rudras, Adityas & Digpalas are visible in you, The Saptarishis are in you, I site thousands of human merging and emerging from you… In fact, the whole universe is in you.

O Lord, please reveal your Saumya Roopa (Normal & Calm figure) as I am not able to withstand the radiance.” If this description is to be logically observed, Lord Shri Krishna revealed his first opulence in the form of pure energy which Arjuna could not bear. But to explain this theory, he unveiled his Viraat Roopain which he simply showed that All is in Him and He is in All.

Quite evidently, he professed the pure form of God has no shape….it is in the form of Energy which can take any shape. Being a non-tangible power, he is in everyone and everyone is in Him. But this theory has been majorly misinterpreted to depict the supremacy of Vaishnavas in the Hindu religion.

I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF: The founder of the Sikh religion – Guru Nanak ji traveled wide and far in the quest for Truth and came up with his eternal quote – “Ek Omkar Satnaam” which straight away means ‘There is only one God and His name is the truth’.

He has professed that God does not belong to any specific Religion alternatively, God belongs to all Religions and He is universal.  Bye siding the truth of Energy, the Sikh religion, archived his Holy Book – Guru Granth Sahib to be their God.


It would also be worth mentioning Shri Sai Baba of Shirdi, another popularly worshipped representation of Godhead in India, who quoted singularly – ‘Sabka Maalik Ek’ which might be seen embarked on all images of Sai Baba, means ‘the God is One for all’.

Mentioning Christianity, Jesus, who always has introduced himself as the Son of God and has illuminated the world with his message of Love, has never spoken a word relating to the shape and figure of God.

Initiated by Baha-u-llah, the Bahai belief also defines God as nothing but Space. It negates all the orthodox ideological bindings of religion and describes God as limitless – without any definite shape.

I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF: Likewise, if Religious history is to be re-visited internationally, all Great Souls have glorified the Almighty in ‘His’ one-ness and Universality. Then why are we so diversified, running, back, and forth searching for the True Light in various avenues??

We are punctually attending and listening to various discourses preaching to us that God is within & everywhere around us; then why is it difficult for us to understand His Universality in the form of Energy??

The Almighty is all around us Anywhere and Everywhere because he is formless… shapeless, but can still be in any form… any shape… We need to have Divya Chakshu (Celestial Sight) to see him and then we don’t have to search for him because then we may see him everywhere.

Note: My Obeisance to Sharat Sir to make it possible to reach you and share my views. We will continue this topic in my next offering – LOOKING FOR ME? I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF (Part-2).



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