Looking for Me? I Am in Your True Self Part – 2

A Hindu goes to a Temple and a Muslim to the Mosque. A Sikh worships at a Gurdwara and a Christian visits a Church. All manifest their prayers to the respective Gods but the confusion still clouds over our devotion and worship is still interrogative in the absence of belief. Why should there be a Catholic & Baptist, an Akali & a Nirankari, a Sia & a Sunni and a Vaishnav, a Shaiv, a Buddhist, a Jain, etc.?

Why is not there a God and a Devotee? We are seemingly diversified in devotion without a clue where to get the ultimate peace. Instead of minding our own spirituality, differences in Race, Religion, Beliefs, Devotions, and Devotional practices have placed us in a confronting position against each other amidst a fight to prove one’s path to be the best amongst the others while the amazement remains in the fact that none of us has ever seen the ONE for which we keep our discrepancies.

In my previous salutation (Looking for me….. (Part-1), we have discussed the Universality of God. Let’s continue our quest to unearth what is going wrong in understanding the logical idea. Let’s close our eyes, take a deep breath and lock all the chambers of our mind which contain information about the devotion that we have been taught by our elders and idealized by the Orthodox Guides of devotion.

Let’s shred all the whims and doubts of ‘lest this and that will happen’. Let’s switch off our fears and inhibitions with respect to disrespect of God. Just keep the window of your logical quest open and walk with me.

Man is said to be a Social animal. The idea of living together, family, locality, village, city & country originated from his nature of being social. But still, on the contrary, if we see, human tendencies are selfish.

Direct or Indirect, we – Human beings have selfish motives and desires. We do not spare even God in this. Seldom thank him for what he has given to us but always complain about what is not.

We have endless desires and that too is aspired in our favor. Anything which happens against our happiness is not acceptable to us. The reason is it, the philosophy of yoga declares that our desires and materialistic fancy are the root cause of our Ignorance and this Ignorance keeps us at bay from God and causes unlimited sorrows and suffering to us. This is the Matrix of Maya in which we in the world live.

How much do we know God or Your True Self?

Besides, what has been passed on by our elders since childhood through various folklore & stories, only ancient scriptures created by Great writers & poets are the only guidelines for us to perceive our God. Following on the same, people of various areas, worship them in an optic, featuring as per their own imagination with respect to facials, features, and dress-ups.

For example, the Facial features and attires of Lord Krishna vary as per geographical areas ie. It changes from state to state and abroad. It is true with the idols of Hanuman who even has a mustache as worshipped in Rajasthan. This logically indicates that God has been acclimatized as per personal /geographical locations.

From time immemorial, the history of mankind is a witness that whoever has set a trend of his ideology and has been able to convince the masses has been worshipped as a God later on. It is interesting to be marked that none of them has claimed himself to be God himself but the followers out of respect and devotedness have elevated them as God himself or His incarnation.

Shri Rama Chandra, Jesus Christ, Nanak Saheb, Shri Mahavir, Buddha, and many more, who are well known for their humility and down-to-earth nature have never claimed themselves as God Himself but are worshipped today as Gods.

To authenticate the above, let’s revise some small facts which are well-known to us:

  • Lord Krishna left his body after being pierced by an arrow on his foot.
  • Lord Rama left for his abode after opting for an Aqua Grave (Jal Samadhi) in River Saryu.
  • Jesus Christ spread the message of Love in the world but left his body in utter agony.
  • Buddha left his kingdom, his family, his name, and at last his body for the ultimate merger.
  • Mahavira had a similar apathia and he even abdicated his clothes and name before leaving his body at last.

If the learning has to be followed, God is the ultimate power who is neither born nor dying.  He is invincible, Infinite, almighty & Immortal. It is thus derivative that any Great soul, however, celebrated must he be, might not be God himself because of the simple fact that he/she has taken birth and left the body. As Jesus Christ has said that He is Son of God, all could be well esteemed as Incarnations of the Almighty.

But it should be well remembered that the personalities who are worshipped as Incarnations of God, Messengers of God & Son of God or whatever you call, have not descended with any Mark or Brand with them. Their deeds (karma) and virtues placed them at our highest level of esteem.

We made them God and our Godmen nurtured our belief by adding rituals to it.  As such we are good at it. World over, we have worshipped Stone idols, we have worshipped Holy books, we have bowed before Crucifier Cross, and tried to visualize the Almighty in them by our own perceptions. But in all forms, we have worshipped only HIM… The Almighty… Unborn… Immortal… Infinite… Everywhere…Everything… 

We have of course heard of the short story where some blindfolded group leaders were left free to observe an Elephant. The first one touched its Trunk, 2nd person found its Tail, 3rd one held its Ears, and the other its legs. “it’s large and Dangling” said the 1stLeader who got the Trunk.

“No Sir, it’s Dangling but it is small and with hairs said the 2nd group leader who approached the Tail. “No… No… both of you are wrong. It is Big and Flappy” said the 3rd one who touched the ears. “All of you are wrong ….they are big like pillars and they are many” exclaimed the fourth one who felt it at the legs.

Although all were observing the same Animal they varied in their views and most surely must have informed their observation amongst their respective groups. The same has happened to us. Our Holy leaders have observed HIM and tried to explain it to us in the best possible way.

LOOKING FOR ME? I AM IN YOUR TRUE SELF Part – 2Unfortunately, we missed the message and as we played the game of Chinese Whisper, the message went on distorting as it was relayed from one to another ear. Moreover, several in the community did not turn out to be a benefactor to Religion.

They kept on introducing various rituals and charities connected to it, victimizing us – the common devotees. We have never been God Loving people… rather, we have always been God Fearing people. So the Fear game went on. In the fear of a mishappening, we kept on doing rituals… methods of worship and never tried to be a loving son of God.

The truth should first be understood and then accepted without prejudice. The Logical derivation is that the Supreme power is ‘Endless and Infinite’, because He is Formless… He is ‘Unborn and Eternal’ because He is the Purest form of Energy. ‘We are in Him… and He is in us’ because being in an Intangible form of Energy, He is Omnipresent and as the multi-milli tiniest particle of this energy clads our body, He is in all of us.

We call this particle within Prana… Soul… Ruh… and many more to name but even that smallest particle is the source of life of the world and maybe many other worlds. Our human brains are not eligible to quantify the vastness of His presence. Amazing…..isn’t it?

Still, we try to contain that Supremo in small idols, books, and human forms. We should rise to witness His magnanimous grandeur ….I am sure, like other Saints and Sages, there shall not be any desire left after that happens.

In the above I do not intend to offend any of our Holy Saints & Sages, Nor do I intend to deny the Nectar of knowledge spread by them. The only thing I wanted to share was that instead of trying to see what has been inculcated in our minds through the ages, lighting earthen lamps (Diya) and candles, Offering flowers, and laying colorful blankets on holy places, light up your own self to be able to see what Great souls have seen and propagated. I will be back to tell you more about it in my next salute.

All glories to my Guide & Guru,  who has always taught me… ”Don’t just Chant and discuss the way to the Godhead… get set to go within your own self… You may find HIM there.

As HE says “Mo ku kahan dhoonde Re Bande……Mai toh Tere Paas” (Means: Looking for Me?? I am within)

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