What are Switch Word Phrases – What is my Research in Switch Words Phrases

What are the Switch Word Phrases What is my Research in Switch Words Phrases

Switch word phrases are phrases made with a few effective switch words without using and following any grammatical rules. Switch word phrases have all the energies of selected switch words to attain desired results. So, many switch words can be clubbed together to create a switch word phrase to acquire the power of multiple switch words into one phrase for quick results.

My Research in Switch Words Phrases

I have researched a lot on both long and short types of switch word phrases. I personally prefer to use short phrases or single switch words. I found that when we use long switch word phrases, the power of switch words creates confusion in the chanter’s mind and thus reduced. Here are some reasons, because of them, I do not prefer to chant long switch word phrases:

  • If a person chants a long switch word phrase only in a meditative state or just while sitting, he/she can get good results because of chanting the phrase well, but if he/she is doing some other work along with chanting then chanting a big switch word phrase might be difficult.
  • While chanting a long switch word phrase, a person can miss chanting word/words by mistake, and the outcome can be confusing, delayed, or even inappropriate.
  • It is not comfortable, easy, and practical to chant a lengthy switch word phrase.
  • Many people drop the idea of chanting a switch word phrase just because it is too big to learn and understand. A healing modality should be used to make life easy and not confusing.
  • Some unfamiliar words in a switch word phrase might divert or disturb your true focus. That too delays the result or drops the chanting.  

Sometimes switch word chanting becomes a waste of time and effort, if you use long switch word phrases. Using shorter possible switch word phrase(s) always gives you good results and also helps to attain success. I strongly suggest using one-word switch words than long phrases.

You must know that switch words have been created to use one word to get the desired results. You need only 2 or 5 words in a single switch word phrase, therefore, I suggest you not to use more than 5 at once. I truly believe that connecting a group of words can take away the power and focus from the intention of your goal.

Beware of so-called switch word gurus who have no idea what they are doing and have swayed away from the true intent of switch words as the creator intended them to be used. If you are not getting the results you seek, it’s probably because you are using too many words that create more confusion rather than being precise with your intent. I believe simple is better.

Intention While Using Switch Words

Along with a selected switch word, you also need to focus on the intention. The intention is essential to shifting your energy to the desired situation and state. While using a switch word phrase, if you lose your focus on using a long phrase, you will also lose the relevant result.  So, Focus on your intent.

The universe does not need many words to know what your intention is. Focus on one or two words, and this can work for a majority of your situations. I’ve been using switch words for over a decade and primarily just used one word or two, and they WORK!

Focusing on your intent is more accessible than using a long switch-word phrase. It is best to break what you want into smaller chunks and focus on one situation at a time instead of trying to have many different wishes come true with one long switch-word phrase. This isn’t going to work, and if you have been doing this and haven’t received the results you are looking for, this is most likely why. Must read about the role of intention while using a switch word or switch word phrase.


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