Role of Intention While Chanting the Switchwords (With Examples)

Role of Intention While Chanting the Switchwords With Examples

While chanting any switchword or mantra a person needs to hold his intention also. While chanting a switchword or using any other way of manifestation, the intention plays an important role in achieving your goal in a perfect way. To understand more about the intention along with switchwords, we now explain this concept with an example. Let’s take a switchword REACH and see what effect it has on a person when he chants with a particular intention. Never miss reading about switch words.

Let’s see with examples:-

Intention while Chanting Example 1: A lady was moved out of the house by her husband and in-laws. She wanted to get back to her home so she started chanting switchword REACH. This switchword will help her REACH her home back. Along with chanting REACH, she should hold the right intention too, an intention of getting back to her husband’s family and her child.

Role of Intention while Chanting the Switchwords

After she was moved away she went to her parent’s house and started living with them. She started feeling her parent’s home as her own home and she had no feelings of the home where she got married. But her child was with grandparents and after two years she felt like going back to her child and her in-laws.

She read about the switchword REACH and started chanting REACH HOME NOW. But nothing happened. The situation remained the same. She asked us where she was going wrong, why is nothing happening? Why am I still at my parent’s home? On talking to her we found that she was still feeling her parent’s home as her own home. So when she was chanting REACH HOME NOW, the energies flowed according to her intention and feeling of home.

To REACH to her husband, child, and in-law’s home she needs to feel that home where her husband and child lived as her own home too now. She acknowledged her intention while chanting and changed it to the right intention of going home where her child, husband, and in-laws were living. After considering and feeling her husband’s and in-law’s home as her own home too and then when she started chanting REACH, she saw the results. She REACHed home.

Intention while Chanting Example 2: To look at the role of intention and know-how switchword FIND works we have another example too. A girl wanted to have a job. As it was her first job she should chant switchword FIND. According to her, she wanted the job in one of the best companies in a particular area in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon as a software engineer. She wanted this job in the area where her mother lived.

We suggested her a simple switchword FIND CHARM Job NOW. Where FIND was to find a new job, CHARM was used for the desired job, NOW was used to have the job as soon as possible. This simple and small switchword phrase was suggested to her which would hold the complete intention of her desire.

She started chanting the switchword phrase FIND CHARM Job NOW. She chanted this switchword with the intention of getting this desired job with all four things in one switchword. Again reminding you all that she had four wishes in one intention and those four points were: a job in the best company, a job as a software engineer, a job in a particular place Gurgaon in Delhi NCR and the best company should be around her mother’s home. 

After chanting this switchword phrase FIND CHARM Job NOW She got the job in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR, as a software engineer, near her mother’s home but she got the job in the second-best company in Gurgaon Delhi NCR. She was happy but she was also confused why did she got a job in the second-best company in Gurgaon.

She was asked to recheck her intention while chanting, in which she found that she got the right job at the right place as her intention of getting a job near to her mother’s place was stronger than the desire of getting a job in the first best company. The second best company was nearer to her mother’s place than the first best company and her desire of getting the job near her mother’s home got manifested.

To have the perfect result of the switchword one should be clear of the intention while chanting. Switchword CHARM had the feeling of the desired job in the best company but the wish of the job near to her mother’s place was stronger which she could not realize and got a job in the second-best company.

switchword FIND CHARM Job NOW

Intention while Chanting Example 3: A person was looking for a job and he was also about to get married. To look for a job he was chanting a switch phrase FIND CHARM (desired job) NOW. He used to chant the switchword phrase regularly but he used to miss the switchword CHARM while chanting the switchword.

He used to wonder, why is this happening that he is missing the switchword CHARM while chanting the switchword phrase. Even after so much chanting, he was not able to find a job for a long time now. And to add to his intention whenever he used to meet different people, all used to ask him about his job, which was keeping him in fear. The day of the wedding was also coming near, and people’s comments were making him more worried about his situation.

He came to us and told us his situation, he told us that he is chanting a switchword phrase FIND CHARM Job NOW and whenever he starts chanting the switch phrase he forgets about chanting the switchword CHARM. He has to deliberately remember to chant about the switchword CHARM. He was confused and wanted to know why he is forgetting the switchword CHARM when he was chanting the switch phrase.

We asked him the whole story, he had a belief system that before getting married he should be earning well. And if there is no job or no income source then people would make fun of him and gossip about him that he is married and he has no income source to support his family. He started asking for a job out of fear of what people would say and not out of his own wish and will to do the job. His intention was to have a job to stop people’s comments and not to have a job that he would love to do, which would give him happiness, growth income, and support to his family.

He said that he gets tense when he hears people say that he is about to get married and yet there is no job and no source of earning money. This thought, that he has no job and he is about to get married shifted him in the energy of fear rather than in the energy of getting a job.

So whenever he was chanting the switch phrase, he was missing to chant CHARM, as his intention to get the desired job (CHARM) was getting overpowered by the thought of fear of not having a job and what would people say. His own desire to have the job was getting replaced with having a job out of fear of what people would say.

He should be chanting the switch phrase to get a job for himself and not out of the fear of what people will say. His intentions should be to have a job for himself, what he loves to do and what would give him happiness and peace. That is what CHARM is chanted for. If he was in fear of what people would say then his intention of CHARM would have no meaning and he was not getting the desired job because of this reason.

FIND CHARM (job) NOW is chanted for the desired job and FIND JOB is for getting any job. The intention has to be aligned to the switchword we are chanting.


Again, I would like to highlight the main point of manifesting any desire and that is that when you make a plan to achieve something i.e. when you make an intention that intention is not for achieving one thing, that is hooked up with some other thoughts also. For example: as a teacher you want to ADD more students to your class for better earning. So, here, you want students and money both. You can chant ADD for students and COUNT for more money. 

In the first example, the girl didn’t realize her own intention and that’s why she got a job in the second-best company and not the first best. Her priority was to have a job near her mother’s home and not the first best company. The first best company was her second intention, the hooked-up intention. 

So choose the switchword for the first intention and keep in mind the other points also. Know your intention clearly and choose the right and appropriate word / switchword to chant. 

While chanting Switchword many people feel odd or reluctant to chant a language-based Switchword. A Switchword is to switch your energy based on your intention and not your language. Switchword is in a particular language but the pronunciation doesn’t matter. What matters is your intention and choice of the right Switchword.