What is Belief? How Belief Impacts Us? What are Limiting Beliefs? How to Change Limiting Beliefs?

What is Belief How Belief Impacts Us What are Limiting Beliefs How to Change Limiting Beliefs


Let me ask you a question today. What’s your story?

Story… I don’t have a story. What do you mean? This is what many of you will say.

We all have a story. It is the story of our life we have been telling ourselves and others over and over again. We all believe in some things. We assume some things about ourselves, society, and the world in general.

Find in this Article:

What is Belief?

A belief is a repetitive thought, repeated enough until it gets in our subconscious mind. We all operate from our subconscious beliefs, embedded deep in our minds. Repeated thoughts create beliefs… Beliefs create habits… habits create personality and personality creates your personal reality.

We don’t even realize we have these beliefs. They could be there since our childhood. They have always been there and we don’t know how they are impacting us.

We are always caught in the trap of our beliefs until we understand that they are just beliefs and it is possible to change any belief.

Dig deep into your subconscious mind and recognize those beliefs.

A belief could be a family always sticks together or my parents are always there for me. Another e.g. is, we have to work hard to earn money. Another one could be I am strong and independent.

Can you for a moment believe or think that all those beliefs that you may have are not 100% correct and for a moment believe you can choose your beliefs?

The Power of Belief

Beliefs trump everything. You have years of this data stored in your system and validated by you and by your external circumstances. The world is a mirror, and it only shows you how and what you feel, believe, and assume.

What Does Joseph Murphy Say About Belief?

What Joseph Murphy Says About Belief?
Image of Joseph Murphy by Google

As per Joseph Murphy, “as a man thinketh in his subconscious mind, so is he… The law of life is the law of belief… what do you believe? When the individual subconscious mind responds to a mental picture or thought in his mind that becomes a belief.

This law of belief operates in all religions in this world. Belief is the mental acceptance of the thought in your mind. As a mind thinks, feels, and believes, so is his body, mind, and circumstances.”

We all have desires. A desire is a prayer. Many people get the opposite of what they want and wonder why so? All religions offer prayers. So how to pray effectively so we get all our desires? We get answers to our prayers only because of our beliefs.

What Does John Kehoe Say About Belief?

What John Kehoe Says About Belief
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As quoted by John Kehoe, “your reality is shaped by your thoughts and beliefs. Your reality will match the models you have within. Your experiences will bring to you the people, the circumstances, the events that match the vibrations within not of your hopes, not your wishes, not your desires but your beliefs that are inside you day and night. Your beliefs are so powerful. You get to create whatever beliefs you choose.

Get out of your mind. Stop asking what is real. Nothing is real. You need to ask, do my beliefs empower me? Are these beliefs working for me in a positive way? Ask yourself only, are these beliefs serving me? You are the creator of the things that happen to you. Your beliefs are all different from others’ beliefs, hence we attract to ourselves different realities.“

Whatever you want in this world, you can draw forth from within. You can bring into your world more happiness, more health, more wealth, and more love into your life. Within the subconscious mind, you will find the solution to every problem. You can achieve anything you want through your subconscious mind.

What Does Deepak Chopra Say About Belief?

What Deepak Chopra Says About Belief
Image of Deepak Chopra by Google

As per Deepak Chopra, ”an idea that you hold to be true is a belief. Beliefs are about religion, other people, about our self, imprinted like seeds in consciousness as children. You hold them to be true, and then they become true for us.

They shape our perceptions, attitudes, moods, assumptions, expectations about what we call reality. Reality is a field of infinite possibilities.

It gets filtered into our consciousness through beliefs. Some even go to war for their beliefs. Some are ready to die for their beliefs. Beliefs are empowering or limiting. In most cases, they are limiting.

If the belief enhances your self-image, then it’s empowering. Any belief that limits you by defining you, any label, any analysis, any definition, and evaluation limits you. True empowerment comes from going beyond beliefs.

Belief is a coverup for any insecurity. Question any belief you have. Is there any other possibility beyond my belief? We can change our experience of the world by changing our beliefs.”

What Does Sharat Sir Say About Belief?

Image of Sharat Sir by Litairian

Over a period of many years, we have lived till date we adopt or create a Belief System which becomes the crux for the many events in our daily life. Belief System attracts all that you have in your lives, be it good or bad. Be it Positive or Negative.

A Belief System works wonders to attract what all you want. You might become rich despite of your family being an average income earned just by YOU having a Belief System of such desire or a wish. YOU might be healthy despite your family has a tendency of a particular illness.

It is not at all important that you have that same height as what your parents had; you can grow tall if you can only BELIEVE.

What is Reality?

We judge reality by the laws of physics. Your beliefs are your personal laws. Every person creates his laws and lives, his own realities. Your life has nothing to do with what reality is but with your perception of what is. Your beliefs can shift the direction of reality. Miracles are the results of beliefs that are so strong that they overcome exterior reality.

As per quantum physics, “The beliefs of the observer affect the reality.”

Your awareness of reality is through your consciousness. You can open the door to any desire of yours. Everything is in you. Beliefs create artificial barriers constructed over time. You can only perceive till the fence line of your beliefs. You are not your beliefs.

Become aware and conscious of your thoughts. As a manifestor, you need to know what your beliefs are. Belief shifts your reality. By looking at your beliefs you will be able to take responsibility for your reality. Look back at your beliefs and see how they created your present.

What you believe about your money, love, about yourself, about your manifesting abilities will exactly manifest. So if you want to manifest what you want, you got to check your beliefs. Subconscious limiting beliefs will make their way into your life without you being aware of them. All subconscious beliefs are not limiting or bad.

What is Reality

What are Limiting Beliefs?

Limiting beliefs could also be called your subconscious blocks. Limiting beliefs are statements that we have accepted as truth based on our past experiences, relationships, our conditioning, our childhood, our upbringing, and our interactions with society, with people. These are repeatedly programmed into our subconscious through family, closed ones, friends, media, TV, newspapers, our teachers, our schools, elders, and siblings.

These beliefs come from past, childhood, parents, conversations you may have heard, gossips, random thoughts, movies, news, accidents, events, people that impacted your life. Things we have decided as facts based on the evidence we have seen in this world. They dictate every aspect of our lives.

Hence they are very powerful and very important for us to know. These limiting beliefs make it difficult for you from manifesting your desires as they impact your behaviors and our realities or experiences. Limiting beliefs stop you from reaching your highest potential and stopping you from manifesting your desires.

For e.g. when I was in school in probably a very junior class, I remember I wanted to make a friend, and the first person I reached out to told me she would be my friend if I would give her a sweet I had. Then it happened with a few more classmates who told me they would become my friends if I gave them sweets.

That incident got stuck in my mind so much that as far as I remember, throughout the time I was in school. I believed people became your friends, if you gave them something, that I had to offer something material to gain someone’s friendship.

So I kept offering sweets to my classmates and begging them for their friendship, and when I didn’t have any sweets, I felt empty and incapable of making a single friend. Now some may consider it too trivial.

Some may ignore it, saying it’s not a big deal. But this belief crept its way to other relationships also later on in life, and you can’t imagine how it impacted me. Neither was I aware of this belief nor was I aware of my ability to socialize and make long-lasting friendships.

Another belief I had was about money. Until now I believed I could not make or was not capable of making a lot of money. I could make some money but could not make a lot of money.

Sometimes we have beliefs about us in relation to other people too. For e.g. I remember this person I met. He was a topper in school, in college, was pursuing his management degree from one of the topmost management schools in India.

Now whenever he was around me, I would consider myself too dumb to be able to have a conversation with this person. Or I considered him too intelligent to talk to common mortals like me.

So I never spoke a word to him while we hung around with him in a group along with my other friends. I was usually silent or stayed away to the extent of avoiding him so, I did not appear dumb in front of him and make a fool of myself.

Imagine when years later I met the same person, and he told me out of all my friends in that group he only wanted to speak to me. Now I really felt stupid.

Identifying limited beliefs

What’s stopping you?

The battle is always me vs. my beliefs.

The hardest part about these beliefs is identifying them. Once you identify what is stopping you, you can rewrite them and change the false statements that you hold to be true in your subconscious mind.

Limiting beliefs are what we have all been controlled by till now. Now is the time to know how we have been controlled by them. They have the power to hold us back in every area of our lives.

In order for you to know how they could limit you, look at the very things you want to achieve and see if you have been able to achieve them, and if not then what are your beliefs in those areas.

Limiting beliefs can halt your progress

Sometimes they are so hard to find because you see them as your reality. We hold on to our childhood beliefs and we let them rule us even when we grow up and stop them from leading successful lives.

Limiting beliefs are more difficult to change than to create new ones, as we have already gathered so much evidence to validate them.

What are Limiting Beliefs

What are the Beliefs We are Holding Onto?

For now, I just want you to identify your limiting beliefs and see how and where they are impacting you.

Take a pen and paper. Contemplate a little. Think about what you think about things in general and then go deeper and deeper. It’s like you are peeling an onion. Slowly as you peel away layer after layer you will uncover a hidden world.

Start with things like Money

  • Do you believe money is evil?
  • Do you believe money is difficult to earn?
  • Do you believe money grows on trees?
  • Do you believe money always comes to you no matter what?

Think about Love Now

  • Do you believe love doesn’t exist?
  • Do you believe money is more important than love?
  • Do you believe people who are in love are emotional fools?
  • Do you believe love is the greatest healer?

Now Take the Family

  • Do you believe family always sticks around?
  • Do you believe you can never leave your family?
  • Do you believe you can never go against your family?
  • Do you believe your family is always right?

This article is not about judging you or your beliefs. It is only intended to identify those beliefs that are stopping you in some aspect of your life without you realizing the underlying reason behind it.

Write these down on a piece of paper. Now try to get more specific like your job, your children, your in-laws, your husband, your girlfriend/ boyfriend, your career, your country, your government, your friends, etc.

If you can’t figure out your beliefs, look at what has manifested in your lives. Whatever has manifested in your life has a direct correlation with how you feel. Whatever has manifested is an exact mirror of how you feel about the situation.

Now try to go back to when was the first time you felt like this. Try to figure out what made you believe so strongly in this statement? It could be more than one event or circumstance.

See if those beliefs have helped you in your life or acted as a barrier in your progress. If you feel they helped you, then it’s not limiting, but if you feel any resistance or feel stuck in any area, then definitely it was stopping you somewhere.

Let’s write some limiting beliefs you may have. It will not only help you but also many other people identify their own beliefs.

What is BeliefSome Self-limiting Beliefs could be

  1. I can’t.
  2. Money is difficult to earn.
  3. He/ she will never change.
  4. I am not capable.
  5. I am not good enough.
  6. I am not worthy.
  7. I am not deserving.
  8. I am too old.
  9. I don’t have the time.
  10. I am not important.
  11. I am not talented enough.
  12. It is difficult to earn money.
  13. Things are always difficult for me.
  14. I am not that lucky.
  15. I just can’t lose weight.
  16. Things never work out for me.
  17. Things are always difficult for me.
  18. Things always take time to materialize for me.
  19. I am not attractive enough.
  20. I never get what I want.

Can you hear a bell ringing? Any of these familiar to you?

Now, this is what you need to know. You can choose your belief. It is the most empowering thing to do for oneself.

Clearing those limiting beliefs is the most important thing you can do with your life. It is so impactful you can see the results in all areas of your life be it money, relationships, abundance, family, or health.

What are the Beliefs We are Holding Onto

How to Change Limiting Beliefs (Rewrite Your Story)

It’s time to rewrite your story. Change your beliefs and you change your reality. Start changing small beliefs about yourself first. Make your beliefs work for you. Don’t allow the external world to dictate your beliefs.

Always be on top of your thoughts. You decide what thoughts you will have and let them linger in your mind. Become aware and conscious of your thoughts. See what is happening around you. So, you can easily rewrite your beliefs.

Consciously Install a Belief

Now that you have identified your limiting beliefs, make different statements to rewrite them. Think of it as painting a canvas. You have a brand new empty canvas. Paint it with the beliefs you want to believe. For example:

  • If you thought, money is difficult to earn earlier. Now state “money is energy, and I have a lot of energy.” Or state “money always comes easily and effortlessly to me.”
  • If you thought, you were too shy to make friends, now state “I attract people easily to me.”
  • If you thought, I never get things easily, now state “I always get what I want easily and effortlessly.”
  • If you thought, I am not that lucky, now state “I am always lucky, I am blessed, I am fortunate.”
  • If you thought, I never have enough, now say “I am always abundant, I have more than enough, I always have more than I desire.”
  • If people don’t listen to you, say “I am always heard, accepted, and appreciated.”

These are general beliefs. You could be more specific regarding people or yourself, for example:

  • If your husband is not paying attention to you, affirm “my husband is always showering me with his love and attention. (be careful later on you may not like too much attention coming from him)”.
  • If your children don’t listen to you, say “my children are obedient and always follow the rules and instructions” (sorry kids, you make your own beliefs).
  • If your mom in law is against you, you affirm “my mom in law always takes my side.”
  • If your boss is not valuing you can say “my boss always appreciates and values me. He always compliments me” (Be ready for a raise).

Take these statements and repeat them over and over again till you actually start believing them. In the beginning, your conscious mind will say no, it’s not true but with the time you will start believing these statements and soon you will see the evidence of these in reality.

Don’t look at the reality and think you are deluding yourself. You are changing your mindset and your persistent beliefs. It will take time, but they will change slowly.

Other Ways to Rewriting Your Beliefs

  • Mental conversations
  • Affirmations
  • Scripting/ writing them down repeatedly on paper
  • Subliminal

Become more mindful and aware of your thoughts. Catch your old beliefs every time and correct them immediately. Your old beliefs will pop up now and then. Don’t worry. Every time you hear something in your mind you don’t like, change your thought immediately to what you want to believe.

Pick up that sheet of new beliefs and re-affirm to yourself immediately. Every time you hear yourself saying this is so and so because blah blah blah…that blah blah is your limiting belief. Change it now.

Write down all your new beliefs somewhere and read them and re-read them every single day till you feel no resistance when you say those things to yourself. You can also keep writing to them. Writing works very well for me. It gets impressed upon my subconscious mind quickly.

Initially, you might feel it is fake. But relax, once you start believing your new belief, no one will be able to stop you from living that belief, not even you till you change it.

You will see things start to move in your world. Things will start to manifest the way you want them.

You must have a strong belief system to live a happy, joyful, successful, and abundant life. Look at all the successful people in this world, be it in any field, sports, business, fitness, etc. Read about them. You will discover they all had strong beliefs about themselves, their passions, their dreams. You must have beliefs that support your desires your goals.

How to Change Limiting Beliefs Rewrite Your StoryRemember, you and you alone will create your beliefs. You are the artist, here. Most people are unaware and unconscious when they create their life or think that life happens to them with no meaning. Be as creative as you are. Your past is not important. Start afresh. Start today. Start right now.

The only limits you have are the limits you impose on yourself

Some Empowering Beliefs for You

  • My success helps many people.
  • I am limitless.
  • My subconscious mind always helps me achieve my desires.
  • Success and wealth chase me.
  • I always attract people who help me achieve my goals.
  • I always attract money-making opportunities.
  • I always come across money-making opportunities.
  • I dream big.
  • I give freely and graciously.
  • The more I give, the more I receive.
  • I create my reality.
  • I am living my dream life.
  • My desires come to me easily and effortlessly.
  • Money comes to me easily and continuously
  • My business is always booming.
  • Everything is always working out in my favor.
  • I am worthy and deserving of every desire of mine.

I would love to read some of your empowering beliefs.

You and you alone will create your beliefs. It’s like an artist. Most people are unconscious when they create their life and that life happens to them with no meaning. Be as creative as you are. Your past record is of no concern.

How a VK User can Change Beliefs?

For those of you who have VIBBES KADA-VK, this is what you could do:

Whenever I stumble upon a limiting belief of mine, I quickly catch myself and think of the opposite of that belief. Sometimes I will think what exactly I would like the situation to be and I request my VK “TO IMPRESS MY SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WITH THAT BELIEF-3.”

For e.g. if I am feeling neglected or ignored in a situation, rather than blaming other people around me, I realize that it’s my limiting belief that I AM NOT IMPORTANT. So I request VK “TO IMPRESS MY SUBCONSCIOUS MIND WITH THE BELIEF THAT I AM IMPORTANT.” I say this 3 times to VK quite a few times till I am convinced I don’t feel ignored any more now.


Try viewing the world as an important person, knowing you are important, and see how your life changes.

You could also request VK to instill in your subconscious mind that you always have enough time if you are always falling short of time. Speak to your VK in your own words and erase the limiting beliefs you have one by one.


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