Who is at Fault? You or Divine? Check Here

Are people hurting you?

One after one all relationships and all friends giving you pain?

Friends are walking up on their own path?

Do elders have their own opinion?

Youngsters don’t listen to you? The more trust you show in human beings the more they disappoint you?

The more faith you show in human beings, the more they hurt you, your faith is destroyed?

Think who is at fault?

More and more of these situations come, more and more they pull you down, more and more effort you make to stand up. Unexpected relationships trouble you. People whom you faith on, hold trust on are the ones who give you pain? Think who is at fault?

Are people hurting you? Who is at Fault? You or Divine?

Unexpected occasions come which leave you in despair. Hopelessness increases in you when you think about making new friends or enter into new relationships? Neither you are left to share your feelings nor can you talk about anything you want. Think who is at fault?

But you are not at fault all the time. Others have their own lifestyle, own knowledge, different choices, and wish too. Might be they hurt for some reason. Maybe they do not do it intentionally. It just happens for some reason. They do it under some circumstances, not by their wish.

Like a mother in law rules a daughter in law just because she has the knowledge of doing so. She doesn’t know how to love a child who has left her home and entire lifestyle and parents and friends just for them.

Here daughter in law was taught to trust the eldest and most respectable person now in her life. She has to respect her, but she is also unable to when she is suffocated under the rule. And they break off their families. So who is at fault? No One.

Are people hurting you? Who is at Fault? You or Divine?

Many other cases are coming from society. People have to do so according to social norms but they forget to have faith in the Divine. They forget to trust in the Divine. They can make this relationship smooth enough to run throughout life on the faith in the Divine. Divine promise you to make your life happy but you forget this promise and a rule. And the rule is what you give always comes back to you with manifolds. Now think who is at fault?

In another case where a father scolds his son first for studies and then when he grows up and is sensible enough to earn money then for earning good money. If there are no jobs available, how can he earn good despite good education?

Father keeps scolding the son for his less income and a rough relationship is ready to break off. Son will send him to an old age home for his peace and income to be spent on his own personal family?

He forgets this person as his father had brought him up and now it is his duty to take his care in old age. But here who is at fault? Father who is worried and asking him to earn good money in a wrong way or son who opted old age home for his father for his peace of mind?

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In another case, two friends having a great friendship but the expectation of money from each other spoil their beautiful friendship. When a bond is strong you expect your best friend to support you in case of need. You want to borrow but your friend can think that what happens if you don’t return the money, the reason for this thought is the common thought moving in society.

This a common pattern of not returning the money. It commonly happens in society. Your friend makes excuses not to give money. Both friends lose faith in each other. Now think who is at fault?

Are people hurting you? Who is at Fault? You or Divine?

Yes, you do. You do it again and again, you trust people again and again. Because you don’t pray, you don’t pay the gratitude of the good around you. Because DIVINE wants you to come to him than to the people on earth.

They might become the source of happy or sad moments but DIVINE is the one big source for you, I, and all of us should pray to, to make friends with, to be a beautiful relative. Whom we can talk or share anything we want. Now think again who is at fault?

Divine gives you such situations, till you finally deeply remember him, pray to him. You should ask for love not compel for a particular source. Divine itself is the source. 

Divine shall send you the right person to lend you money when you are in need. Divine shall send you the right person who will take good care of you, support you. 

Who is at Fault

Not that you have to pray the whole day long but a small heartfelt prayer or remembrance of him makes your life peaceful. An Absence of this prayer is the reason for your pain. An Absence of your gratitude to the Divine is the reason for these hurts. Think again who is at fault?

Life is a mixed bag of sad and happy moments, but to choose happy moments and thanking about the Divine is what the Divine wants. Divine wants to be remembered for the good things around you. Divine wants you to acknowledge all the good things given to you.

Gratitude, for one thing, will get you 10 things back and much more of them. Gratitude to all the relationships for being there in the family and proving support possible for them according to their situation.

Thanks to all my friends for being there as much as possible. Divine shall send you all that you need. Friends, love, care, support, relationships. Pray and see the magic then decide who is at fault?