Why are Women not allowed to enter Temples while they are menstruating?

Why are women restricted to visit religious places in those Few Days?

Why are women restricted to visit religious places or enter into the kitchen to cook food in those few days?

Why the female who gives birth to a male is been humiliated in society and not allowed to practice her daily prayers in those few days when she is in nature’s process of reproduction?

Days of menstruation are the days of shame for women? No

Why are Women not allowed to enter Temples while they are menstruating?

Many people stop women to go to the temple or worship GOD in the days of their menses. They scare them in the name of God. They scare them that God will punish them if they even think about GOD. They even couldn’t sleep in the same bed with their husbands. The thing will be considered contaminated if she touches in the days of her menses. She is not allowed in the kitchen in the days of mensuration.

The ancient reason for women being advised to not to go to the temple or cook in the kitchen was that she used to use a piece of cloth to manage her days of bleeding. This cloth was either small or not fully capable of holding the flow of blood during those days. The cloth might get full of blood and the drops might fell down which might be embarrassing for them to handle the situation.

Why are Women not allowed to enter Temples while they are menstruating?

Or if they were in any discomfort or crams or pain of these days then they were suggested to stay home and take good rest rather than go to the temple or any other place or do any other work. But nowadays women are restricted not to pray to god or visit temples or practice their holy rituals in those days. They are restricted to a separate room in those days of bleeding. They are not allowed to touch any person or thing. They are humiliated in society. They are seen with shame. People behave rudely to them as if they have committed a sinful act.

God build the female body like this. This is a natural process where the blood comes out of the body of a female in a particular cycle every month, which is a good sign that the body is prepared to reproduce and carry on with the generations of family. Then why is she not allowed to go to the temple or worship God himself in those days? How does it matter whether the blood is inside the body or oozing out in drops out of the body? When a female goes to a temple or anywhere else just before a day of menses then also the blood is there in her body, what if comes out the very next day?

Why are Women not allowed to enter Temples while they are menstruating?

God can never discriminate between his children whether it is male or female. This is not a sinful act to have menses and visit temple or pray GOD in those days. It is humans who have made it so, it is the elder females themselves who themselves loved in particular restriction and now force the younger ones to live the same way in those days. It is just a fake religious shed which is being created to pull a major part of people to fear in the name of GOD. Divine always loves and cares for his children either men or women. DIVINE never consider those days as shameful. Divine will never punish a female to remember him.

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Let’s respect them for being a mother. Let’s regard her to be omnipresent and work for all of our day and night without pay. Let’s support them to be free of the fear of stains by making sanitary napkins available as cheap as possible. Let’s spread awareness. Let’s erase the old myths related to the female body. Let’s free the women from the shame of THOSE DAYS…


  1. Namaste Sharatji
    I would like to add my bit to this as someone who follows the mantra sadhana path and is well versed with Hinduism. The ancient mantras chanted in temples are subtle but very powerful energies and I think we all agree on this. Mantras work by sound and cause energy movement in the body.
    To explain it simply, during menstruation, all energies in the body of a woman are focused downwards and are moving downwards and outwards of the body. When chanting mantras the energies are all moving rapidly upwards. So this will clash with the woman’s body and cause very serious illness over the long run. This is the reason that women were asked to rest and not attend pujas in olden days especially since temples are vortexes of energy and had the potential to disrupt a person’s entire energy field. The effects of ignoring this will be felt in the long run if not immediately and the ancient sages wanted to protect the laymen from this danger.
    Furthermore, the days of menstruation were used as total rest days for the woman which is why she was excluded from the rest of the house (given how hard women had to work in ancient days) to have time for herself. In today’s modern world with washing machines, servants, takeaways and electronics this isn’t an issue.
    As with all things in Kali yuga this seems to have been lost in translation over the ages and now in the rush to ape the West, this is seen as subjugation which it is not. Most recently, this has been seen in the Sabarimala Temple as well. The irony is that Hinduism is a very tolerant religion which respects women and this is why it has survived through the ages no matter how many invaders tried to destroy us. Indians need to understand this and stop aping the west which is racist and sexist at best and disease ridden as they have ignored and belittled the ancient ways – this is a very dangerous precedent for us to follow.
    Sorry for the long reply but I just thought its high time we started understanding our culture.

  2. Respected sir,

    Not every religion deny women their basic human rights. In Sikhism women are equal to men. Founder of Sikhism Guru Nanak Dev Ji in his bani mentioned in Asa Ki bar that who curse women for their periods, they r themselves impure. In SIKHISM Guru Nanak Dev Ji has said we r all humans. There is no barrier I worshipping God. it is oue basic human right to praise God and do the simran. So from religious duties, being panj pyaras, or being khalsa women r equal in every perpesctive. Even Sikhism to remove caste barriers and given women equality, to free them from their husband’s identity…men only have to SINGH IN the end of their names like Harbhajan Singh and women will have KAUR in the end of their names like Ramnik Kaur.

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  5. Thk u sir……in my ma papa house they stopped me in the beginning bt later things changed bt same old tradition I in laws bt atleast I know I can explain the future generation. Hope people will change. Thank you thank you thank you

  6. Thanks Sir.Very well explained. My daughter used to always ask me this question why can’t we pray. I used to reply her that if you feel and if you have faith in God then pray. i don’t see anything wrong in that. I will ask her to read this article as well. Thanks once again Sir.

  7. Fantastic explanation SIR. I am sure this post will help many people to get rid of old outdated thinking. Besides in modern world there are many ways women can take care of hygiene during this cycle.
    Let’s respect women and spread the awareness.
    Women has given birth to even Kings and Saints too.
    So why restrict them. It’s simply a biological cleansing process. Thank you SIR.

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