What are Differences Between Switchwords GOLDEN and GOLD

What are Differences Between Switchwords GOLDEN and GOLD

Dear Friends, many times you get confused with a different perspective about whether you use “Golden Sunrise®” or “Gold Sunrise”. Which one is best to use to obtain better results?

Read this explanation of why we use Golden with Sunrise and why not use Gold?

GOLD is a precious metal and it gives the energy of money. The word itself gets connected with the energy of abundance and money. The moment we think of GOLD, an image of a gold bar or coin or jewelry comes into our minds.

Read this explanation why we use Golden with Sunrise and why not use Gold?

But GOLDEN is a color. It denotes the Goodness and the essence. It is not material and so works as a Medium, a Range, or a Spectrum to deliver the best of the benefits. Golden also gives us light. The word GOLDEN itself gives the feeling of brightness and hope. SUNRISE indicates emergence. The emergence of new hope, new thought, and new happiness in life, wipe off all disappointment and anguish, whether in a person or situation.

When a person is hurt or feels degraded when illness takes over hope, when relationships fail and no love is left in them, then a person feels finished and struggles for new hope, magic, or a miracle. GOLDEN SUNRISE® is that Hope. It is that Miracle and Magic.

GOLD may only manifest in very limited fields which are associated with finance, but it cannot pull people out of pain, grief, anguish, despair, or disappointment, but just a thought of GOLDEN SUNRISE® which is another name of the DIVINE LIGHT is all-encompassing and inclusive.

Give me an honest answer, What is the best thing to expel darkness???

The honest answer is Light.

Am I right? If wrong please correct me.

Read this explanation why we use Golden with Sunrise and why not use Gold?

Long-Lasting darkness of night can simply be expelled by ‘The Very First Ray Of The Sun’. This First Ray has a beautiful Golden Color. This beautiful Golden Color can change the world from black to golden, from dark to bright, from negative to positive, from sorrow to hope, from illness to health, from lethargy to activeness, from poverty to money, from sleep to wakefulness, and much more Light makes us feel good and happy; a new hope fills in our heart automatically and we feel a change in thoughts, feelings and a spurt of hopefulness in us.

When your life is clung and filled with the darkness of poverty than both the words GOLDEN and GOLD can help, but being limited to Financial only, GOLD may not help you any further in your sufferings beyond Poverty. For example, when your life is suffering from Pains, diseases, illness, deficiencies, relationship issues, depression, hopelessness, Karma, useless regrets, forlorn melancholy, dejected feelings, unfortunate remorse, and many more likewise state, then only GOLDEN SUNRISE® can help YOU.

One can chant and know the difference

GOLDEN SUNRISE can induce great desire

Gold is a metal, an object, an expensive metal to make pieces of jewelry. It is related to money, “golden” is referred to as its shine. Gold would shine, which is GOLDEN again.

“GOLDEN SUNRISE®” is the result of the pressure put on it, gold is molded in bricks, jewelry, and many other shapes and leaves its original shape but GOLDEN is the shine after the molding is done. Same as a person who gets molded in difficult situations of life and leaves his true desires and wishes. GOLDEN SUNRISE® is after the dark night, after the pain. It is already an END to hopelessness and Starts to new beginnings. The person can start his GOLDEN SUNRISE LIFE to put pain, suffering, and hopelessness to an end.

There have been many idioms and meanings where good days were “golden days” and not “gold days“. Good memories were “golden memories” and not “gold memories”, best opportunity comes as a “golden opportunity” and not  “a gold opportunity” and many more things. When your life is glorious it is “golden life” and not “gold life”. Gold is a material so that you can have a “Gold Watch”, but you can live “Golden Time.” In fact, pronouncing Gold Sunrise is not a proper language even. If we know English, we will always say GOLDEN SUNRISE.

Gold is a material to hold, buy, and use but Golden has energy, emotion, and frequency to change your life. You can buy and sell Gold in the market at a certain price but the Golden Energy cannot be bought or sold. You can get the Golden energy only from someone’s blessings. After your good karmas, in heaven, you will be welcomed to a Golden Gate, in Golden Light, and by Golden Angels and not to a gold gate, in gold light, and by the angel of gold.

You can have a beautiful Golden color Aura but can never have a gold aura. Maybe you have a different opinion but the fact would stay so, the truth will remain true. No one can mold or change the truth.

GOLDEN SUNRISE can induce great desireWord Gold is only helpful in the condition of poverty. Imagine a person who is rich and has a lot of problems then his Gold cannot help him to overcome those issues. Now GOLDEN SUNRISE gives him hope, confidence, trust, optimism, expectation, and much more to live happily and the most important thing is GOLDEN SUNRISE can induce a great desire not to quit in any situation.

Being surrounded by Gold you might become egoistic, self-centered, self-righteous, powerful, or influential but if you are surrounded by Golden Sunrise energy you might be calm, helping, loving, and friendly. Gold being an object might be there with you in physical form but you cannot carry it everywhere. But Golden Sunrise being energy, frequency, and light can be with you everywhere and in every thick and thin of life.

When you win a competition, you get a Gold medal, but Golden Sunrise energy can help you in winning that competition with full sportsmen spirit. It can help you be stable and not egoistic about winning and can help you to sustain your win. And also can help you in giving your best performance. It can help you to enhance your talent in a true sense. It can help you present your caliber in its original form. Even if you lose the game and do not get a Gold medal, Golden Sunrise can help you be calm and motivate you to play again whereas a Gold medal makes you egoistic when you win.

Gold can get you happiness when you are on Earth but golden sunrise energy can purify your soul. So it remains with you even if you die. You can carry this purity to your next life term but you cannot carry gold in your next lifetime. GOLDEN SUNRISE SWITCHWORD MANTRA CHANTING MEDITATION.

Let’s do an experiment:-

For a while, chant GOLD SUNRISE and feel its power and energy from the heart.

After that, chant GOLDEN SUNRISE and feel its power and energy from the heart again.

What do you feel???

Now I will not say anything else. Your feeling is your answer for why we use Golden with Sunrise and why not use Gold? 

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