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In our previous article “differences between switchwords “GOLDEN and GOLD”, you have learned about both the Switchwords Golden and Gold. You read about the vast usages of the switchword GOLDEN and limited usage of switchword GOLD. There are many switchwords that have many such differences. In addition to the series where we explain to you differences of the switchwords with similar meaning, today here we explain to you the differences between the switchwords ADD, FIND, BRING & REACH.

Why do you need to know the difference between such similar switchwords which have a similar meaning? Because these switchwords have similar meanings and their meanings hold very small differences but these differences can bring a huge change in your goal, frequency, and aura and hence affect you in a different way. To explain to you the differences of these above-mentioned switchwords here are some scenes to understand the value, role, influence, or role of the particular switchword.

For example, a shopkeeper has opened a new shop where he has no customers at all. He has to earn money. And to earn money he uses the switchword COUNT. As he is a new shopkeeper he has no or fewer customers to sell his product and earn the money he will use the switchword FIND with COUNT, where FIND will be used to find new customers, and COUNT is used for money. So, chanting the switch word/phrase FIND COUNT will help him find new customers who will give him money as his income.

To understand the energy of the switchword BRING, if this same shopkeeper is now old enough and has many old customers but these customers are not coming to him or going to some other shop, he can chant the switchword BRING COUNT, so that his chanting of switchword BRING can bring his customers back to him and he can earn money.

To know in which situation switchword ADD can help this shopkeeper we explain to you more. Now if this shopkeeper has many good customers and they are on very good terms with him then he can think of adding more ways of earning money with them. Here he can use switchword ADD with COUNT. This way he will get more ways of earning money without limitation.

But with the switchword REACH, he can limit out this desire. This limit can be huge. When this shopkeeper sets a target or goal of earning a particular amount of money or he wants to achieve a particular number of customers to reach him in his shop to buy his product then he can use the switchword REACH COUNT XYZ. Xyz is the figure of the amount or the name of the clients. Here COUNT can be chanted for money or a number of people.

Hope you understood these little differences about the above-mentioned switchwords. Let us take another example where these switchwords can play their own role in a person’s life. If we want some solutions in relationships with married and unmarried people then.

As FIND is used to FIND new people, this switchword can be used by a bachelor. Either female or male, both can use this switchword FIND. Chanting this switchword FIND will help them FIND a person to get married to or as a partner. They can add the switchword CHARM with FIND. Where CHARM is used for the desired person to get married to.

In another situation where a person is already known to you but leaves you or leaves his own home or his own work area, switchword BRING can be used by a person who wants to BRING this relative/husband/wife/child/friend/partner back to their home or workplace or in their friendship. Here the person is already known to you.

This switchword should be chanted to BRING the known person back. So happily married people cannot chant BRING CHARM as they might create energy to BRING many loving and charming people back.

In a situation where a person already in the relationship wants to ADD some more or special feelings in their relationship can use this switchword ADD. For example, a man wants to ADD more love, care, and affection in his relationship or a female wants to ADD more communication, respect, and praise in her home or relationships. Where a friend wants to ADD more happiness and joy to their friendship. Looking at the above situations, you can find small differences in every switchword. To understand switchword REACH, here we explain to you with an example:

A female was being pushed out of the home or she leaves home for some reason at some point in time but wants to REACH home to her spouse, child, or in-laws, she can chant switchword REACH. This switchword can be used in a situation where the person is already yours but away from you for some reason. Chanting REACH can help her to REACH her destination. REACH is also used to find a lost object, which means the object was already yours but lost somewhere. If you chant it you will REACH the lost object.

Differences Between Switchwords ADD FIND BRING REACHLet us understand more about the switchword BRING, FIND, and REACH. These switchwords have a different effect on chanting in different situations. Suppose there is a problem for you and you even know a solution to the problem then chanting switchword BRING can bring the solution to you.

Here the solution is known to you but for some reason, you are not able to access it. Either the solution is with someone who doesn’t want to give you or for some reason he cannot give it to you. But in the same situation if the solution is not known to you then chanting switchword FIND can get you a solution.

To know the role of REACH in having a solution to a problem there can be two different situations to understand. In a situation, a solution can be visible or invisible to your eyes. In a situation where the solution is visible to you then chanting REACH will take you to the solution. But even if the solution is not visible to you, but you are confirmed about the solution then REACH will also take you to the solution.

Here we are giving a live example of a lady who chanted and created the energy to get her husband back but switching over to the wrong switchword changed her energy and she lost her goal due to wrong information:

A happily married couple for two years started fighting for small issues. Slowly these small issues became big and the husband of the lady left home one day. She was very upset, sad, and worried and started to hunt for solutions to get her husband back to their home.

She consulted us to suggest some switchword to bring her husband back. We suggested her to chant the switchword BRING as it would bring her husband back and she agreed to it and started chanting it.

After chanting religiously for some time she started seeing the changes. Her husband started calling her and chatting with her. She started feeling good and hopeful that he will come back home for sure. She kept on chanting switchword BRING and now with more enthusiasm.

The day came where he said that he wanted to come back home. They both were very happy and ready again to be with each other. Just a week before they were about to meet, the lady saw a discussion in some group which said to chant switchword FIND in such a situation where the husband was away from the lady and she should chant switchword FIND.

Without thinking, checking and without informing us she started chanting switchword FIND. She thought that this might add to the energy to get her husband back. But something bad happened, her husband started fighting with her. He dropped his wish to come back home. Slowly they even stopped talking with each other.

Not only this but both the husband and the lady found a new person in their lives. They both started getting attracted to the new person in their lives. Out of shock and no clue to what is happening in her life, the lady approached us and told the whole story. Listening to the whole story we could make out the real change of energy in her chanting and her life.

  • Chanting switchword FIND instead of switchword BRING changed her energy, situation, and frequency from husband coming back home to find a new person in life.
  • Switchword BRING was creating the energy of bringing the husband back, whereas switchword FIND changed the energy and they both started finding a new person in their lives.
  • BRING created all the possible situations where they started chatting and talking with each other but switchword FIND destroyed this energy and create the energy of a new person in both of their lives.
  • Switchword BRING was about to bring husband back but switchword FIND made him move more away from her.
  • Know, that chanting switchword FIND was right for a person to chant if they wanted a new partner in life. But chanting switchword BRING was right as she had to bring her husband back who was away for some reason.

There are and can be many other different situations in your life to use these above-mentioned switchwords BRING, FIND, ADD & REACH. And we have tried to explain some possible and common situations. Look around yourself and use these switchwords in your life and BRING a change in your life.

We will be ADDing more switchwords and their differences and help you to FIND the perfect solution to your problems on your own. You have REACHED the right article to have more knowledge of switchwords too. Read more about SWITCHWORD REACH and also learn what switch words are.


  1. Hello!
    Sir, in the recent days somebody is making scratches on my car, trying to break its logo and also the car’s cover is torn. I would request to please suggest a switchword to find the culprit for his bad deeds!

  2. Hello sir…please help me with a switch word for him husband. He has been without a job at home for long now. Need assistance with a word that will help him find a new line of business and success.

  3. Hi there I don t totaly understand how I can use this in my situation.

    I met a person who is living in the same area like me but I couldn t have enough time to ask this person s number.

    I thought I could never fall in love in my life for true but when I met this person I knew what was true love about.

    What should I chant exactly to meet/come across/bump into this person again as we are living in the same area I just need a lucky synchronicity…

    I hesitate between BRING and REACH ?

    Should I also add CHARM ?

    Anyway thanks 108 times 🙂 for your response…


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